A word of explaination: Poems should sometimes capture a feeling or experience that otherwise can't be expressed or, sometimes, even defined. I was in the process of divorce and I believe this poem doesn't understate the hurt and bitterness that I felt when it turned out that even her mother seemed to think my ex would be better off with the new guy who stole her away. As you do in high passion, I employed every unfair but devestating weapon in my inventory. I have long forgiven them all.

Bitch Mother

When we married
you were supposed to leave your bitch-mother
and cleve to me.
It was mentioned in the white-dressed wedding,
so sentimental that I cried
when I said "I do"
(when I should have said "I will").

After many years of working out our differences
and similarities
only your bitch-mother could unstitch
what god had joined.

When she fell in love with your new boyfriend
your bitch-mother
forgot the years we shared with our two sons
and clove to you and him.

Not content
with destroying her husband and her son
she has her teeth into me.

I hope your bastard-boyfriend will be next.
He deserves it.
But I fear it will be our two sons
since she has already started on the first
and may be sharpening her knife
for the second.

- by Prajna Pranab, 2001