I've Been Confused

I've been confused for most of my life
and the reason's not too hard to see:
they've been telling me lies since the day of my birth
and keeping their secrets from me.

They told me the things I had to become
and never once asked me to look;
except where they pointed, or believe what they say,
or 'the truth is right here in this book'.

So, most of my life I tried to make sense
of how to fit into this mess
and I searched many places, religions and faces
but what for, I just couldn't guess.

Beliefs have such power but just to deceive.
That's what they're intended to do.
Meaning: 'Taken in place of', 'Accepted as fact'
but that doesn't mean it is true.

Then India beckoned. I went 'cause I reckoned
the answer's somewhere to be found.
And what better place, with such beauty and grace,
with yogis and rishis around?

There's so many things I explored as a youth,
in search of a path and a way to find truth.
But no things endured and nothing else cured
and nobody offered me proof.

Then a swami I met taught me how to forget
the future and past for a time,
to sit in awareness,
allow what is there
and watch youself watching your mind.

Soon you see through the lies,
first your own, then the rest,
and you then realise
who you are never dies.

- by Prajna Pranab, 19 July, 2010