Till The Emptiness Comes

Please leave me in peace now,
no words can express
the ache in my heart
as I miss her caress.
Don't offer me wisdom,
condolence or cheer,
I'm a chasm of sadness
that won't disappear.

Don't say it will pass,
even if that is true,
it's an ocean of heartache
I have to go through;
a torture inside me
I can't rise above
'till the madness of grief
heals the passion of love.

You did not know the feeling,
you don't understand,
how I felt like a king
even holding her hand,
how I longed to be there
at the moment she woke,
how my heart leapt and quivered
whenever she spoke.

I must be alone now
and drown in regret
'till the emptiness comes
and I start to forget
that I loved every second,
embraced or apart,
that I lived every moment
with her in my heart.

- by Prajna Pranab, 3 Dec 2007