Empty Chair

I'm looking at the empty chair
where you were sat, but you're not there.
I'm thinking of your auburn hair.

I'm thinking of your fawn-like eyes,
your just-so photogenic smile;
so my imagination tries
to bring you back to sit a while.

I'm dreaming of the things I'd do
if I was sitting next to you
and how I'd make your dreams come true.

I'm seeing how I'd hold you close
and cup your breast and kiss your cheek
and touch you where you love the most
and nuzzle you and then... I'd speak!

Yes, now I'm thinking what I'd say,
of how I'd wipe your fears away
so you would be at peace and stay.

I'm feeling how your lips would feel
when, finally, we start to kiss.
Now, how to make this vision real
and make reality like this.

- by Prajna Pranab, 7th Nov 2007