I don't know when it stopped,
it just stopped.
Forum locked.

I'd just found my way into a community
of like minds,
of real souls, soul searching.

Every refresh, for days,
brought dissapointment
and grief.

Then a slight relief:
a message on the hosting
and then mods were posting.

I spoke to Jim,
bemoaned my loss,
lamented our loss.

It's fine, said Jim,
drop V a note,
you have my vote.
So off I wrote.

"Hi V,
I was very sad to see
the forum closed,
it felt like
coming home
after tearing my hair out
on that other forum..."

and I also wrote:

"... managed to attract the attention of one
WPC Good,
from Hampshire Constabulary.
She took a rather judgemental interest
in my out-of-date tax disc
on the van
after a long and interesting conversation,
promised to pass my details
and best wishes
on to DVLA"

And love
and peace
and happiness
and grace.

And then from V
in reply to me:

"Prajna now added
as a Moderator
in order to create
full access."

Aha, success!

And quoted, re the WPC,
as recounted above,
and said, with love:

"... so you tell us about it."

I hope I haven't said too much
but, really, much needs said:

The forum lives,
the Freemen speak
and out-
meetings of minds
and new finds
and looking into
how we observe our world
and live in it.

so live.

- by Prajna Pranab, Jun 07 2010