NaniKali, My Love

"Kali, my love", that is how it will start,
my poem for Kali, that's straight from the heart.
Of course it will detail (or else be remiss)
the passion that fills me whenever we kiss.

There'll be pages, I'm sure, no, great volumes, I'd guess,
to describe, in full measure, each gentle caress
as I undo your buttons and help you undress.

"Kali, my love", I'd say, time after time,
and I'd kiss every inch of you 'till you were mine.
Then I'd whisper sweet nothings and hold you so tight,
touching each part 'till you sigh with delight.

There'd have to be verses that no one will see,
our own special secret, and those ones will be
to describe what we do when there's just you and me.

"Kali, my love", I'd go on to repeat,
"I love every bit from your hair to your feet.
I adore every gesture, each movement and smile ..."
and so I'd continue for mile after mile.

"Je t'aime" I would tell you and then "Je t'adore",
"Ich liebe dich, Kali", as I said before,
and then I'd learn Spanish, to write you some more.

Oh Kali, my sweetheart, I've loved you so long
and worshiped your being in poem and song
but words can't express quite how deeply I feel,
I have to be with you so you know it's real.

"Oh Kali," I'd whisper, "Te amo," I'd say,
and "Minha querida, please don't run away."
I'll love you forever if only you'll stay.

"Kali, my princess", some verses will start
and some will address you as "Kali, my heart."
"Kali, my Kali, the love of my life,
my treasure, my pleasure, my lover, my wife."

- by Prajna Pranab, 8th Oct 2008