If You're Easily Offended Why Do You Let Your Government...

Why don't we blow something up -
Armies do it all the time -
one great big, fuck-off hole in the ground?
Leave a lasting impression.
How vain and worthless do you have to be
to start a war
just so, win or lose, you name will rot in history?

Now that I have your attention
there's some other stuff I'd like to mention:
Who makes all these laws?
As if gravity and diminishing returns
are not restrictive enough.

Why go out and protest,
shouting "Peace", "Salam" and "Pax",
then go out and work your arse off and pay tax?
That's like arming both sides in a war.
Of course, they've done that many times before;
you know the cunts -
those Ashkenazi bankers.
They must think that you and I
are really stupid wankers.
If you're the kind of prick who'd go and fight
you'll prove them right!

- by Prajna Pranab