Portuguese Lessons: 3. Colorido

What colour do you feel today,
Castanha brown or cinza grey?
Vermelho red, rosa pink,
Or snaky cobre bronze, you think?
Prateado silver, dourado gold,
Azul blue, is that too cold?
Preto black or branco white
Laranja orange sunset light?
Amarelo yellow, to be seen
Or truly verde, grassy green?
It could be claro, clearly light
Or dark, escuro, not so bright.
Arco íris, rainbow hue,
Do you know these colours too?

1. Castanha = chestnut and brown.
2. Cinza = ash and grey.
3. Cobra = snake, cobre = bronze.
4. Verde = green, verdade = truth.
5. Claro = light and clear

- by Prajna Pranab, 7 Cancer 13519/28 June 2018