It's Time

I fear I've been depressed of late.
I feel that I've been too aware
of all the lies and war and hate
of Mr Bush and Mr Blair
and other things I know too well,
like who made sure the towers fell
and who it was who really won
when 'something' hit the pentagon;
that all along the aim was clear:
to make the population fear,
to keep the people in the dark -
Afganistan and then Iraq,
now Lebanon and soon Iran,
according to their wretched plan.

It's time I fell in love again.

It's time I fell in love and saw
the sunrise glistening on the beach,
the foam and seaweed on the shore
and all the things that earth can teach.

It's time I fell in love and felt
the bliss of lying in the sun,
the icecream freeze, the chocolate melt,
the sense of "Jesus! That was fun!!"

- by Prajna Pranab, 2010