True, Love

Close my eyes to 'love is blind'
and let me see you as you are.
You can do the cooking
and I can be a star.
I know I'm chauvanistic
in what I say and do
but underneath it all
I love you.

I know that I can make it
if I stay the way I am.
When they take my picture
you can hold my hand.
I know I'm egotistical,
it's just the way I act.
But deep inside,
despite my pride,
I love you.

It's easy with no money
if we just economise.
If you stop buying dresses
I can go out with the guys.
I know you think I'm selfish
but you've got to realise
although I might not give and take
I love you.

- by Prajna Pranab, 1978