The True Path To Peace

We worry that meteors come crashing down,
putting the lights out all over town.
Whilst we study and spend on our surrogate bomb
there's no part of Nature that's safe from our hand.

When we look into history it's dark and opaque
and full of such horrors it's quite hard to take.
So instead we make legends to soften the truth,
excuse it as naive, the folly of youth.

But the oldest traditions have kept to the course
that the true path to peace reconnects to your source.

If you speak to the Sioux of ancestors and such
they'll look to the past with acutely sharp eyes
and tell you their forefathers still keep in touch,
as they will, with their kin, when they reach the skies.

Some aborigine from Hawaii or Oz
remembers his history, and he does it because
it's been part of his life since the moment of birth
and connects to his source and his home planet

- by Prajna Pranab, 13 July 2004