A Perfect Storm: Britain’s Constitutional Crisis Goes Ingnored

An Open Letter to All Sentient Men and Women of the British Isles, to all those who have seen through the deceptions, have delved the rabbit holes, have researched, read and written, have acted and shared what they have learned.
This is to all of the freemen and lawful rebels, the anarchists,the constitutionalists, the activists, the land and community protectors, the historians, the seekers and knowers, of wisdom, to the disillusioned, to the disenfranchised (which is everyone of us now) and to all those who recognise that things must not be permitted to continue as they are, that we must once and for all put an end to the socio-political-economic hegemonic structure which is set to destroy life.
To all of you who have the courage of your convictions, who have the intelligence and insight to know that we either collectively act to address the crimes of the establishment now or face deepening national and global tyranny from now on.

Before I begin, please accept my apologies that this article is lacking in references and quotes, as well as for any typo’s and poor spelling which escapes my eagle eye. With just 3gigs of internet data per month shared between me and my web-developer husband, and working on an ancient laptop which has forgotten, and cannot remember, what a ‘spell checker’ is, I’m afraid I’ve had to do the best I can in producing this article and getting it published in good time. – Even now I’m aware I have to wait one more day before publishing as there are a couple of essential references and quotes I still need to find once my daily internet allowance permits.

With grateful thanks to a dear friend and colleague who took the time to read over what I’ve written here, and suggested some much appreciated changes in syntax and points worth including. You know who you are. Thank you!

To Whom it Concerns,

At 11pm on March 29th 2019, the British Establishment undid itself. It now stands as naked as that fabled emperor, devoid of any vestiges of legitimacy as he was clothes!
It’s propaganda machine, the Establishment Media, is conspicuous in its silence regarding the fact that the British Government, that is, Her majesty’s government, has abandoned the the Rule of Law and the Constitution which it claims for its authority.

The democratic will of the electorate, that lever by which the establishment has controlled the people for so long, has been usurped by those in whose hands the sovereignty of the British people is said to rest. The Monarch and Her Government have abandoned their positions as representatives of the British People, whilst they continue, through their propaganda machine, to blow smoke regarding a ‘deal/no deal’ Brexit, as if that were the only issue at stake here.

It is not. Far from it.

Regardless of which side of the Brexit argument you support, the fact is that the electorate was asked to decide whether to remain in, or to leave, the European Union. 72.2% of the electorate turned out to vote, and by a majority of 67% elected to leave.

Crucially, in response, and in accordance with the will of the people, parliament enacted the so-called ‘exit or divorce bill’ which became ‘law’ when it received Royal Ascent.

Whether or not you agree with that majority decision, the fact remains that, in failing to act in accordance with the ‘law’, the Sovereignty of the British People, of parliament and of the Monarch herself, the establishment has broken, once and for all, any bond of trust between itself and the people in whose interest and by whose authority it is bound to act.

Put bluntly, the British Isles now faces the biggest constitutional crisis since the British Constitution became the ad-hoc, de facto bastardisation of what it once was.

In abandoning the Rule of Law, Parliamentary Sovereignty, the democratic will of the electorate and the Sovereignty of the Monarch, all of which the establishment claims as it’s basis of authority (no matter how contradictory that sounds) the establishment has declared itself without foundation and declared its ad-hoc constitution null and void. (That this was the case before the Brexit fiasco is immaterial. Because every one of us, regardless of political affiliation or ideological bias, can see and recognise, beyond doubt, that this is NOW the case.)

Brexit aside, because it is a side issue used to divide the people, the vast majority of the people of Britain know that ‘politics is broken’, that successive governments serve only those vested interests of the individuals which form them, and the interests of the corporate and capitalist class from which they predominantly arise, whilst homeless men and women die on the streets and MP’s increase their salary, starve and privatise the NHS, claim undue expenses, put an end to free school meals and eat in their subsidised bars, cafeterias and restaurants.

We all know that things need to change, that the system does not serve the interests of the people.

And regardless of which side of the Brexit debate any of us favours, the establishment, through this government, has handed us an unique opportunity to get right back to basics, to suspend parliament, fire the government, address the institution of the monarchy and re-establish the original Common Law of the Land that these isles once enjoyed. We can now, if we have the courage and the will, redraw our Constitution to recognise the primacy of the people and of the Common Law… or in any way we see fit.

This process need not be as complicated or daunting as it may at first sound.

Our ancient laws, customs and culture, long since eroded and almost destroyed by successive invaders and collaborators, give us a tangible, and though ancient, a very egalitarian starting point. [Please see http//:self-realisation.com/ourstory/fraud-of-english-history/ for a remarkable insight into the ancient history of these islands and the Molmutine Codes which once enshrined our freedom and natural birth rights.]

We are not talking about the breakdown of law and order here, rather, the reestablishment of natural law, which protects the rights of the people!

Whilst it is true that the current structure of the courts of law is entirely under the authority of the Monarch, (who has now blatantly abandoned her duty under her coronation oath , and the British people) and therefore is unfit for use, there is another apparatus of common law enforcement which is open to us. That is the re-establishment of the system of the ‘Grand Jury’. [For all oaths of office given by sitting judges, magistrates, MP’s Privi Counselors, and the Monarch, please see wikipedia.org/Oath_of_Allegiance_(United_Kingdom)/ ] [I’m having to type these links in manually so should any fail to work, search engines are your friend]

For those who don’t know, the Grand Jury is a mechanism of law administered by the people themselves.

My research into the functions and duties of the Grand Jury is somewhat conflicting, with one source (wikipedia) stating that the GJ functions to investigate and try crimes and to decide punishments, another suggests that it’s role is purely the investigation of crimes and suspects, which it then indites to appear before a Trial Jury. [reference below.]

In our current circumstances, given that the system of law enforcement and courts apparatus currently in existence on the British isles is sworn in allegiance to the monarch, who has abandoned her sovereignty, I would suggest that the investigation, trial and punishment, primarily of the crime of treason, be the prime objectives and functions of the Grand Jury, though it is plausible that these functions be separated and that Trial Juries also be established.

Of course, these are not my decisions to make, and others, better qualified than myself, may wish to offer better suggestions. The Grand Jury does seem a good, and very accessible, place to start however.

For the moment, and for the purposes of simplicity, let me outline the make-up of the GJ as far as my own research has taken me:

A Grand Jury, consisting of between 12 and 25 individual men and women (these are not ‘citizens’ of any jurisdiction, but rather free men and women, operating under their own cognizance) is instituted to investigate and decide if a crime has been committed and either to indite the accused to appear before a trail jury, or to try the crime and decide the appropriate punishment (depending on which source is accepted).

Jury members are elected by the people of any given community/region.

There is no limit to the number of Grand Juries (GJ) operating at any point in time.

Again, research suggests that the GJ, in the course of its investigations, operates in secret (so that those being investigated don’t catch wind of the investigation).

I would suggest, however, that all grand jury investigations and trials be conducted entirely in the open. Further, I would even suggest that their sessions be broadcast to all members of the community in which they operate in order to avoid miscarriages of justice. Also, it may be that interested people wish to submit evidence to a GJ which it may not otherwise have had access to or cognizance of. This can only be facilitated if the GJ’s operate in the open.

[For further reading please see the Self-realisation communities publication ‘GJ-handbook (pdf)’ available at self-realisation.com and roguemale.com.)

In breaching her sacred oath to the people of Britain, the queen herself has committed treason, as has her government and parliament. And it is paramount that these crimes be investigated and tried, in order to re-establish the sovereignty of the people and our primacy in all matters on these lands.

I have included notes on the workings of the Grand Jury system, and a reference to ‘The fraud of English history’ (and it’s inclusion of the Molmuntine Law), as a starting point here, but these are my own preferences which you may or may not share. They do, in my opinion, make for very interesting reading/viewing, and they give a much needed glimpse into the ancient customs and common law of the British Isles, and offer an egalitarian position from which to view our current situation.

My intention here is merely to get a much needed (and long over-due) conversation started and to offer one potential mechanism by which the British people may re-establish our ancient Common Law and our natural rights as the free men and women of the British Isles.

Fair Enough, Kali, but now what, I hear you say!

The question becomes, then, HOW do we achieve this much needed change, how do we manage to try for treason those who currently wield so much power. How do we begin the Conversation in order to institute the changes that must be made if we and future generations are to live free of tyranny?

We mobilise, and we do so now! How does one mobilise? One gets moving, gets mobile.

We get in our cars, on the trains and buses and we travel to meet with friends and colleagues, we arrange gatherings and meetings, we give talks, we break our the megaphones, we print information and distribute it as widely, and as quickly, as possible. We arrange conventions and then, should we find that there is a groundswell of support for our movement, we, the people of the British Isles, take action!

We reclaim public buildings, council offices currently sitting vacant, community centers, which are all ours, and we use them as shelters for the homeless, food distribution centers, Public Courts of Record, and communications centers.

From here our Grand Juries decide which crimes to investigate, which individuals to try, and which punishments best fit the crimes under discussion. This can happen all over the country whilst we keep communication open across the land.

And we make sure that EVERYTHING done in these centers, that is not personal in nature, is done openly, publicly.

We do not hide behind closed doors making secret decisions which affect our brothers and sisters. We act only in the open, broadcasting meetings and courts sessions, so that all can see and contribute to the outcome.

In the meantime we, the people, liberate food stores from supermarket distribution centers, dock yards, etc, and we distribute this food as far and wide as we can to all in need, under the philosophy of ‘take only what you need, give all that you can’!

We, the people, reclaim the land for our own use; farm land which sits idle thanks to the EU’s ‘Common Agricultural Policy’, municipal golf courses which make the worst use of land possible use of land, and common land. There we grow food for all, we learn and we teach the best methods of food growth. We create community food gardens in urban and suburban areas. We create food distribution networks so that those who, for whatever reason, can’t participate in the growing of food are still fed.

We house the homeless in those tens of thousands of houses which currently sit empty.

And we call all those interested in our future to participate in the deciding of that future, be that through a Constitutional Convention or by some other means. And for as long as it takes, we will publicly discuss those matters which will be the foundation of our future.

If we do not have the support of the people, once our intentions are widely known, then we go home and await the boot of tyranny.

In Love!
Kali Prajita.

Letter #2

An open Letter to all the hippies, the ravers and revelers, the travelers, the levelers and diggers, the survivors of Margaret Thatchers crusade against freedom, the peace convoyers, the free-festivallers, the lovers and the healers,

Recently I published a short inspirational (at least I thought so, as did those who responded to and shared it) ‘poem’ on facebook called !Everybody Dance! The idea being that in unity with our brothers and sisters around the world (in France, Palestine,Yemen, etc ) and in love of life and freedom we make this entire movement a celebration. I still feel this is a worthwhile idea, so please indulge me as I share a slightly edited version of that ‘poem’ with you now:


Attention Tuned to a Higher Vibration

(only fear can’t dance)

singers and bands
Sound systems and stages

It’s TIME to Raise The Vibration!
Uplift our spirit
With your energy dialed to a higher vibration…


Take your amps and sound systems to the streets and the towns…


We people Will Dance! For the living
And Will Dance For the dead
For the crippled and injured
The neglected
We Dance! for the under fed!


Feeders feed the party, bring food and bring water and SHARE!

Tuned into a higher dimension, your spirit is free.

Dance! In defiance of all you detest!
Dance! For we know we can,
Manifest The Best!

Turn on your music and dance in your cars
Then Get Out And Dance On The Roof!
As your spirit, finding freedom, soars!

Earth Angels, Lovers and Healers
First heal-thy-selves
And then others.

You spinners of fire
Projectors of light
You Ravers And Dancers
We Will Dance In The Streets
And Dance in the Kitchens from where we

Keep everyone warm and well fed
Build shelters and kitchens with spaces to dance
And space for the sick and the injured

Dance on your crutches and wheelchairs
Supported by your brothers and mothers.

[Brothers to bring in the Strong Masculine
This energy is NEEDED right now
So says The Great Mother!]

We need healers, but FIRST heal-thy self!

Dance for the love of creation


Dance! with your brothers in Paris
Dance! with Palestine and Yemen
Dance! with Lakota and Maori
Dance till your spirit is free


!Don’t do anything other than Dance!
In your Heart, on your feet,
In your chair on the street
!Don’t do anything other than dance!

Don’t use their satanic economy
It is DarkEnergy we do not need for the Dance!
Just share all you can and take what you need!
Get on with the party!
And Dance!

As earth angels,
lovers and healers,
and Brothers and Mothers
And Others


Dance in your armchairs
Wrapped in blankets NEAR fires
Whilst the festival crews create shelters
To Keep out the cold
Whilst the sound wavers
work their magic
Engage your pulse with good, clean soundwaves.

Leave spaces of silence within and without

Encompassed by the !DANCE!


One Love!
Kali Prajita.

Lance A Lot

We have a friend called ‘Lance’ (a lot)
Though other callings he has got.
He spied a blog we’d posted here
And in an email did declare:
“You named me not at all,” he said,
“Now none will know my deeds; that’s bad!
And all those maid’s, bikini clad,
Will lever know my dreams!

“What rewards may wait for men
Who’s glorious deeds remain unknown?
And though for love I did travail,
Those dusky maids, an earthly goal,
May never come before me now.
Post haste, my friends, to rectify
This oversight before I die!”

And so, dear Lance, this is for you
With hope your dreamy dreams come true!
A word to readers, far and wide,
Of a man of stoic fortitude
Who faced the beast and faced its wife
And faced them down with all his might.
Through many trials this man has come
To stand unscathed, and wise and strong!

And handsome too, it must be said,
With twinkling eyes and great white beard!
An artist’s heart reigns at his core,
A warriors mind beyond that door.
Through many years this man has come
With naught to show for all he’s done!

And all he asks or seeks from life?
Bikini island and nubile wife.
To rest on laurels a meter deep
With wives to love when he can’t sleep (which is a lot!)
And simple fare of fruits and greens:
The meager things of which he dreams.

And he deserves it all, we say!
And more besides, and more, we say!
So make the maidens strong and sweet,
And Japanese, with tiny feet.
Let them display for Lance, so dear
Athletic, supple form, sans fear.
Make them artists of the marshal sort
For our friend Lance, good Lancealot!

(written by Kali, edited by Prajna)

With much, much love.
Prajna and Kali

Tony and Lisa “Freedom”: The Final Chapter…

Firstly let me apologize for the very long delay in getting this blog writen and published! As many of you know from the previous blog in this series, Tony and Lisa “Freedom” brought actions against Prajna and me in both the civil and criminal courts. Naturally this meant that, until both matters were dealt with, writing of our experiences concerning these two fraudsters would have been prejudicial to our cases. Secondly, as a kind of executive summary, let me tell you that in both cases Prajna and I were triumphant.

And now to fill in some of the blanks:

First Impressions

In January 2014 Prajna and I moved into a squat just outside Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We knew that the squat had been established around four years earlier and that it was being held by a couple known as Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. We had also been told by a friend, that Tony “Freedom” was listed on the Violent and Sexual Offenders Register for life. We made no assumptions or presumptions regarding this fact, preferring to find out for ourselves if this lifelong registration was deserved or not.
We also knew that the owner of the property had, just over a year before, tried and failed to have the squat evicted under the changes in the squatting laws.

What we did not know at that point was that that squat was also the site of the, so called “Pennine Eco Village”. Indeed, when we had been there for around a week or two and Tony “Freedom” dropped that fact into the conversation we were quite taken aback. You see there was NO eco-village there! Not a single carrot had been planted and no attempt whatsoever had been made to move toward micro-power generation and independence from the National Grid. Indeed this so called “eco-village” was being run largely in accordance with mainstream doctrines of profit and personal gain for the proprietors of the squat!

The squat consisted of several acres of land plus a large building, which had once been used to accommodate a boys home. The building itself was now being used to host Tony and Lisa “Freedoms” “Freedom Project” raves – for profit parties (donations at the door or no admittance) – each of which was advertised “in association with the Pennine Eco Village”.

Prajna and I lived on the site in our small caravan and a friend of ours lived in a neighboring van. One of the reasons we’d gone there was to be near our friend, who we knew to be very depressed and unhappy with the situation at the squat. Two men lived in the building, one of whom (Dave) I had met previously at the, now infamous, Birkenhead action (if you don’t know of this give yourself a treat and search youtube for “freemen arrest judge in Birkenhead, or words to that effect). There were very obvious tensions between Tony and Dave, who were constantly arguing and shouting at each other.
There were also three constantly fighting dogs on site, belonging to Tony and Lisa.

Tony and Lisa “Freedom” lived both in a caravan near ours and in rooms in the house. Lisa also had a place in Wigan where she had two children who, because of his registration on VISAR, had to be kept away from Tony.

So, after four years of the “Pennine Eco Village” and the “Freedom Project” and what Tony and Lisa “Freedom” described as a “Community”, there were, in total, six full time residents, including ourselves, plus Lisa, who lived part time at the squat and part time in Wigan. Two of the residents there were obviously very unhappy, and Prajna and myself were beginning to see why.

It was obvious that, far from bing a community of like minded people, the place was being run as a for-profit business, in which the residents of the squat where REQUIRED to participate. Tony and Lisa Freedom described the profits from their raves as a “slush fund”. This fund was controlled entirely by the pair and no accounts were ever revealed to any other members of the “community” – that is until I published a blog stating this fact, when suddenly Tony and Lisa published a list of outgoing expenses for that month which included the cost of having their own private conveyance MOT’d and one of their amplifiers repaired. Note, there was no mention of income or capital, merely outgoings. All were, however, required to work at the parties, mostly to set up, clean up, etc and as security.

After a short time and some discussion, Prajna and I decided, despite that by then we were beginning to see a pattern of dictatorship and fraud on the part of Tony and Lisa “Freedom”, that we would stick around and create an actual eco-village on the site of the non-existent “Pennine Eco Village”. Several friends and former residents of the site warned us that it wasn’t the best environment to do anything beneficial to the wider Freedom/Freeman/Lawful Rebellion movement and we began to hear of many abuses that had occurred on that site over the years.

What myself and Prajna saw, at face value, was a wonderful opportunity in an ideal location to actually create an off-grid, free community. There was a huge building which could, theoretically at least, become a community centre, not just for the residents but for the wider community around Huddersfield. There was enough space to create workshops and studios, and there were several acres of land ripe for cultivation. So, regardless of Tony and Lisa “Freedoms” desire to dictate all activities within “their” community, we began, with the help of our close friends, to create food gardens, build a green house and source the materials for solar energy generation.

In the meantime I commenced blogging about our observations and our plans. I said as little as possible about conditions within Tony and Lisa “Freedoms” little empire, merely observing that there was NO “Pennine Eco Village” and that there seemed to be a desire, on the part of one man (unnamed) to control all activities at the site. Tony, rightly, recognized that I was writing about him. (At this point I knew very little about Lisa’s role in the “Freedom Project”).

Shortly after the publication of that blog (published in March 2014 if memory serves) Tony and Lisa “Freedom” announced a “Freedom Project” event “in association with the Pennine Eco Village” to be called the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” event, and scheduled for May, at which Tony would talk about his own history and the history of the squat, to be followed by a party.

Requiring, in my opinion, more than a little camouflage and a distraction from his half-hearted confessions (more on this shortly) it was decided that, despite the fact that everyone with half a brain within the wider freedom movement could see that Reset was a Sorros inspired, Tavistock designed nonsense, a speaker (who turned out to be a very passionate and genuine guy, I have to say) from the Reset crowd would be invited to speak at the event, and so the name was changed to “Problem, Reaction, Solution, Reset”.

Public Confession

The day came and around twenty or so people turned up along with four or possibly five people who’d traveled from London, at their own expense, the night before to promote the idea of a constitutional Reset and tax reform. Prajna and I showed the Reset group around our very young but very attractive gardens and they all seemed greatly relieved that something real was happening at the site. – They’d been invited to the “Pennine Eco Village”, but up until that point had seen only the dilapidated inside of a party house/ squat, a few piles of old tires (collected by Tony) a bunch of squabbling dogs and been offered a couple of stripped out caravans to sleep in.

By this time, I should point out that our friend had moved away from the site and was now living the high life in sunny Glastonbury, Dave was also making plans to leave for a new life in Portugal and, if I recall correctly, was off site at the time of this event. In the meantime a young lad with aspergers syndrome, Connor, had moved into the house, to be used, as far as I could see, as Tony and Lisa’s personal assistant and, later, as a very convenient source of income for the pair. (More on this shortly.)

So, the event eventually got underway and began with a presentation from one of the Reset guys in front of a “crowd” of around thirteen or so party-goers. So far, so good. There was to be a short break between the Reset presentation and Tony’s discussion of his and the squat’s history. As it turned out the break lasted at least two hours, during which time the small group from London where beginning to wonder what was going on. The guy who’d givin the presentation was growing increasingly concerned that all was not as he’d been let to believe. I told him that, in my opinion, he had only been invited to the event to provide cover for Tony and that all would become clear when Tony eventually got up the nerve to speak.

So, after a considerable delay a, by now half drunk, audience was called back in for Tony’s presentation. Two quite drunk and quite intimidating men set the stage by asking if Tony wanted anyone evicted from the property, obviously referring to myself and Prajna.

Tony and Lisa “Freedom” sat on the makeshift stage and, to the best of my knowledge, spoke publicly for the first time about Tony’s inclusion on the Violent and Sexual Offenders Register.

Tony told of his childhood and the absence of a “father-figure” in his life, of how the head teacher at his school had hated him for having red hair, of how he’d been placed in care after robbing a local shop and of how many boys, EXCLUDING himself had been sexually abused at the care home he was sent to. He described his sexual development within this setting in which he himself was not being abused.

He told of the time he was arrested in Liverpool for picking up “rent-boys” (plural, note) on Lime Street and of how he subsequently served ten years in prison. He described how he’d been a successful businessman upon his release from prison and how he and Lisa, who he’d been with for eleven years, had had to give their business up because it was too successful.

Lisa told of the the change in the age of consent laws since Tony’s incarceration, and of how, at the time of his arrest the age of consent for homosexuals was 21. The obvious implication being that the boys Tony was imprisoned for abusing where practically men… and poor, sweet, innocent Tony had suffered terrible injustice. (We now know, thanks to their bringing actions against us that Tony was imprisoned for several counts of buggery, several of assisted buggery and several of attempted buggery, all against teenage boys! … hmmm. Please do keep playing the “innocent victim” card you two, we’re all ears!)

Following this dilution of the truth and presentation of Tony – as a fine, upstanding man, coming into the world without so much as a father figure to look up to, abused by the authorities for doing no less than providing shelter to homeless boys – questions where invited from the audience. Given that there were two drunken, aggressive men sitting in front of us intent on evicting us from the property, Prajna and myself refrained from asking anything at all of the pair, though many questions hung in the air, unasked.

I did however blog my observations and my opinions on what I had seen, heard and been told over the months I’d been resident at the squat. I wrote about the ways in which I had seen Tony bully and abuse other residents; they either did as he wished or were back on the streets, homeless. I wrote about the questionable finances and queried where all the money raised by the unpaid staff of the “Freedom Project” vanished to and I shared what others had told me about their experiences of Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. I made it clear that when I shared hearsay, it was hearsay. I made it clear that my opinions where my own opinions and I invited readers to comment, including any who wanted to speak well of this pair of (in my unswerving opinion) fraudsters.

New Arrivals

Prajna and I continued to develop our wee eco-village, and before too long we were joined by a couple we had met during our time at Balcombe anti-frack camp. Alex and Nigel had taken the time and trouble to search the web for “Pennine Eco Village” before arriving. They turned up quite out of the blue one Saturday morning in July, just a day or two after Tony and Lisa had disconnected us (albeit, they claimed accidentally) from the mains electric supply at the house.

Nigel’s first question when he arrived and once we’d made tea, was “what the hell are you doing here with a nonce?!”. He’d discovered, when researching the place, that several people had published blogs describing Tony’s history and his continuing abuse of young, vulnerable people and the fraud of the “Freedom Project”.

We explained why we’d chosen to stay there, but that we really wanted to dissociate ourselves from Tony and Lisa both physically as well as in writing. I’d wanted to move our caravan to create a kind of courtyard facing our gardens and turning our back on the house and all that was associated with it. When our friend had left for Glastonbury he had left us his caravan to use. Another friend had his Mercedes van parked on site, complete with solar panels available for our use. Alex and Nigel immediately agreed that we could and should shift the vans around and separate ourselves, once and for all, from any implied association with Tony and Lisa “Freedom”.

By the end of the day the four or us sat in our newly formed courtyard, looking out over our, by now magnificent gardens, eating food freshly picked and cooked by myself and Alex.

The next day our solar panels were wired into the van and what we’d hoped for all the time we’d been there was finally coming into being. We were off grid, eating from our gardens and enjoying community with like-minded friends.

Alex and Nigel stuck around for a while, but had to venture south for a while due to work commitments – Alex is relief manager at a hostelry in Sussex and she had a month’s work lined up.

A couple of days before they left, Nigel had been out and about on site and had heard a local guy stop buy to ask if anyone wanted to buy a caravan for £50.

The Saga of the Caravan

Knowing, as he did by then, that Tony and Lisa “Freedom” had taken to renting caravans out to homeless people Nigel, stepped in and bought the caravan before Tony had the chance.

You see, by that time Tony and Lisa “Freedom” were renting a dilapidated, stripped out van, without bed, electric, gas or plumbing, to Connor, which he, Connor, was in the process of fixing up for himself. They were also claiming carers allowance for him. They were also charging him for food, which Tony collected (with Connor’s assistance) from the skips behind the local Aldi store, as well as for internet access and for the use of electric at the house. In fact all of Connors benefits at that point were being paid directly into Lisa’s bank account, so, in effect, Lisa was giving Connor an allowance from his benefits and pocketing the rest, whilst continuing to require him to work as their unpaid security guard and general dog’s-body.

A day or two later Alex and Nigel headed off to Sussex.

A few hours after Alex and Nigel left Lisa turned up outside our van, asking Prajna who she needed to pay for the new caravan. Prajna told her that there was no-one to pay as the van was not for sale. She then disappeared only to return a few minutes later, with Connor at her side and Jarvis, the most aggressive of their three dogs, in tow. She proceeded to get into the caravan, which she knew was not hers – the van which had been given to us only the day before by Nigel – and to make herself at home.

I went to confront her, to find out what she was doing. She told me she was looking around ‘her’ new caravan and refused, point-blanc, to leave. I stood outside the van explaining to her how it had come to belong to myself and Prajna, and asked her, several times, to leave. Intent on creating trouble, she refused and proceeded to shout at me about “dishonorability” about “growing some vegetables” about taking bread from the freezer in the house (which we’d been invited to take, but which we no longer did) and about using the washing machine in the house (which we’d been invited to use, but no longer did). In fact, such was her tone and demeanor that it soon became very obvious that the only reason Lisa was there, with dog and “security guard” in toe, was to pick a fight.

After around ten minutes of pointless argument, Prajna came over to see what was happening. I told him that she was refusing to leave the van at which point he took hold of her wrist to pull her out (she was leaning forward in the doorway, all the better to get in my face and try to provoke me into violence). She pulled back from Prajna’s grip and fell backwards into the van.

Knowing that she was only there to provoke violence and wanting an opportunity to calm matters before they escalated I immediately shut the door of the caravan, shutting her inside. Straight away I realized that was a stupid thing to do and opened the door again.

With that Prajna got into the van and moved around her to usher her out. I saw her lunge for him and I stepped up into the van and at exactly that moment Tony appeared on the scene and also got into the van.

There was a struggle which resulted in Prajna and me landing on top of each other on the couch (me on top of Prajna, face up) with Tony and Lisa standing over us grabbing onto our arms. Tony and Lisa backed off and Prajna and I stood up.

I stood face to face with Lisa, who had Tony standing to her left. I told each of them in turn “You’re a fraud, and you’re a fraud”. Once again I told Lisa to get out, at which point she said the strangest thing to me: “I’m not scared of you” she said, “others might be, but I’m not.” (I still have no idea who these “others” are!

At that moment Prajna, who was standing behind me, reached over my shoulders, grabbed Lisa’s glasses and threw them out of the door (reasoning, he later told me, that she would have to follow them out). With that, Tony and Lisa both reached over me and grabbed hold of Prajna. I saw Lisa reach over my head and grab Prajna’s hat from his head, followed by grabbing a handful of his dreads (the most offensive thing she could have done to him!) and I felt Tony moving in on my right.

Prajna was hauled to the door by the pair of them and was thrown out whilst I was spun around and left behind. I saw Prajna outside the door, with Lisa still hanging onto his dreads and Tony leaning over her grabbing at Prajna’s arms. I leaned forward in this very tight space (caravan dwellers everywhere will have an idea of just how tight) and tried to push Lisa out of the van.

That’s when Tony turned his attention to me and slung me to the other end of the van where I landed on my back on the couch! I saw him coming towards me and just had time to bring my legs up to kick him away with the flat of my feet. I saw him coming towards me again and brought my legs up, this time I had enough time to make sure I’d do him some damage if he attacked me. I guess he saw the look in my eyes or realized he wouldn’t be able to get close to me and so he turned and walked away.

By this time Lisa and Prajna were outside the caravan, both grabbing handfulls of each others hair (for Prajna it was a question of either hitting her or restraining her by her hair. He choose the least damaging option). I stepped out of the van in time to hear Lisa say “you let go and I’ll let go”, obviously still in full control of the situation. They let go of each other and we all went our separate ways.

Prajna and I returned to our home caravan where I discovered he’d been significantly injured when he’d been thrown out of the other caravan. He had very deep cuts all the way up his right shin which have left him with some very angry looking scars. It was at least two weeks before he could walk without limping.

Life went on and after a few weeks Alex and Nigel returned.

Harassed Through the Courts

The episode with the caravan happened on the 13th September 2014. Some time in December, whilst we were being visited by friends, Tony and Lisa “Freedom”, accompanied by two men wearing high-viz security jackets (one of whom was Connor) and by Jarvis, their most aggressive dog, approached us, camera in hand, and served us with court summonses. Upon reading these documents we discovered that Tony “Freedom” was bringing a private, civil action against us for defamation/liable and harassment.

Immediately Prajna hit the Law books and Bailii.org and began to study relevant law in ernest. We attended the county court in Huddersfield where Prajna pointed out that Tony’s claim was “insufficiently particularized”. The judge agreed, pointing out to Tony that neither the court nor the defendants could discern from his claim what was at issue. Tony “Freedom” was ordered by the judge to go away and “particularize” his claim and he was ordered to serve his revised claim on us and on the court four weeks later (or possibly six, I can’t quite remember), and we were to submit our defence to his revised particulars of claim three weeks after that.

Upon receiving Tony “Freedoms” revised claim, we were still none the wiser as to what, specifically, he was complaining about: The overall impression being that he didn’t like some of our blogs which, together, came to over 20,000 words.

He failed to particularize which of those 20,000 words he was complaining about, to point out where we had defamed or libeled him (in fact we had not) or to identify a course of action resulting in harassment. What we had published were facts, together with our opinions on a matter of public interest, in our own personal blog, aimed at an audience of our friends and family… and no matter how he had worded his claim Tony “Freedom” could not have won an action for defamation when he had no right to a reputation as anything other that a abuser of the weak, young and vulnerable.

Maybe next time either of this abusive duo decide to use the courts to silence someone they should take the time to read the law they seek to use before commencing their ill-conceived actions!

Prajna wrote an excellent defence, quoting case law, civil procedure rules and relevant statutes. His hours and weeks of study were very well spent.

Some weeks later – and after we’d received summonses to the criminal courts, where Lisa “Freedom was bringing a private criminal action against us for assault(!), we received yet another revision of Tony’s claim from the court. Apparently he had been invited to an ex-party (i.e. without our presence) hearing and had been ordered, once again, to properly particularize his claim.

We were asked to acknowledge receipt of these further revisions and told that the Judge would consider the case once we had done so. Naturally, along with our acknowledgement, we included a letter to the court pointing out the flaws in these, so called, ‘further and better particulars’ and pointing out that once again, Tony “Freedom” had failed to specify what exactly he was complaining about. We also referred the court to the defence which Prajna had previously written, informing the judge that we would not need to revise our defence, which was as appropriate for Tony “Freedom’s” third attempt to have our blogs removed from the internet and prevent us from writing anything more about him.

In due course we received notification from the county court that the judge had struck Tony “Freedoms” case out as “insufficiently particularized”; but not until long after the commencement of Lisa’s Private criminal prosecution against us!

At the beginning of January – following the return of our friend from Glastonbury and his taking up residence in the caravan Nigel had given us, and whilst Alex and Nigel were spending time in the south house-sitting for Nigel’s parents, and following notice of a forthcoming possession hearing from the court regarding the squat – Prajna, our friend and I, not wanting to defend the bank’s claim for possession (for many reasons), moved onto neighboring land owned by our Romany friends.

We had been on that land for only a day or two when Alex and Nigel returned, bringing with them a proposition only a fool would turn down.

An Invite to Portugal

Having spent so much time with us and discovering that, like them, we wanted to move as far away as possible from “the system” – from business big and small, from the paradigm of profit and loss, personal gain, from big oil and big supermarkets, to live independently, helping others for no other reason than for love, providing for our own needs and trusting the universe to provide all that we need in order to do that – they wanted us to join them on a whole new adventure.

Alex had some inheritance money that she wanted to invest in land; in a home for herself and Nigel. Initially they had looked into buying land in England or Wales, only to discover (as so many have before them) that it is next to impossible to live off-grid, free to develop alternative communities and methods of food and energy production in those countries. In fact it is next to impossible to even live on ones own land in England! Councils and planning regulations make it so!

So, having given up the idea of living off-grid in England or Wales, they began to look further afield, shortly settling on Portugal as a likely destination. And they wanted Prajna and me to join them! They now tell us they would never have been able to do it without us, and, in fact, had not even considered the possibility until they joined us on the squat outside Huddersfield!

Naturally Prajna and I were overwhelmed and delighted with the invitation, which we accepted wholeheartedly.

In the meantime, I had been told by my fathers wife, who had been left everything when my dad had died 18 months earlier, that she was giving my brother, sister and me, a small amount of dosh in lieu of inheritance. On the day that we got the news about Portugal, £3000 was paid into Prajna’s bank account by my step-mum!

We started looking around and within a couple of days had bought ourselves a wonderful, grand caravan (a 12 year old Tabbert Comtesse. Oh the space… oh the storage!) to replace our faithful, old, overstuffed and rapidly rotting little Swift Pirouette.

It should be noted that at some time in March 2015, having undertaken to vacate the property in light of the banks claim for possession, Tony and Lisa Freedom finally left the squat in Scammonden. Just two nights after their departure the entire building was engulfed in flames!

Myself, Prajna and our friend watched in disbelief as flames shot into the night sky and the whole building was raised to the ground and the fire brigade fought the flames. What was left standing was so unsafe that the following day it was demolished.

When the police visited a couple of days later, investigating a theft that had occurred the night after the fire, they seemed to be of the belief that the fire itself was a parting gift from Tony.

I have no idea if this is the case or not, but I do know that Tony was at a party in Huddersfield that night and that one of his friends (read security guard) made his way up to the house the following day, allegedly to collect some belongings he’d left behind when he left the house in January.

I add nothing to these circumstantial facts, I merely note them as interesting.

A few months later Nigel noticed that Tony and Lisa “Freedom” had posted on facebook stating that myself and Prajna where a pair of arsonists who had fled to the desert to escape the jail time their were raining down on us!

These libelous comments were published openly on Lisa “Freedom’s” facebook profile, and were a clear attempt on the part of these fraudsters and hypocrites to intimidate, defame and harass Prajna and myself!

Continued Harassment…

On the day we bought our new caravan we, once again, received a summons each, this time to attend the magistrates court, where we were being both being charged by Lisa “Freedom” with assault and with an additional charge of criminal damage being leveled at Prajna (allegedly for damage to Lisa’s glasses).

Once again Prajna got out the law books and set to work, this time studying relevant criminal law and criminal procedure rules.

We attended a preliminary hearing where it was decided by the judge that the case would proceed to trial in accordance with the Magistrates Court Act.

We had been served no evidence, apart from four (later reduced to two) witness statements. There had been no investigation, as per the Cr.P.R; no case progression officer had been assigned; we had been instructed by the court that council would be appointed for the cross-examination of Lisa, but no such council had been appointed; and a litany of other errors in the case.

Prajna wrote to the prosecuting solicitor, which Lisa “Freedom” had been ordered to instruct (at her own expense), asking many questions and pointing out the many deficiencies in the case. Several weeks later, when we had still received no response, and knowing that our move to Portugal was rapidly approaching, and that there was very little time until the scheduled trail date (just four weeks), Prajna wrote to the court, repeating much of what he had writen to the prosecuting solicitor and adding our observations and concerns regarding the handling of the case by the court and by the presiding judge.

Shortly afterwards we received word that the judge had scheduled an “interventions hearing” in order to make sure that all sides where ready for trial. This hearing took place just one week before the scheduled trial.

During the hearing the judge revealed that he himself had been the “examining judge” when Lisa had submitted her claim – consisting of four witness statements which had obviously been written by the same person, complete with verbatim, copy/paste paragraphs and sentences, and the same spelling and grammatical errors throughout, and no evidence of any criminal damage. But, said the judge when all of this, together with the fact that there had been no investigation into the claim, was pointed out to him, his hands were tied by the Magistrate’s Courts Act and, short of deploying the rarely used “nuclear option” of throwing the case out, there was little he could do.

We asked that the case be reviewed by the CPS because, on the face of it there was no case to answer and the CPS would likely choose to discontinue. But with only one week to go it was doubtful there would be time for such a review to take place.

We asked for disclosure of all unused material and queried the inclusion of evidence added by Lisa – four photographs, with no time or date stamp, taken on two separate occasions by parties unknown and unnamed which, in an accompanying statement, Lisa claimed to have taken herself. These photographs showed bruising to Lisa’s arm; injuries she claimed to have sustained during her criminal conversion of and trespass onto our property. Injuries which she failed, incredibly, to mention in her original statement.

We were informed that the issue of the photographs was a matter for the trial itself and that, though Lisa had clearly indicated to me on the day in question that she was recording the whole conversation, there was no way to determine if she had been bluffing at the time.

In the meantime the judge was at pains to find out why the prosecuting solicitor had failed to respond to the “very important issues” which Prajna had raised in writing. Red faced and embarrassed, the solicitor, looking like he would rather have been anywhere but in court that day, suggested that he usually acted as prosecuting solicitor for the RSPCA (who employ their own investigation officers) and said very little else.

Prajna and I queried why, if we were not to cross examine Lisa ourselves, we had not yet been appointed a solicitor so that we might brief them throughly on all relevant matters.

The judge, who had at the initial preliminary hearing said someone would be appointed to us on the day of trial, also wanted to know why we had not yet been appointed anyone! He asked that we wait in the court building whilst someone was found. As it turned out we were appointed the Queen of Fiest – the fiestyest of fiesty advocates – Emma, who had, coincidentally, been in the court room during the whole of our hearing.

So, with one week to go, Nigel and Alex back with us in readiness for the trial (Nigel was appearing as one of our witnesses) and our move to Portugal just four days after the trail, we commenced to brief our court appointed and handsomely-rewarded brief.

We made appointments for ourselves and for Nigel to see her during the week, after having given her a rough outline as to what the case was all about and as to the nature of the prosecutor and her parter: Lisa and Tony “Freedom”. We then went home to pack.

One week later we turned up at court, by this time with a solicitor each. Given that we were two separate defendants, our Queen of Fiest, Emma, had made representations to the court that we each be appointed a solicitor. Enter Bulldog Ben (actually he’s much cuter than a bulldog but it’s what’s inside that counts, don’t ya think?). Two more enthusiastic and experienced solicitors we could not have hoped for, despite our mistrust of solicitors generally (based, I might add, on actual, personal experience).

With very little assistance from myself or Prajna, they argued that the antecedent history (criminal records) of the prosecution witnesses may well prove relevant to our defence and queried why it had not yet been disclosed to us. The judge (a new judge we’d not seen before) ultimately agreed and ordered that the prosecutor (i.e. Lisa) pay the £110 fee per witness, for expedited disclosure of the criminal records of each of her witnesses.

The Queen of Fiest and Bulldog Ben also reasserted our wish that the whole matter be reviewed by the CPS. The judge agreed that this should happen too and, in light of our impending move to Portugal, the case was adjourned for two months so that these matters could be attended to.


On the 13th May Nigel and Prajna hooked our caravan (now called ‘Hyacinth Bucket’; Dead Posh!) onto Alex and Nigel’s Mercedes Sprinter (‘Van-essa’; ‘Nessy’ for short) and began the long drive to Portugal, whilst Alex and I headed to Liverpool and a few nights at my mum’s, from where we would fly out on the 17th to join our hubbies and begin our new life!

And, oh, what a pair of basket cases we were during those few days in Liverpool. I don’t think there have ever been two more excited women on the face of the planet!!!

The hour came when finally, having spent the day flying, taxi-ing, training and taxi-ing some more, at around six in the evening, we arrived at the most beautiful mountain quinta (farm/estate) possibly imaginable and were reunited with our gorgeous men, who’d had to endure two days here without us!

Hot, sunny, lush and green, on the edge of a stunning village inhabited by the warmest, kindest-hearted people, set high in the mountains of central Portugal…

But you’ll have to read all about that in future blog posts. For now, I have to return to the final word in the saga of the non-existent “Pennine Eco Village” and the pair of fraudsters who used it as a front for abuse and exploitation:

We had two months to settle in before returning to England to deal with Lisa “Freedoms” ridiculous and ill-founded claims that we had assaulted her and that Prajna had damaged her property on the day that she had committed and act of criminal conversion of our property, culminating in criminal trespass and in injury to Prajna, for which he still bears the scars today.

All over a £50 caravan which still sits empty today on our friend’s land just outside Huddersfield.

Having heard nothing from the CPS about their review of the case Prajna and I spent our last £300 on return flights and arrived in Liverpool’s John Lennon airport on Wednesday 8th July. The case would be heard on Friday 10th at Huddersfield (Kirklees) Magistrates court.

Courtroom Drama

Having spent the previous night at our friend, The Rev’s, house in Huddersfield we arrived at court in plenty of time, along with our witnesses and a handful of friends there for support.

The CPS had, two days earlier, reviewed the case and, inexplicably, given that Lisa “Freedom” had provided us with a legal defence (that we were defending our property at the time of the incident) along with her copy-pasted witness statements, decided to continue the case.

The CPS assigned a prosecuting agent solicitor, who arrived at the court having had no sight what-so-ever of any any of the case files. But, given that we had traveled all the way from Portugal and were due to return there just two days later, and that the trial had already been delayed by two months, there was no way he could get an adjournment. Nor could our solicitors (present only to cross-examine the prosecution witnesses, but also advocating for us behind the scenes) have the case struck out. And so the trial went ahead as scheduled before a judge none of us had seen before who turned out to be a stickler for the rules.

I have to say that, even though this judge’s adherence to correct procedure resulted in us being warned several times not to keep interrupting, and even in Prajna being warned that he would be asked to leave the court room if he interrupted again, in the end we were very glad that the case was attended to so diligently!

The Case for the Prosecution

Lisa was first to give her evidence (which the judge later described as “incredible”). She told the court that she approached me to find out who to pay for the caravan (when in fact she had approached Prajna) and had been told it wasn’t for sale. She went on to say that she had entered the caravan believing it to be hers, and believing that our friend, Nigel had bought it “For the community”. To the best of my recollection, she failed to explain why she refused to leave it when asked.

She was at a loss to produce any evidence of damage to her glasses (which Prajna was accused of damaging) or any receipt for repair or replacement. She fell silent when asked how much it had cost her to replace them, eventually breaking her silence to stutter a figure (£180) which I’m sure (though this is purely supposition on my part) she recalled including in her witness statement.

She struggled to explain why she claimed to have taken four photographs of bruises to her arm in her statement of truth which accompanied her “additional evidence”, only to change her mind when giving evidence in court and state that the photographs had been taken by Tony “Freedom” and someone else. Eventually she said that because the photographs had belonged to her, and because she’d been confused by her previous solicitor, she’d submitted that non-factual statement of truth along with the photographs.

She failed to explain why she had made no mention of those injuries in her original witness statement.

Separately she told the court that Tony and her were “licensees” at the property on Scammonden, not squatters.

Between them, Emma and Ben (our solicitors) managed, in my opinion, to demonstrate to the court that, in fact, Lisa had been in full control of the altercation over the caravan and that far from being the victim of violence she had been the instigator.

Next came Toothless-Tony “Freedom” to the witness stand, complete with a full set of false teeth! (Too funny!!) His evidence was vague to say the least. He told the court that he’d not seen anything until he entered the caravan, having been called over by Connor, where he immediately sought to protect Lisa who was being attacked by Prajna (and possibly myself, I can’t quite remember).

When asked by Emma if he was Connors carer he told the court that, indeed, he was. With that Emma told the court that she had an application to submit and so we all took a short break whilst the Queen of Fiest presented the judge with Tony “Freedoms” deeply disturbing criminal record.

Emma was applying to have that record submitted in open court. This application was refused, but enough had been done. The judge had had sight of that record, and whilst it had no bearing on the current case, doubtless it told the judge all she needed to know about sweet, inocent Tony and Lisa and their “community”.

Later Tony went on to talk about “honourability” in relation to the purchase of the caravan and life at the squat generally. This, in an attempt to characterize myself and Prajna, presumably along with our friend Nigel, as dishonourable: “Dishonourability” being a word Lisa “Freedom” had used several times to me when she stood inside my property refusing to leave.

I wonder if this unimaginable duo have realized yet that “honourability” and “dishonourability” are not words in the English language!?

Later the judge described Tony’s evidence as vague and adding nothing to Lisa’s claim.

Following a break for lunch it was over to myself and Prajna to present our defence.

Truth is all You Need

First the judge invited Prajna to give evidence, but only if he took the oath/affirmation – she had previously been informed by our solicitors that he would not. Prajna’s position on this is that nobody knows the whole truth about anything, and that swearing to tell the whole truth would immediately put him in perjury, from which point on the court would not have to take note of a further word he said; Quite right! The judge refused to hear evidence from Prajna unless under oath or affirmation and Prajna felt it unconscionable to make any such oath or affirmation – despite that he was very ready to give evidence and to tell as much of the truth as he knew. So stalemate: in the end he was unable to give evidence himself but he was, of course able to cross-examine witnesses to make sure, if possible, that his evidence was elicited in court, though he had to tread very carefully in the process. Tricky stuff court procedure!

For my part I was very keen to give my evidence and inform the court what had really taken place on Scammonden that day, just as I have told it earlier on in this blog post.

Later the judge said that my evidence was clear, candid and credible.

Next up was our dear friend, Nigel, who informed the court, when asked, that during his time at the squat he made a point of having nothing to do with the people in the house or their criminality, and that he had bought the caravan and given it to us having given Connor first refusal on the purchase. He made no bones about the fact that he had bought the caravan so that Tony could not.

Sadly the judge made no comment that I remember on the quality of Nigel’s evidence. I, however, say that he helped to paint a very accurate picture of the characters inhabiting the squat during his time there.

And that was all. The Rev was not called to give evidence in the end because I had already showed the court photographs of Prajna’s injuries which I had taken on the day (complete with time and date stamp).

It was approximately an hour and a half, I think, before the judge came back with her verdict – Case Dismissed!

At this point the prosecutor made an application on Lisa’s behalf for an injunction against us!

Having failed at the county court to injunct us, this pair of low-lifes where now attempting to use the magistrate’s court to do so. It was mentioned that they had also reported us to the police for harassment: That is, having “refused” to go to the police in connection with this trumped-up assault charge, and having failed to have us silenced for civil harassment and defamation at the county court, Tony and Lisa “Freedom” were now attempting to further use the police and the criminal courts to harass us into silence! Notwithstanding that the pair had out and out lied about us on social media, characterizing us as arsonists and cowards! Un-fucking-believable!

What now?

Way back when, I wrote and published a blog post entitled “Once a Nonce…”. That post received several comments, including one which consisted of a single link to a profile on AdultWorker.com. This profile, belonging to Lisa “Freedom”, had been created some nine or ten years before and included, amongst many jpegs and pay-per-view photographs, links to several pay-per-view videos, the titles of which I will not repeat here, but the likes of which you can easily find on YouPorn or elsewhere on the net.

A few days later, the day before our first appearance in the county court in fact, that profile was removed. Sadly our technology at that point was lacking and so we did not manage to get a screen-shot of the profile. However, we do know that the police are aware of its existance and several of our friends also saw it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing what so ever against prostitutes or prostitution. In fact my only issue with that industry is that it has been criminalized, rendering participation in it dangerous and open to exploitation.

That said, Lisa’s continued depiction of herself as innocent provider of shelter to homeless kids needs to be considerably reviewed.

Not long before we left England our attention was brought to a website featuring Tony and Lisa “Freedoms” “squat collective”. It transpires that the pair are now advertising specifically for depressed and suicidal teenagers to join them on coach tours to raves/festivals/parties across Europe. Clothes are optional, according to this website, as is the use of drugs. Of course there is no mention of Tony “Freedoms” involvement with this venture on the website, but Lisa – the frontman for the duo, if you will – features throughout.

Now, when one considers that a registered sex offender with a record for buggery, attempted buggery and assisted buggery against vulnerable teenage boys, who, I have personally been told by one of his more recent victims, is still practicing this abhorrent, harmful behavior today (behavior which, in my personal experience, will scar these youngsters for the rest of their lives, if indeed they are lucky enough to survive) is, through his vile partner in crime, Lisa “Freedom”, attempting to encourage depressed and suicidal teenagers to join him in drug-fueled coach trips to raves in Europe, the question has to be asked… WTF?!?

The wider freedom movement needs to watch this pair with eagle eyes. They have not joined themselves to this movement for any high moral, political or spiritual ideal. Rather they have used it, and us, as cover for their abhorrent activities.

To them the word ‘Freedom’ seems to mean “free to do as you choose, regardless of the consequences”. Nothing could be further from the truth!

To be free is to take full and complete responsibility for ALL of one’s actions, all of one’s words, all of one’s thoughts, and all of the consequences of these!

Freedom is responsibility, not abandonment of responsibility, and the sooner people began to realize this the better off we will all be!

So, why does the wider movement need to keep such a vigilant eye on this pair of abusers? – Because the police, for what ever reason (and we all know, by now, how these things work), seem unable to stop them.

Though their internet and other activities are monitored by the police; though the local VISOR police in Huddersfield would love to get them off the streets; and though, to the best of my knowledge and according to my observations, Tony and Lisa “Freedom” have continued to use the “Freedom Project” to attract vulnerable young people into their seedy world for the past several years, the police, strangely, have nothing to take to the CPS.

Could it be that this pair are being left in place to tarnish the image of the wider movement?

So, as you go about exposing those network of pedophiles holding positions of power throughout the land, be aware that they walk amongst you also.

And Finally!

Upon refusing Lisa’s application to injuct myself and Prajna the judge did give me a warning about witness intimidation. Apparently, for up to a year after the trial witness intimidation can still be an issue.

I hope that writing of our own experiences, things we have seen heard and witnessed, and offering our honestly held beliefs and opinions on matters of grave public importance is not considered to be witness intimidation.

Everything I have written in this blog I can, and will if necessary, support in any court anywhere.

Right, so the next you lovely lot hear from Prajna and me it will be all about our amazing new life in Portugal and all of the wonderful adventures we’re having here!

Very happy to embark on a new, positive chapter in our lives, we look forward to writing again soon!

With much love,
Prajna and Kali – still living the truth and writing about it!

P.S. Chris Spivey ROCKS! Get ye to his website at www.chrisspivey.org and show this courageous, unflinching investigative reporter and his family your support.

We love you Spiv and thank you deeply for all you do! Your invite to Portugal remains open – sempre (always).

Injunct this…

Well, dear readers, friends and family, it’s been quite a while since I last managed to update this blog and for that I’m very sorry. Sadly though, even now I’m not in a position to fully update you due to ongoing litigation instigated by Mr Anthony Ross (aka Tony “Freedom”) who is attempting to bring an injunction against us on the grounds of harassment.

They are also in the process, they claim, of bringing a private criminal prosecution against us for assault – having, presumably, by passed the police and the CPS in order to do so. We’ve yet to have any official confirmation of this, but they informed us and District Judge Heels (the judge hearing the civil claim for harassment) of this action in chambers on the 23rd December.

Suffice to say their claims are ill-considered, half-baked and liable to see the pair on the receiving end of some judicial chastisement for abusing the process of the courts.

Thankfully, you see, and very, very cleverly, I had the good sense to marry a genius (literally) who has a passion for learning like none I have ever known and whose knowledge of the law, and respect for it, is growing every day.

On a negative note, I heard it muttered the other day that this ongoing enmity between ourselves and the proprietors of the “Freedom Project” was a symptom of division within the wider freedom movement.

Let me talk to those of you who think this way directly: You spend your time railing at parliamentary paedophiles, celebrity paedophiles, royal paedophiles, et al, declaring that they should all be locked up for life, burned at the stake, hanged etc, etc, yet when a known and dangerous paedophile is identified and exposed within our community you cry ‘division’.

It may well be that the only reason this disgusting individual is allowed to prey on vulnerable teenagers, run illegal raves and various other unregistered businesses, is because he purports to be part of the ‘truth and freedom movement’ and that his involvement (or, purported involvement) will tarnish the rest of the movement (that is you) by association.

It is my personal belief, based on my experiences and observations over the last eleven months of having Tony and Lisa “Freedom” as neighbours, and based on information that has been passed to me, that Tony was and IS a predatory homosexual paedophile, with a preference for teenage boys, and that Lisa, who empowers and legitimises his predilections, in my opinion, is not much better. This opinion I also base on information received.

So, boys and girls, I suggest to you that it’s time to get real, recognise when deceitful people seek to disguise and camouflage their predatory nature by hiding behind the freedom movement – thereby bringing us all into disrepute – and to continue to abuse vulnerable young people under the guise of “ Projecting Freedom”!

There are bad people in every walk of life, including hiding within this movement. If you are in any doubt, then please read the comments posted in response to “Once A Nonce…”, search the internet for other blogs posted about the (non-existent) “Pennine Eco Village”, the “Freedom Project” and “ Tony Freedom/Anthony Ross” and realise that our concerns are shared by many former residents of and visitors to the “Freedom Project”. On a side note I want to thank every one who commented on that post with your own accounts of life inside the Freedom Project and other invaluable information. Your input is greatly appreciated by us both.

Right, time to lighten up a bit a tell you about what else has been happening in our lives lately…

On the domestic front our friends Nigel and Alex have departed for the winter and will return to the new home of The Diggers Alternative Community in the spring. In the meantime our treasured friend Lance has returned from his summer spent in Glastonbury raising awareness of the EU’s take-over of the sovereignty of all of its member states, agenda 21, codex alimentarius (incorrectly spelled, probably. Sorry!) and the implications of these insidious plots for us all. He’s escaped the hill for seasonal festivities in Huddersfield and in so doing has also managed to escape my hideous (but thankfully subsiding) PMT. – Lucky Lance, poor Prajna!

And now for some wonderful news concerning a recent court triumph for our friend, Rev Phil.

The Rev conducted his own appeal with Prajna sitting as Mackenzie friend, and had his conviction for assault on a bailiff overturned. – Really well done Rev! – It was wonderful to witness justice finally being done, almost a full year since the allegation was first made and charges brought. It really does seem to be the case that whilst justice is seldom achieved in the Magistrates, once a case comes before a higher court, one witnesses a much greater degree of professionalism and a much greater concern for justice.

Finally, I want to add my usual call for you give your support to Chris Spivey (www.chrisspivey.org) who is currently, successfully, holding off social services who have been attempting, along with the police, to fit him up and remove his grandson into “care” following his publication of the indisputable evidence that the Woolwich Beheading/Lee Rigby murder was a hoax.

Great big love and hugs to you all and Happy Mid Winter Festival of your choice! from Kali and My Beautiful Orange Prajna! 🙂 xxxxx

Once A Nonce…

We’ve been led to believe that the so called “Freedom Project” along with its proprietors, Tony and Lisa “Freedom” will be leaving this place at the end of the month (October). I’m writing this blog in anticipation of their departure. Should they remain here, however, I’ll be publishing regardless. Because the fact is these two people have done nothing here except to perpetrate a fraud for their own personal gain whilst continuing to use and abuse the vulnerable young people they entice to participate in their “Freedom project”.

I know that they have been informed that this blog post is pending. They have plenty of time to go while the going is good. They have chosen to stay. They must now deal with the consequences of that decision.

I’ve learned, just within the last few days before publication, that from the beginning of the “Freedom Project” Tony “Freedom” HAS continued to sexually exploit many of the young people he brings here to staff his private, for profit enterprise. I’ll be returning to this shortly.

Many people have contacted me since I published the blog Freedom? Really? with their own horror stories of working for Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. Others had contacted me before the publication of that blog.

I’m afraid I’m not in a position at this moment to get the permission of all the individuals to include their names alongside these allegations as I have limited internet access and limited time, albeit that several of those individuals shared their experiences with me in public on my facebook wall.

Others have asked that I don’t include their experiences in this blog for fear of repercussions from Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. I will however recount their experiences whilst protecting their anonymity, as the disclosures they have made leave me no choice! I cannot, in all conscience, keep these revelations to myself given that far too many vulnerable young people have already fallen prey to Tony “Freedom’s” sexual depravity over the years, and this cannot be allowed to continue!

For my own part it is a fact that there is no love lost between myself and Tony or Lisa “Freedom”. I’ve witnessed first hand the way they run their project and the way they treat their unpaid “staff”. It may be felt by some that I am exaggerating the threat posed by this pair out of spite or vindictiveness. This is not the case. If they had changed, if Tony had changed so that he was no longer a threat to the young and vulnerable I would have no issue with his past. – Everyone is allowed to make mistakes and to grow and learn from those mistakes. I write this blog in the belief that Tony’s behaviour towards young, vulnerable boys has not changed since he was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for “picking up rent boys [plural]” on Lime St in Liverpool in the early 1990‘s.

My interpretation of the things I have seen here, and the things I have been told by others who have spent time here informs my opinion and necessitates that I disclose all I know as fully as possible.

I’ve discussed the writing of this blog with certain elders of my tribe, including some former residents of the “Freedom Project”/”Pennine Eco Village”. Each and every one I have discussed these matters with recognises the importance of disclosing the truth behind the “Freedom Project” and the importance, for the protection of the vulnerable, of exposing the continued sexual exploitation of the young and vulnerable by Tony “Freedom” aka Anthony Ross.

Let me put a warning out to Tony and Lisa up front: should anything whatsoever happen to either former or current residents and staff of your fraudulent enterprises as a result of the publication of this blog you will be hunted down and dealt with appropriately by those who will not tolerate your continued abuse of the young and vulnerable. There will be nowhere for you to hide!

Now let me go on to tell each of you reading this what I have learned about Tony and Lisa “Freedom” over the last few months, weeks and days:

Way back in the spring of this year I was contacted by one former resident who came here believing there to be an eco village under development, only to discover that all of the energies and activities on this site were directed, by Tony and Lisa “Freedom” toward menial tasks designed to profit the pair and to keep them in a position of control and power over others; the threat being that anyone who doesn’t like the way things are done around here can basically piss off.

Given that most of the younger people who’ve worked here over the years have been homeless and faced a choice between living on the streets or working for this unscrupulous pair, unsurprisingly most did as was expected of them until they found themselves somewhere more secure to move to. This same story has been repeated to me several times since then by several former residents of this squat.

On two separate occasions, regarding two different young men (vulnerable homeless boys by any measure) that person who contacted me in the spring had to come back to the so called “Pennine Eco Village” to rescue those two boys from the clutches of Tony “Freedom”.

Unfortunately I don’t have the details as to why these rescues where needed (I’ve been waiting to see the person concerned to get the full story, but circumstances have kept us from that meeting) however this comes from a very trusted source, a sentient, loving individual, who would not dream of knowingly passing on miss-information for any reason. I therefore have no hesitation in sharing what they told me.

At least three other former residents and supporters of the “Freedom Project” have contacted me, over several months, telling me how they have been conned out of several hundreds of pounds by Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. – It seems that rather than funding their own business venture from the revenue raised by their for-profit parties, Tony and Lisa prefer that others purchase stock and equipment for those parties whilst Tony and Lisa take all the profits and hold them in their personal “slush fund”.

For over four and a half years now the “Pennine Eco Village” has been used to market the “Freedom Project”, to lend to it’s directors (every business has directors) Tony and Lisa “Freedom”, a veneer of creating the change so desperately needed in this world.

Sadly, Tony and Lisa (registered sex offender, predatory homosexual paedophile and his girlfriend) “Freedom” have used this place, and the wider freedom movement, as a means of attracting unpaid staff, musicians and paying party goers to their parties. They have conned many people into supporting their business venture over the yeas by presenting themselves as pioneers within the wider freedom movement and advertising all of their parties “in association with the Pennine Eco Village” when, in fact, the Pennine Eco Village does not exist and never has.

Over the time they’ve spent perpetrating this fraud upon the wider freedom movement it is estimated that they have amassed approximately (and very conservatively) £30,000 in admission fees (called “donations”) alone*. Add to that the money they take in over the bar and what they have taken from their unpaid staff in “rent” over recent months (they’ve taken to renting out rotten old caravans to their staff since attendance at their parties has dwindled) and given the fact that there has never, ever been any kind of “eco village” here and that there are several people out there who have been stung by this pair in one way or another since their con began, then the picture very quickly becomes clear.

[*This figure is based on them throwing one party per month (though there have been been times when the parties have taken place twice monthly), charging £3 a head at the door (though that price went up to £5 this year) and averaging 200 guests (though the parties did, for a time attract between two and three hundred people, until Tony was outed as a sex offender last year (2013), when the numbers fell to around fifty.) This figure has been calculated for 4 years of parties and does not include bar takings.]

So much for the “Freedom Project” and the Pennine Eco village. Now I have to share with you something very disturbing that has been going on here since Tony and Lisa took possession of the place in March 2010; something which was reported to me only a few days ago by a former resident of the Freedom Project and victim of Tony “Freedom”, sex offender.

I must point out here that what you are about to read had been told to me by a young person who I do not know personally. It has not been repeated to me by any other of Tony’s victims. Therefore this next disclosure must be treated as unsubstantiated.

However, given Tony’s history and life-long inclusion on ViSOR (the Violent and Sexual Offenders Register) and coupled with concerns expressed to me by others who’ve witnessed questionable behaviour from Tony during their time here I feel this must be reported in the public interest.

It is without doubt that Tony “Freedom” can justly be compared to the character “Fagin” from the Dickens novel Oliver Twist. It is without doubt that he preys on the young and vulnerable and on the trusting for his own financial gain.

What is in question at the moment (though there is little doubt in my mind) is whether Tony continues to prey on the young and vulnerable for sex. His need to exercise power and control over others, together with his history as a sex offender and the concerns of former residents and party-goers suggests that this may well be the case…

I was sickened and disgusted, though not surprised, to be informed that this fifty year old, toothless, predatory sex offender, sporting pigtails and died red/brown hair, who claims to be part of the wider freedom movement, has been sodomising young, vulnerable homeless boys – sometimes for money, sometimes not – from the beginning of the “Freedom Project”. This has been told to me directly by one of his victims, who was sodomised by Tony “Freedom” (aka Anthony Ross) at the age of just 17!

This victim, who shall remain nameless, informed me that Tony preys on all of the young people who come here.

THIS HAS TO STOP! – Anywhere that Tony and Lisa “Freedom” go when they leave this place (and they will either leave of their own accord or find themselves removed by force) they need to be watched to make sure that they have no contact with vulnerable young boys or adults and that certainly they never again find themselves in a position of control or dominance over such young people!

Let me talk briefly about Tony’s past and the reasons he is on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life:

Recently, having been outed as a predatory paedophile by one former resident of the so called “Pennine Eco Village” (one who will be coming back for a visit very soon) Tony decided to talk about his past publicly at an event/party he called “Problem, reaction, solution, reset” (“reset” having been added at the last minute and speakers invited to lend the event some kind of camouflage or credibility – Tony and Lisa have as much interest in the reset as they do in freedom and justice for all).

During this talk Tony told attendees that in the early 1990‘s he was arrested in Liverpool for picking up “rent BOYS” (note the plural!) that is “rent BOYS”, not “a rent boy” as a result of which he went to jail for ten years and was placed on the sex offenders register for life. – Actually he was sentenced to fourteen years, of which he served ten, although he tried his very best to make it sound as though he’d been sentenced to ten years.

During this half-baked ‘confession’ Tony and Lisa did all they could to make it appear that Tony was a victim of unjust laws and of abuse himself, emphasising that the age of consent for homosexuals in those days was 21, and that Tony was in his early twenties at that time. They neglected to mention that Tony’s victims were themselves under sixteen years.

They also tried their best to make it sound as if Tony had been sexually abused whilst in care as a child whilst also admitting that he had not been. They went to great trouble to explain that other boys in the home Tony had been sent to had been abused, and that Tony’s sexuality had developed within that setting. Their attempts at obfuscation were not lost on us! The fact that Tony himself was NOT a victim of sexual abuse needs to be emphasised here, as both Tony and Lisa routinely attempt to justify Tony’s past behaviour by using the devastating experiences of others brought up in “care” as camouflage!

A former friend of Tony’s recently contacted Prajna (following the publication of Freedom? Really?) to inform us that he had seen the court records from the trial and to point out that the victim (singular) in this case, although under sixteen years old, was already sexually active.

This, coupled with the length of the sentence Tony got, leads me to conclude that there are actually at least two separate court cases being discussed here. One involving rent BOYS (plural) and another concerning an underage victim who’d been abused to the extent that sexual exploitation had become a way of life for him – circumstances which Tony “Freedom” took full advantage of. – (I must emphasise however that this is purely supposition on my part and is not verified or supported by anything anyone has told me.)

We were told by one former resident of the project that Tony had admitted to him that the victims (plural) in the case discussed during their conversations were between the ages of thirteen and fourteen years old.

That same man also told us that when he was living here there were several teenage boys living in the house, constantly partying, cross dressing and, for want of a better expression, ‘camping it up’. Whilst the man in question was deeply disturbed by this, Tony “Freedom” seemed delighted by the situation.

On top of all of that there’s the story, verified by three individual witnesses, about the boy who had frostbite in the toes of both of his feet. He was living in a caravan on site with no heating during one particularly harsh winter. When he asked Tony for the loan of an electric fan heater he was refused, with Tony stating that he need the heater himself to keep the mini-bus warm for when he went skipping for food.

Rather than seeing that boy loose his toes, a local Huddersfield resident took the boy to his house for a couple of days and another got his podiatrist wife to give him a treatment on his feet. He was given a decent pair of boots before being brought back to the Freedom Project, but was never given or loaned a heater by Tony “Freedom”.

Currently there are just two residents/staff of the Freedom Project (although this is constantly changing) who each pay rent to Tony and Lisa as well as paying the pair for skipped food (£10 each per week) which it costs Tony approximately £3 in fuel to fetch. Whether one or both of these residents is being exploited for sexual favours or not is not known but they are certainly being exploited financially and used for their labour.

I realise that the contents of this article are deeply disturbing and that there is some room to question the validity of claims of sexual exploitation expressed herein, which must be recorded as unsubstantiated rumour at least until/unless other victims come forward as a result of this publication.

Personally, having lived alongside Tony and Lisa “Freedom” and their fraudulent “Freedom Project” for the last eleven months I have no reason to doubt that what I have been told is true. I therefore publish this article in my view, in the public interest.

You now know as much as I do about the activities of the couple who refer to themselves as Tony and Lisa “Freedom” and who for the last few years have systematically lied to their followers on facebook and elsewhere about their involvement with the Pennine Eco village – there is NO Pennine Eco Village, and there never has been.

How they have managed to get away with this fraud for so long is testament to the good will of the many, many good people who’ve passed through here over the years, who have not wished to seem vindictive towards Tony and Lisa “Freedom” but who invariably express their concerns about the “Freedom Project” in private. Not one single former resident of the site who has contacted me has had anything good to say about the pair. Just the opposite in fact.

It has fallen on me, outspoken as I am, to be the recipient of all of the information I’ve shared with you today. I cannot, in all conscience, keep these things to myself; particularly since being informed that Tony is still behaving as a sexual predator toward young, vulnerable, homeless boys. In my opinion this situation cannot be allowed to continue!

Not only must the fraud of the “Freedom Project” and the Pennine Eco Village come to an end, the suggestion that Tony “Freedom” continues with the sexual predilections which saw him sentenced to fourteen years in prison in the 1990‘s must be taken seriously.

I will ask any who read this who have their own revelations to share regarding Tony or Lisa “Freedom” to please, if they possibly can, do so publicly as a comment on this blog, using whatever name you choose. Equally, if you have anything to say in support or defence of Tony and Lisa the comment section is open to you to use too.

Given that I currently have so much positive and powerful news to write up on here, that so much is moving in a positive direction for myself and Prajna personally and for The Diggers Alternative Community directly and for the indigenous peoples of these islands generally, the writing and re-writing of this blog post has been troublesome to say the least. – I would much rather have shared with you tales of our most recent adventures. I will do so in my next blog post, hopefully within the next week or two.

In the meantime, thank you for bearing with me with this exposure of fraud, theft and sexual exploitation. I sincerely hope this is the last you will hear of Tony and Lisa “Freedom” though it is doubtful that a blog post such as this will not generate some kind of backlash from the pair. What will be, will be.

Kali Prajita

A New Beginning!

Prejudice against travellers reaches astonishing levels! as Maidenhead Tory Cllr Alan Mellins, when asked what can be done to speed up the eviction of Gypsy Travellers, declares “Execute them.”

This is a Hate Crime from any perspective! Yet it has been the case in the UK for far too many years that prejudice and discrimination against travellers is perfectly acceptable as far as the Establishment is concerned. Regardless of the fact that they are recognised by the establishment as indigenous and that the UK is a signatory to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Here, on the high Moorland of the Pennines, just outside Huddersfield, we recently got some new neighbours: Gypsy travellers now own an acre of land adjacent to us. Upon taking ownership of the land our new neighbours, with our full support, began to make good the driveway and hard standing, erect fences and move on their animals – a Shetland pony, some young cows and a few chickens.

They had been at this work less than a week before council planning bods, in an act of blatant discrimination, began to interfere with their free enjoyment of their own property. To the extent that yesterday (23rd Oct, 2014) the council issued a Stop Notice instructing these indigenous people to stop: 1. The importation of waste material [surely if a thing has a use then by definition it is not waste?] 2. The formation of hard surface [already formed] and 3. The formation of an access track [so improvements to existing track is not affected].

All this because “these development works do not benefit from planning permission”.

How strange then that for the past 4 years and 8 months the neighbouring property has been occupied/squatted by a registered sex offender (Anthony Ross, aka Tony “Freedom”) has been adapted for use as a venue for what the State deem to be ‘illegal’ raves, and which has been used as a waste transfer centre and general dump (despite that Tony and Lisa “Freedom” continue to call it The Pennine Eco Village) for all that time with no interference from the council.

How strange also that planning controllers happily ignore the activities of other land owners in the vicinity – activities which I will not criticise but which certainly breach planning regulations as far as the local council is concerned!

So we see blatant, demonstrable, discrimination being applied in the case of our new friends and neighbours simply because of their ethnicity. – The same story is repeated around the country all the time.

The UN declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which can be read in full here protects all indigenous people from interference in the free enjoyment of their lands – however those lands have been acquired – amongst many other protections against interference by the State. The declaration also includes an article committing signatories to enact legislation to uphold all of it’s articles. This has not happened in this country.

In fact, in blatantly cynical disregard for the indigenous peoples of these islands, the UK signed up to this declaration of rights whist simultaneously declaring that it would not affect the UK as there are no indigenous peoples here, despite the fact that gypsy travellers are recognised as indigenous within that (UK) jurisdiction!

The UN declaration on the Rights of Indiginous Peoples is inherently pro-life/pro-humanity.

In contrast the UN’s Agenda 21, which also includes a commitment to be made ‘hard law’ by signatory States, and which calls for the human population to be reduced to a tiny fraction of current numbers, is being implemented.

Interestingly, UNDIP also includes provision for the UN to finance and provide other resources for it’s implementation within signatory States. It does not, however, as some have recently suggested, give the UN any kind of authority over indigenous peoples, whose rights to self-determination and self governance are also protected from State interference.

Now, whilst I’m no fan of the UN per sey, I have no problem in getting them to put their money where their mouth is and bring international/supranational pressure to bare on the government of the United Kingdom (plc) to secure the rights of indigenous people within its jurisdiction and to cause all of it’s agencies and agents to BACK OFF!

Along with the blatant prejudice and discrimination described above, and with the use of the UN declaration, we intend to apply the definition of genocide in any subsequent ‘court’ hearing, should it come to that.* It is a fact that many Gypsy Travellers do not read or write, that theirs is a story telling tradition. It is also a fact (one protected by the declaration) that traditionally gypsy travellers regard land ownership as just that – they own it and should have free use of it without interference.

That councils throughout the UK systematically disregard the cultural heritage of these people, systematically interfere with their enjoyment of their property, systematically trick them into accepting their jurisdiction, systematically throw reams of legal documents in their direction which many cannot read, let alone navigate, is, certainly, on the face of it, the very definition of cultural genocide.

Now, before our new neighbours arrived Prajna and I we already of the opinion that anyone who lives outside of The State is, by definition, indigenous. Therefore we all benefit from the UN declaration, securing us from interference by The State (or any other legal fiction).

In the meantime, even as I have been writing this blog (which has taken a few days due to lack of battery power) our dear friend Indie (Nomine Deus) has been inspired to call a gathering of freedom fighters, lawful rebels, freemen, sovereign individuals, indigenous peoples and anyone who has had enough of the lawlessness and corruption of the de-facto State. We will gather at Stone Henge on the 1st November – the day that the EU, working by stealth and deceit, takes over full political control of the UK, thanks to an act of treason by the supposed ‘monarch’ and HER (not your!) government.

At this time a declaration will be read aloud by Indie as follows:

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye all people who now inhabit the formerly known in ancient times the Isles of Prydian, latterly known by force and deceit as the United Kingdom
All people of the land Hear Ye this proclamation and Declaration.

We the people of the land hereby solemnly make notice and Declaration that we are the Indigenous peoples of this land.
Further we declare that we are no part of the society which declares itself to rule over us the indigenous people, for they have attained their position and wealth by diverse acts of subterfuge and theft of the resources which are ours by right to share amongst ourselves without favour or profit making.

We the Indigenous peoples reclaim our ancient birthrights and customs from the treasonous elites who have hidden the same from us for generations, seeking to enrich themselves from our common resources at the expense and ensuing poverty of the peoples whom have become enslaved in the system set up for the elites sole benefit.

We the Indigenous peoples have for too long been kept ill-educated to understand our plight, but now we do and we make and stand under this declaration to once again reclaim our original status and seek recompense for the wrongs promulgated upon us from the beginning until now, with sheer force and obfuscation through their supposed legislation.

We the Indigenous peoples see and understand our connection to all other Indigenous peoples and understand our rights and duties to one another without recourse to the guiding hands of treasonous profiteering political elites or supposed Monarchs.

We the Indigenous peoples make claim from this moment henceforth to control our own destiny and lands and resources and demand the return of all stolen lands and resources back into the control of the people and for the people, no further profiteering may be done or attempted to be done upon us as the true owners of all these things.
This Proclamation of we the peoples of the land is duly made here at Stonehenge (a sacred ancient site of the peoples) which has been stolen from our care and control and used as a revenue source for the blatant theft of other ancient sites from us the people, herewith we reclaim this site and demand that the barriers to free access be removed forthwith to allow us once again to gather in reverence to the labour’s, knowledge and power source built here by our forebears. Moreover we the Indigenous peoples demand the like return of all other sites now controlled and denied to us.

Moreover we the Indigenous people recognise that various trusts have been established to control these sites supposedly ‘for the people’ by the defacto government of the UK, as the rightful owners and beneficiaries of these trusts we hereby DISSOLVE all such trusts with immediate effect. All profits and proceeds of these trusts to be made immediately available to the Indigenous peoples for the establishment of the necessary apparatus to inform all inhabitants of this land of their real position as Indigenous peoples.

We the Indigenous peoples also make claim to and demand the return of all common lands and all areas enclosed by previous looters of our birthrights including but not limited to the rivers and lakes, sea and shore, forest and wood, plain and agricultural areas now held by deception by supposed ‘legal’ owners.

We also make claim to the skies above us and deny the access to the same by the warplanes and other military aircraft including but not limited to helicopters and drone aircraft. We also demand that aircraft of military type and useage of other governments be immediately denied any access to the skies above our heads and land for they are designed to strike terror into our hearts and minds.
This declaration is made on this day the 1st of November 2014 by the calendar in common use, but to be known henceforth as Day 1 of the Indigenous peoples new beginning (NB) this declaration of our unalienable rights is made in reflection of the rights guaranteed in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples upon which the signatory governments are fully bound by their own hands. We the Indigenous peoples make claim that such document is fully binding on the society, and government of that society, which we live beside but do not belong to and will expect compliance of same at all times.

We the Indigenous people will accept all who wish to join us and upon their leaving the society of force and profiteers we will adopt them into the Indigenous peoples body as equal in all ways to ourselves.

We the Indigenous peoples will in due course establish once again our public meetings and from them we shall choose those of us with the necessary skills to act as spokespeople for the people (herein and after referred to as Tongues) but they will hold only the power to speak as the people wish them to speak and they will hold no power to bind any of the people to any Oath, bargain or contract with any agency or government which is outside of the people and attempting to influence the people through the Tongues).
So say we the people who have gathered together in peace and fraternity here today and in other diverse locations about these our lands. Any interference with we the Indigenous peoples from this time forward will be deemed to be an attack and attempt to silence our collective voice and as such must be considered to be an act of attempted genocide against us all.

Proclaimed this day by myself Nomine Deus for all mankind to hear and understand.

May the spirits of our ancestors be blessed and hear our voice.


Not only are myself and Prajna very excited about this event/new beginning, which will be repeated at significant sites around the country by those who cannot make it to Stone Henge, but so are our neighbours, who plan to come down with us. They and we recognise the power that all indigenous peoples hold when we come together to declare our separation from The State and our determination to live in peace by our own common lore.

*That we grant The State NO authority over us, and that the indigenous peoples of these islands are coming together to protect our rights and these islands from the injustices and profiteering of The State, it is not foreseen that we will enter into their jurisdiction for them to decide what we may or may not do with our land and resources, thus rendering any arguments with council bods null. However, should there come a time when we need to stand with our neighbours to defend their rights, we hope that you will stand shoulder to shoulder with us against State tyranny!

With deep love and gratitude to Indie, to all campaigners for truth, justice and freedom, to our new neighbours and fellow travellers and, as ever, to Chris Spivey (www.chrisspivey.org) who despite massive pressure and threats to his family from establishment drones, continues to publish information, supported by evidence, on his website which The State would much rather you never, ever have access to. Please do pay a visit to Chris’s site and give him all the support you can!

Kali and Prajna. xxx

Freedom? Really?


I wrote this blog entry a few of days ago but had some reluctance in publishing simply because the matters discussed here are trivial when one considers that we, the living men and women of the planet Earth, are currently faced with full blown world dictatorship by a psychopathic, child raping, elite and all of our time is best served preventing that by any means necessary. – In the words of Michael O’Bernicia, “Grand Jury Grand Jury Grand jury Grand Jury…”. (More on this in my next blog, currently underway.)

However, myself and Prajna are currently living under house arrest in that we feel we cannot leave our home for fear that others, (Tony and Lisa “Freedom” who’s history you can discover via a very quick internet search) acting no better that bailiff thugs, claiming ownership of our property, may seek to rob us of what is rightfully ours should we go out anywhere.

Besides which, some of you may have noticed how quiet this website has been over the past few months. The reason for this is that I have felt unable to write honesty without reference to our current situation, but have not wanted to create needless waves. Thus whist I have had plenty to write about I have not felt free to express myself fully. In publishing this blog I free myself from restraints imposed on my by self-doubt and social convention. Our tag-line at Tomboy-pink is “live the truth and then write about it”. Now it is time to do just that.

The “Freedom Project” and the non-existent Pennine Eco Village

Dear friends,

A situation has developed over the past few months which now needs to be aired.

Even as I type these words establishment puppets around the Zionist controlled world are rattling the sabres for a third world war, the EU is preparing to take complete control of all of it’s member State’s governments and is ramping up the globalists agenda for the 21st century, an agenda which does not include you or me or our children or grandchildren… etc, etc, etc. In short, we have a hugely important job to do in this country and around the world. Activists are readying to convene grand juries, are being sworn in as sheriffs and are spreading the word far and wide.

Sadly, unfortunately, I have to turn my attention to Tony and Lisa “Freedom” of the “Freedom Fraud Project”.

In other words I would much rather be responding to the situation imposed upon us all by the Zionist, Jesuit, paedophilic establishment than responding to threats and intimidation from the so-called “Freedom Project”.

We hope and ask that those reading this blog post will simply use it for information purposes and not as a means of distraction from the more important issues of the day.

As many of you know, myself and Prajna arrived at the site of what was purported to be the “Pennine Eco Village” in January of this year only to discover that there was not and never had been any such thing here. The “Pennine Eco Village”, in other words, exists in name only. A name used by Tony and Lisa “Freedom” to promote a particular image of themselves and to promote their “Freedom Project” enterprises/parties.

In fact what we found was a stunningly beautiful spot in the Pennines, with acres of land ripe to be developed as an alternative, off-grid, resource for the wider rebel/leveller/digger/luddite communities of these islands, being used as a – donations at the door or no admittance – party house, a rubbish tip and a recycling centre. – Not that there’s anything at all wrong with recycling (or partying for that matter), in fact it’s imperative that we do recycle and reuse what we have been conditioned to discard.

The problem with this particular operation was, and is, that by bandying around misnomers such as “Eco Village” and “Freedom Project” Tony and Lisa “Freedom” have attracted many people to the site (squatted land and building) over the four and a half years they’ve been here, the more vulnerable and easily manipulated of which end up enslaved in their little empire, forced to claim state benefits in order to contribute to the running costs of the business, whist providing all of the labour required for it, even as Tony and Lisa “Freedom” pocket all of the revenue generated by the efforts of those, predominately, homeless, vulnerable young men.

The more savvy folks who’ve passed through here have inevitably left in order to find other avenues via which to create much needed changes and to challenge ‘the system’. In fact the only people who have been here from the beginning of the project are Tony and Lisa themselves. Every one else has left in disgust or despair. I have been contacted by several of these former residents of the so called “Pennine Eco Village” since arriving here (many of whom I already knew personally) and know that one of them, on two separate occasions, was compelled to return in order to “rescue” two desperate and vulnerable young men from the place. I don’t have the full details of why rescue was needed (and wont until I see that former resident face-to-face) but I do absolutely trust the source and have no doubt that it is true.

A quick internet search here should be enough to enlighten readers as to the less than savoury history of Tony “Freedom”, aka Anthony Ross. It is no longer a secret that he is a known sex offender who, at the age of 23/24, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for picking up young boys (13 and 14 years old) for sex. This is not hearsay and rumour, this is fact, grudgingly admitted by the pair.

Now, I doubt that Tony “Freedom” is currently a practising paedophile (though goodness knows what went on at his parties before he was outed as such last year), I have, however observed his treatment of his workforce of vulnerable, homeless young men and find it deeply disturbing. He is a bully, and a tyrant, as is Lisa “Freedom” and as is his mother Pat, who Tony and Lisa install here to guard their little empire anytime they go away for a few days.

So much for our observations of what’s been occurring at the “Freedom Project” to date. Now onto our own direct experiences, which have, over the last few days and weeks, come to a head.

Upon discovering that a fraud (the Pennine Eco Village fraud) was being perpetrated here myself and Prajna decided that we would put things right and develop an actual eco village which would hopefully be utilised by the wider community, as described above.

And so we have spent most of this year creating gardens, clearing rubbish, clearing overgrowth and undergrowth, digging, digging, planting, digging, researching, digging, planting, digging and growing food. I have to say, we’re both very proud of our efforts (I’ll include a video at the bottom of this post which I recorded a couple of months ago, and hopefully another which I will record today). – On a side note, I have to say that gardening is not only a revolutionary act, it is an absolute joy and is actually one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my long and fairly exciting life.

We’ve come a long way towards becoming food-independent this growing season (not bad at all for a couple of people who’ve never really grown food before). Next year we hope to be using this land, this gift(!), to supply food to the wider community too and, hopefully, we wont be the only Diggers here by then either.

We’ve also had the very great pleasure of getting to know the intrepid rebels and freedom fighters of Huddersfield and beyond and have spent many days in the local magi’s court, supporting various challenges to that particularly corrupt den of inequity (as they all are). It’s been a wonderful time of connecting with people who’ve been active in this movement for many years, but who we’ve never heard of before. This gives me a tremendous sense that that the ‘wider community’ I keep referring to is much, much wider than any of us really know. – Brothers and sisters, we have already won! 😉

Now, as we’ve been working on food independence and connecting with like-minded locals, naturally, there has been little time to devote to developing alternative sources of energy, off-grid water sources, compost loos, building earth ovens, etc, etc. All of which need to be done if this is indeed to be an alternative, off-grid, self-sufficient community.

In the meantime our caravan has been plugged into the house (from which Tony and Lisa “Freedom” operate their private enterprise). We’ve also utilised some of the scrap lying around here to build a greenhouse and a sundeck. We have had boons from Tony’s skip-runs, when he’s brought back bags of compost, ornamental bark and even fruit trees, etc, all of which have helped us to create the beginnings of an off-grid life.

Sadly it seems that Tony and Lisa would rather we weren’t here at all though, never mind utilising resources which they provide.

They have spoken about reducing the amount of power to the caravan to 5 amps a couple of times, and when we were away for the weekend a couple of weeks ago they did just that. They didn’t bother to tell us that they’d done this, however, resulting in us blowing a fuse when we got back and tried to boil the kettle. . Prajna went to change the fuse only to find that Tony had taken the precaution of locking the door to prevent this. Thus we were left with no power… at least until Prajna did manage to sort it out by swapping a couple of plugs around.

– We’ve since discovered that Tony has employed this same tactic before when trying to get rid of people he doesn’t want around. We know that he reduced the power to the van of one former resident to 5 amps, doubtless using the excuse of dodgy electrics and environmentalism (as he has with us). Yet when we arrived here months after this one mans departure, the electric to the vans was set at 13 amps. –

Luckily, just a few days later, two friends who we’d met at Balcombe (anti-fracking/community protection camp) swung by for a very welcome surprise visit. They spent a week here, during which time they helped us move the vans around (Lance, who left here just as the gardens were getting going, had left us his old caravan and so we moved the two closer together) and to install our wood-burner, complete with stone hearth and surround, into one of the vans.

They also helped us lay paths around the gardens, clear a new entrance to the gardens, water the greenhouse, cook meals… In fact so much was their input, help and support that, by the time they left it felt like we had a real, live, alternative community happening. (Thanks so much both you for all your help and inspiration!)

Now, just before Nigel and Alex departed a local farmer stopped by to see if anyone here would like to buy a caravan which he was selling for £50. Our friend, Nigel, went to take a look and returned with said caravan, which he promptly gave to us, much to our utter surprise (the whole thing happened in less than half an hour).

The next day Nigel and Alex’s visit came to an end as they set of for York where their first grandchild will shortly be born.

Later in the day we were confronted by Lisa “Freedom”, claiming that the caravan given to us for the use of the community we hope to establish actaully belongs to her and Tony! This because the man selling it had asked if Tony wanted to buy it. She stated that they wanted it in order to “rent it out” – doubtless to the vulnerable and homeless. – The pair have recently taken to renting out caravans to the vulnerable and homeless to supliment their income. The fact that Nigel had bought the caravan seemed to be lost on her.

She told us that she’d give us the money for it (the fact that we have no interest in money being also lost on her) and would take possession. We informed her that it was not for sale and I went back to what I was doing. We then noticed that she’d gone into the van (which I’d left unlocked) and was making herself at home, continuing to claim that she owed it. There is a very real comparison to be drawn here between the actions of Lisa “Freedom” and those criminal bailiffs who, every day, take possession of the property of others with no rightful claim what-so-ever.

(Of course this is not the only way in which the fraudulent “Freedom Project” and it’s proprietors mirror the State they claim to stand against. Profiting from the lives of others, dictating terms and conditions of residence of this squat, secretly filming and recording every conversation and action which takes place in their domain all stink of an authoritarian dictatorship. They also seek to create an image of themselves as pioneers of freedom and change by promoting all of their “Freedom Project” events “in association with the [non-existent] Pennine Eco Village. Frauds!)

I went around with the key and asked her, several times, to leave which she refused to do. Whilst claiming to be “peaceful people”(quoting Tony) Lisa determined to provoke myself and Prajna to physically remove her from our property.

We then had quite a heated exchange during which she informed me that, unsurprisingly, herself and Tony “Freedom” have the house rigged for audio and video recording (this is how she knew that the farmer apparently “wanted” to sell the van to Tony, and not to Nigel) and that they record everything. I think this revelation was supposed to intimidate me somehow. In fact what it did was to confirm to me that the “Freedom Project” is not a safe place to discuss matters pertaining to freedom. The residents of and visitors to the house are covertly spied on as a matter of course.

She also told me that this place, which has been a squat for well over four years was no longer a squat as, from 1st August, they had been paying rent for it.

Strangely though, we were in a meeting with the pair of fraudsters (along with a handful of others they’d recruited to help with a festival they were recently planning) on the 24th, or possibly the 17th August. During that meeting one of the people present said that he’d seen ‘the owner’, or someone claiming to be the owner, driving past earlier in the day. Tony also said that he’d seen the owner driving by recently. Certainly at that point then, there had been no communication between Tony and Lisa “Freedom” and the owner of the property.

It’s quite baffling then that they claim to have a contract with the owner in place and have a standing order going out of their bank account dating back to several weeks before that meeting took place. Maybe Lisa had her dates mixed up and she meant the 1st September but I sincerely doubt it.

And when I asked how this came about I was told that it was because the owner is in “Liquidation”. Laughable, as if the owner is in liquidation then any agreement and payments would be to a Receiver rather than to the owner. But in any case we were not involved in or even notified of any such arrangement; so much for any claim to this being a ‘community’.

When Prajna came round to see what was going on and found Lisa “Freedom” in our property refusing to leave he had no alternative but to eject her by force, resulting in a not very pleasant scrap between all four (Tony had appeared on the scene by then) of us during which Prajna was quite badly injured. We suspect a hairline fracture or chipped bone. Nothing drastic, thankfully. I’ll include photo’s of his injuries at the end of this blog.

And so, that brings us to the present day.

We are one length of cable away from having a fully functioning solar panel to keep the batteries charged (hopefully), an unknown length of time away from having a wind generator, a handful of people away from having a resident community, a little more digging away from being food independent, a water-well away from being water independent, and a compost loo away from the disgusting and outdated sewage system.

We are also a stones throw away from a pair of fraudsters with a very dubious history and very questionable present to whom we would rather devote no time or energy at all, but have little choice in the matter right now.

We are aware that it’s probably only a matter of time (how much time is anyone’s guess) before the supposed “authorities” come sniffing round to challenge our efforts. Though, to be honest, we relish such challenges.

We are only a matter a weeks away from a full-blown lawful rebellion, from the convening of grand juries, the swearing in of sheriffs (which has already begun) and to the end to a system of corruption which has dominated for far too long.

We are just weeks away from a fully fledged EU dictatorship.

We are possibly only weeks or months away from world war.

We are, neighbours notwithstanding, surrounded by good honest, enlightened folk, all working to the same end… To end genocide and create the foundations for a future for all to celebrate life and live in peace and harmony with all.

We are a little bit tired, a little bit battered and bruised, but just as determined as ever to continue to do whatever we feel is of benefit to the wider community. And, sadly, that includes exposing the frauds living ajacent to us and proclaiming themselves to be proponents of freedom.

And now that I have taken care of the trivial I can turn my attention back to creating desperately needed alternatives to conventional living and to addressing the ways in which we might achieve change on a grander scale. I’m already working on a blog which discusses jurisdiction and what that really means for every one of us. All things being well I’ll be publishing that one before the week is out.

We love you, and we thank you for all your support and all your efforts, no matter how great or small, to bring about much needed change on our one and only planet home.

Prajna and Kali.

P.S. We’ve decided to call our community The Diggers Alternative Community “Diggers” rule! Go on, google it…

A short video of our gardens, recorded a couple of months ago (before we decided to call the place the Diggers Alternative Community)

Photo’s to follow in Comments section, once I have them loaded onto this computer.

Compassion Cooled: Chronicles of a Warrior of Light?

Ever since I can remember I’ve experienced great compassion for my fellow travellers on this planet (even including for the man who sexually abused me as a child). It’s taken me a very, very long time to recognise that not everyone I encounter is deserving of my compassion.

I struggle with this because compassion is my nature. Encountering individuals who cross my path who I find no sympathy for or no empathy with is quite new to me and I’ve found the revelation very unsettling.

Over the past six or seven years life has led me to shed all illusions I previously held about myself: I was “Auntie Kazz” to my nieces and nephews. But circumstances have separated me from those amazing souls; I was sister, friend in need, helper and confidant to my siblings. But life has separated me from them also; I was troubled and confused daughter to my often troubled and confused parents but one is no longer with us and I have moved far away from the other, who is still my friend; I was “Kazz 67“, invincible, determined speaker of truth and campaigner for justice, online and in court; and I was Kazz, healed and whole radio host, sharing with the world my journey of healing and my love for humanity. But my connections to so many of my fellow activists has been diluted as my connection to the internet has become spasmodic and my journey has taken me to a life outside of conventional livng.

Now I have a calling, given to me two years ago by my lover’s sage teacher. I no longer carry the name given me by my parents, which was, it has to be said, a fine name – Karen “Kazz” Lucas, meaning Pure Light.

My name is gone. My calling is Kali Prajita. – Kali, destroyer goddess, mother goddess, destroyer of evil, of ego, of demons (“…if it does not serve us, burn it all away…”). Prajita, not an adaptation of Prajna’s calling, but a Sanskrit word meaning driven, invincible, unstoppable.

Kali: destroyer of ego. But if I am to destroy ego surely I must begin with my own! – Life has left me no choice but to recognise that I am not what I thought I was. And I know that, much as my ego would love to latch onto a new idea of myself as Mother Goddess (a Messiah complex if ever there was one!), I am just one of approximately 6 billion such Messiahs.

Prajita: invincible, unstoppable. This has always been true of me. Driven by a need to live in a fair and free world. This I recognise as the one constant throughout all of the changes in circumstance, learning, ego stripping I’ve experienced.

This is my calling, it is not my name.

But beyond that, before that, behind that, is simply presence. From my earliest memories to now, I have experience myself being.

And really, that is all there is for any of us. We are here, we are present.

So much of our time is spent away from the present, lost in thoughts, in feelings, in imaginings of what was, what might have been, what could be, what should be. Ego/I-go… I am not present in this moment.

But what of compassion in all of this?

We are each essentially the same. Each an expression of of life, of god. Each with the same capacity for healing, for overcoming all obstacles, for compassion and love.

Yet so many never manage to break free of their circumstances, of their pain, of their injuries. So many damaged lives. All needing and deserving of compassion and assistance. Each absolutely deserving of love. And, invariably, each experiencing compassion for others. This is the nature of hurt souls – empathy and love for our brothers and sisters.

But this is not true of all.

We live in a world shaped by a psychopathic system of control, of superiors and inferiors, of profit and loss. Our lives are dictated and our minds programmed by this system, by the design of those who preside over it.

Primary psychopaths (a tiny percentage of men and women who are literally physically incapable of compassion) rise to the top. whilst secondary psychopaths (those who have learned the rules of this system and utilise them for their own personal, material gain) are found at every level of ‘society’. They exist as much amongst proponents for freedom and justice as they do in the corporate world. They are everywhere.

Do these secondary psychopaths deserve compassion? They show none. They give none, unless it will give them some perceived reward. They have as much opportunity as the rest of us to overcome the conditioning imposed on them by a psychopathic system. Yet they continue to practice personal gain (whatever those perceived gains may be) at the expense of others.

To these people my compassion has cooled. I have no empathy with them and no sympathy for them. Even as I hear them snivel over how hard their lives have been, how they have been shaped by this or that bad experience, I cringe inside at their self-pitying justifications for abusing others, knowing that so many more have experienced often unimaginable suffering and yet have not chosen to exploit their fellow travellers, but have chosen compassion and love, even as they struggle to find healing for themselves.

No. These men and women who choose to follow a system of exploitation and deception, of greed and personal reward, do not deserve compassion in my opinion.

They have the option to create a new way, just we all do. But until they do so they only perpetuate a way of being that must end, for the good of all.

Let the psychopaths, and their rule, rest in peace.

Kali Prajita.

There is light at the end of the tunnel…

Today my good friend Neil Jones is in court. Not for the first time, tptb (the powers that be) – who monitor his communications closely – are out to show him who is boss. His ‘crime’ this time? He was sent, through the post, a torch which has as a component some kind of tazer device. The package containing the torch was intercepted at customs and Neil was arrested at his home the same morning.

He’s been charged with possession of a firearm (an item he has never possessed) and was remanded in custody for two weeks. With luck, and just a little integrity from the judge, Neil will be bailed today and will be back home with his wife and young child this evening.

[And what do ya know, even as I’m writing this I’ve just got word that bail was not even discussed today because Neil’s application for legal aid hadn’t been processed yet! And so, even though legal aid is guaranteed for criminal defence in this country, justice is denied as solicitors wait to have that guarantee rubber stamped! There is no good reason what so ever for Neil to be held on remand, yet thanks to a crooked and corrupt system which puts ticks on forms above justice and fairness, he gets to rot in a cell for another two weeks, whilst his wife and child struggle on as a single parent family. Utterly fucking outrageous!!]

So, why are tptb doing so much to keep Neil ‘in his place’? Well, that’s a long story, the basics of which you can read on one of my other blog sites, Injustice. Suffice to say that Neil is onto them. He knows the lengths they will go to to protect those who serve them. Several years ago Neil tried to give information regarding the murder of Jill Dando to the BBC, information he’d got from a former employer of his who witnessed the after math of the murder and who himself was royally stitched up to the tune of serving 10 years of a 20 year sentence. – Indeed, you’d get less for murder! How ironic.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, besides being very concerned for my friends (Neil and his wife) I’m also seeing more and more which convinces me that things are ramping up out there in the world of the lawless, corrupt, festering State.

Chris Spivey’s web site (chrisspivey.org) is under constant and sustained attack by the ‘security (trust me, it’s not your security they’re interested in) services’ as he, Chris, piece by piece reveals the evidence that the alleged murder of Lee Rigby on 22nd May 2013 in Woolich, was a utter hoax, a psy-op (psychological operation) supported and perpetuated by a complicit MSM (mainstream media).

Chris’s first rate investigation into this fraud has led to him being called by those so called ‘journalists’ in the mainstream media, a ‘troll’ and a crackpot. It beggars belief that those who present exactly what they are told to present to the world, without any kind of enquiry or investigation to verify the truth of it, would go on to try to discredit a man who is presenting the facts to the world following month after month of painstaking investigation. But then, that’s just par for the course where State and proprietorially controlled ‘news’ outlets are concerned.

Thankfully, even when it is impossible to access Chris’s site, his reports are published elsewhere by those with the foresight to mirror Chris’s posts. His latest offering, The Odd Bod Plod Squad Bodge Job, can be read either via chrisspivey.org or via
guerrillademocracy.blogspot.co.uk This is a vitally important article which I cannot recommend highly enough. In fact I’d go as far as to say it is crucial that you read it!

In the meantime, that self same mainstream media which actively keeps the truth from you until and unless it is in keeping with the agenda of the ruling world elite to reveal it, are now, following decades of suppression of the truth, telling you about the cover-up of evidence regarding certain politicians systematic practice of raping young children.

Along with this the courts are, at last, and following the same agenda, punishing (or should I say ‘sacrificing’) certain celebrities for the same crime (raping children).
So what’s going on? What’s the agenda? – The collapse of national government and the transferring of power to the European Union.

(Let me remind you here of the theme song from a children’s television programme aired during the 1970‘s, Magpie. It’s my firm belief that this song divulges the scoring system, if you will, behind the practice of child rape and the advantages to those who use this practice to gain and hold on to power within the political system:

One for sorrow, [You may feel bad the first time you rape a child…]
Two for joy. [But it gets easier the more you do it…]
Three for a girl, [The rewards for raping little girls are not bad…]
Four for a boy. [But raping boys is better rewarded…]
Five for silver, [Rape a handful of children and you will be amply rewarded…]
Six for gold. [But the more you rape, the greater the rewards…]
Seven for a secret never to be told. [The more children you rape, the higher you climb within the system, the higher you climb, more secrets will be revealed to you, and the more secrets you know the more power you will have over others.]

I may be wrong with my interpretation of that song, but even if I am, I think it easily demonstrates the mentality behind the power structures which currently govern the ruling elites.

But on with the article…)

Some of you will be aware that come November the 1st this year every national government across the EU will surrender its autonomy (or what remains of it) to the EU in accordance with the ratification of the Treaty of Nice, signed in 2001.

The hope is that, following the revelations now being published by the MSM regarding your national politicians practice of raping children, you will be only to happy to see nation governmant collapse (though it’s collapse has been planned for at least a century) and the administration of the nations affairs taken over by some other entity!

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

The vast majority, who still rely on the MSM for their news (and views), will not realise, until it is too late, that the centralisation of power within the EU (and later the UN or its replacement) spells an end to even the pretence of democracy they have been presented with thus far in the political world. They will fail to recognise that those practices (the systematic rape of young children) are just as readily undertaken, and for the same reasons, within the halls of power of the EU.

They may notice that many British politicians (Peter Mandelson and Neil Kinnock anyone?) have simply moved to positions within the EU, but will feel (rightly) powerless to do anything about it.

But what’s so wrong with the EU or UN anyway? Agenda 21, that’s what!

The UN IPPC agenda for the 21st century is a post-democratic agenda for the future of the planet and it does not include you! Eugenics and euthanasia are its core principles. The ruling world elite move ever closer toward holding absolute power over every part of this planet and every living thing upon it and agenda 21 is the mechanism which is propelling it forward.

Far from creating a better world for all, agenda 21 promises a world in which one ruling class presides over a second serving/slave class. They (the ruling world elite) have publicly, time and again, stated their intention to vastly reduce the human population of the planet, and have even got many of you reading this to repeat their mantra that the world is over-populated, despite all the evidence (not presented to you by the MSM) to the contrary.

Certainly the world is over-populated in terms of the elites desire for absolute control over all living things. – For them to achieve this goal they would certainly need to reduce our numbers, leaving just enough, easily manipulated, to serve them and their system.

Fear not though, dear reader, because all is not lost! Not yet anyway. Although it certainly will be if you fail to do things differently from now on. It really is up to you, and only you.

Sorry about that, but the absolute fact of the matter is that YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel!

Unless you change how you live your life, nothing will change regarding the structure of your life and, more importantly, nothing will stop the elites from fulfilling their agenda.

Their power is held in place by those who blindly accept it; by those who register their lives to The State; by those who acquiesce to the system by participating in it (voting, petitions, etc); by those who spend their lives working in order to pay to live, whilst sending their children into the clutches of The State, to be ‘educated’ by it; by those who impose increasingly draconian legislation upon the rest of us, whilst standing above the law which should hold them in check; by those who follow orders without question. And by those who see all of this yet stand by and do nothing. In short, their power is held in place by you!

So many of us have already opted out of the control system which governs your life. Many, many others have found and created ways to challenge the authority of The State. We create and develop off-grid communities. We live as indigenous people. We travel the land freely. We assist those who need our assistance in any way we can. We write about our experiences and our discoveries. We venture into courts and speak of what we know. We investigate false flag attacks against our brothers and sisters. We set up camp on roadsides and resist and repel those who would fracture the earth. We point out the chemtrails to any who will look up as tptb spray us like bugs. We challenge the police as they impose impossible legislation upon us, and we speak to them of justice for their children also. We challenge the courts as they do the same. And we do it all peacefully, without violence. And every single day more are joining us.

But what can you do? You can start by getting to know your neighbour; by growing food on any available land; by refusing to pay for your own oppression (taxes); by stopping all bailiffs in their tracks when they come to evict on behalf of corrupt courts who knowingly allow banks and mortgage companies to perpetrate fraud. If you doubt that all mortgages are fraudulent and that the courts know them to be so, see the rougemale blogspot specifically, take a look at one blog in particular, The Chronicle of a Void Mortgage and doubt no more; by preventing fracking corporations from getting their bits in the ground; by finding ways to power your home for free and by sharing your findings with your neighbours…. I could go on and on, but really, only YOU know the changes that you can make, and only you can put limits on those changes. Let your imagination and your love of life and freedom be your guide

Only you can stop the child raping elite bloodlines from gaining absolute power over all.

So now what are you going to do?

A Work in Progress…


Dear friends,

When I began writing this blog last week I was in a pretty negative frame of mind following a visit to our solicitors. Having given myself a week to ruminate and reflect I’m feeling considerably brighter and so I’m back to edit before uploading.

First off a word of warning: Never go into battle if you’re not prepared to take a few punches along the way. It’s a bloody hard slog out here, and not for the faint hearted. – That said, every one of us who has come to the realisation that the State and all of it’s mechanisms are entirely corrupt and criminal on every level has a duty, in my opinion, to challenge the power of the State in any and every way possible.

As individuals we choose our battles based on our strengths. No two methods are the same and none are wrong. Every challenge to the system is a victory, in my opinion.

Still the fact remains that one can never be too well read or too well researched.

Having apparently done our research Prajna and I embarked on a life of non-violent, non-cooperation with an entirely lawless and utterly corrupt State. We had it nailed… or at least our small part of it: We knew that there were only three reasons the cops could take us off the road, those being, i. Driving without a licence, ii. Driving without insurance, and iii. Driving in a manner to cause harassment, alarm and distress. And according to the Road Traffic Act and to our copy of Blackstones’ Road Policing Manual from 2006, we were entirely correct.

If only we’d thought to dig a little deeper we’d have discovered that, despite the facts that the 44 constabularies around the country are there to enforce so called ‘criminal law’, not civil law, and that a power, once delegated, cannot be further delegated, the police are in fact delegated powers from the DVLA, and so may act as agents for the DVLA, and may, in fact, seize untaxed ‘vehicles’ from the highway (or anywhere else) any time they choose!

We discovered this fact whist researching claims made by two separate police authorities that they were acting as agents for the DVLA when seizing our property… One of our recent blogs describes, along with audio recordings made of the incident, when our VW Polo was seized by North Wales Police. We were adamant that the police had no authority to act as agents for the DVLA, as they stated, and given that the police in this instance could not explain how they came by these powers our conviction that they did not have them was re-enforced.

However, having paid a visit to our solicitors office last Wednesday and collected from him the disclosure of evidence relating to the seizure of our motor-home back in June 2012, we see the same assertion being made, in the documents released at least, though it was never stated verbally at the time (in fact we were told verbally that our home was being seized for a VOSA inspection), that the police were acting under powers devolved to them from the DVLA and that they were seizing our home because we refused to pay tax on it.

Having been presented the same excuse from two separate police forces we decided to investigate further and a little searching of the internet shortly led us to the The Vehicle Excise Duty (Immobilisation, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles) Regulations 1997 and the The Vehicle Excise Duty (Immobilisation, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations 2008, two pieces of legislation which grant the police and other ‘authorised persons’ almost unlimited powers to act as tax collectors on behalf of the DVLA.

And so we, Prajna and myself, stand corrected… we were mistaken and under-researched in our assessment of the powers of the police to act as civil enforcement officers! – So anyone out there taking a similar stand to us, or anyone who has believed us when we have stated, as we have done many times, that the police can’t take you off the road for non-payment of tax, be advised… they can do whatever the fuck they want. We humbly apologise to anyone who may have followed a similar path based on our assertions. Oops and sorry!

The lesson here is obvious, and often repeated – don’t take our word for it – do your own research. Always, always, check things out for yourself, even when you trust the source of your information, always check it out personally and always dig a little deeper – and use your research to help inform others.

The upshot of this for myself and Prajna now is that two of our biggest cases against the police have been, ultimately, after more than a year in one case, handed back to us by our brief.

Our claim against Merseyside police for unlawful arrest, assault and battery, excessive force, wrongful imprisonment and malicious prosecution was knocked back by the barrister who, judging from his arguments given in writing for rejecting the case, paid little, if any, regard to the stacks of evidence provided to him in coming to his conclusion that the claim stands less than a 50% chance of success. We knew, and wrote, about this a few weeks ago and one of the reasons for the trip to Liverpool to see our brief was to collect the bundle of evidence he held in the matter.

We are now in possession of that evidence which includes audio and CCTV footage, a court ruling in our favour, and a huge stack of documents. This case is far from dead, as the evidence we hold is substantial and conclusive. Unfortunately our options are limited by lack of funds. If we were to pursue a commercial lien, for example, we’d need at least a couple of hundred pounds in our pocket to pay a notary public to endorse our affidavits, etc. We were hoping that a settlement from Cheshire police over the seizure or our motor-home would fund this action, but alas, that is not to be. And so we either have to sit on it until we do find the money to pursue a commercial lien or we have to take our evidence to another solicitors and hope that whichever barrister they ‘instruct’ bothers to actually look at the evidence! – It’s a sad fact that, when it comes to actions against the police (or any other kind of action), barristers can cherry-pick to their hearts content and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As for our claim against Cheshire Police for the ‘unlawful’ seizure and subsequent destruction of our motor-home and for the unlawful arrests which accompanied that incident, whilst the case for unlawful seizure may well be dead in the water, there are a number of unlawful arrests (and dee-arrests) related to that incident which our solicitor is still pursuing on our behalf. And thanks to the disclosure of evidence relating to the seizure of our motor-home and the subsequent policing of our camp at the side of the A41 (camp-autolift) we now have exactly the evidence we needed to adequately pursue those claims. – Here’s hoping the solicitor/barrister doesn’t baulk on this one!

Also in that bundle of evidence is documentation describing collusion between the police and the council, including a very significant breach of data protection rules. Again, we’re not quite sure how we will go about seeking redress for this, but certainly we’ll be seeking advice on the matter. (Any suggestions?)

Now, had we known, when they seized our home that they were, in fact, empowered to do so, then maybe we’d have played the whole thing differently… Retrospect tells me we should have pursued the Human Rights angle (for which one only has 6 months from the time of the infringement to submit a claim) rather than spend three months camped outside auto-lift recovery ltd. That said, our time at camp autolift was massively worthwhile, especially considering the many, many amazing friends we met while we were there! The upshot is though, that we are well and truly out of time for claiming our human rights had been infringed, though these can be introduced as aggravating factors in other claims. So that’s that. No point crying over split milk, especially when there’s an entirely corrupt State to bring down!

And now to our current living situation:

When our car was seized in North Wales, and due to the fact that I felt extremely vulnerable on that particular stretch of road and also felt sure that the police were setting us up for… something(?), we took one of several offers of a rescue; even though Prajna very much wanted to stay put and embark on another camp (camp-autolift mk 2). Due to the fact that a good friend of ours was here and seriously in need of our company and counsel, we decided to come to a squat near Huddersfield which, although we didn’t realise it at the time, turns out to be the ‘Pennine Eco Village’ (so called).

Sad to say that, although the place has been running for four years, there wasn’t so much as a carrot in the ground when we arrived, nor were there any prepared vegetable/food beds. The place has not been run as an eco village (despite the numbers that have passed through here intending to develop it as such) but rather is a source of personal income for one individual. People have been here in the past and have established areas for growing food. Unfortunately, once those people moved on, their hard work was laid to waste in the interests of this individual’s financial gain and desire to maintain control/dependency.

And so myself and Prajna have set to work creating new growing beds and, early as it is in the season, we’ve even got some food in the ground. Having given the matter some considerable thought, we’ve decided that, although this is squatted land, and therefore insecure, and despite the obvious desires of this one individual to maintain control of the place, we will stay and develop the gardens here and, you never know, maybe even establish a community of like-minded individuals and an actual, off-grid, independent, eco-village!

In the meantime, the two other people here capable of living outside of the system may well soon be off to pastures new. Bon voyage guys, and the best of luck… May the road rise up to meet you, and all that good stuff!

And now that we’ve decided to stick around I personally feel a lot easier (even though it was mainly me pushing to move on! – Frailty, thy name is woman! :p ). The prospect of being still for a while, and of growing our own food is bringing me a great deal of peace. Prajna is also much happier now that we’ve made our decision – especially as he seems to be in the early stages of a love affair with his rose garden!

And now that I’ve updated you all on our news, I’ll now urge you, if you haven’t already, to do some research into fracking and decide for yourselves if it’s something you want unleashed under your feet? And if you decide it’s not, give some support to the growing number of camps around the country, or even establish a camp at a proposed frack site near you!

One last thing, if you’ve not come across Chris Spivey and his forensic analysis of current events we highly recommend that you do! Chris is laying it on the line every day, putting his life and his liberty in jeopardy, in order to investigate and report the facts behind the ‘news’ articles served up by the lame-stream-media . He’s doing an absolutely wonderful job and we, for two, really appreciate his efforts.

Much love to each and every one of you.
Kali and Prajna. xxx