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Introducing the Tomboy-Pink blog

Wow! At long last Prajna and I have now created the Tomboy-Pink blog.


When we initially created the Tomboy-Pink website we had loads of ideas about how we were going to develop it. One of the things we wanted to do was to have a whole bunch of stickers printed with the Tomboy-Pink logo and to distribute these to our friends and supporters around the world along with an invitation for them to attach the stickers to any product which they thought Tomboy-Pink would either strongly approve of or strongly disapprove of. We would then blog on the merits and demerits of those products and their manufacturers whilst, of course, denying any attempts at shameless self-promotion.


It was going to be informative. It was going to be hilarious. It was going to be fun and thought-provoking.


We even approached a specialist printer and outlined our needs. Sadly said printer didn’t get back to us as promised.


And then we found ourselves camped on the side of the A41, Cheshire police having unlawfully seized our home and our lives took a different course, just as the development of the website took a back seat.


Well now we’ve decided it’s time to revisit the website and begin to develop it with our initial intentions in mind whilst, of course, allowing for our limited resources and limited internet access.


The first thing we’ve done, obviously, is to create the Tomboy-Pink blog which we will populate with commentary on articles and stories that provoke in us a strong response. We may well, if we get round to it, move some of the stuff we’ve published in the camp-autolift blog over here as we spruce the whole place up and do a little tidying up. Before then though, we have just the story to launch this blog into the stratospheric heights of cyberspace, wherever that is.


Another thing which will be arriving on the website in the near future will be Kali’s Practice Page; where you’ll be able to witness my stumbling beginnings in web development, and maybe even actual programming (can I write a widget in python???). This will just be a wee playground for myself, but hopefully I’ll be able to share my learning with anyone who cares to to partake.


For example, I’ve written the hyper-links into this blog myself (rather than handing over to Prajna as I usually do) using simple html (hyper-text mark-up language) which is what all websites are written in. How did I manage this feat? I used an ‘anchor tag’ thusly: <a href=””>linked text here</a> (a is for ‘anchor’, href is for ‘hyper-link reference’). N.B. The link to my practice page will take you only to a 404 notice at the moment, until I actually write and upload the page itself.


Well, hopefully that’s all as clear as mud. Any questions, bung ’em in the comments!


And now to begin Tomboy-Pinking…


Love n hugs from us both. xxx