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Freedom? Really?


I wrote this blog entry a few of days ago but had some reluctance in publishing simply because the matters discussed here are trivial when one considers that we, the living men and women of the planet Earth, are currently faced with full blown world dictatorship by a psychopathic, child raping, elite and all of our time is best served preventing that by any means necessary. – In the words of Michael O’Bernicia, “Grand Jury Grand Jury Grand jury Grand Jury…”. (More on this in my next blog, currently underway.)

However, myself and Prajna are currently living under house arrest in that we feel we cannot leave our home for fear that others, (Tony and Lisa “Freedom” who’s history you can discover via a very quick internet search) acting no better that bailiff thugs, claiming ownership of our property, may seek to rob us of what is rightfully ours should we go out anywhere.

Besides which, some of you may have noticed how quiet this website has been over the past few months. The reason for this is that I have felt unable to write honesty without reference to our current situation, but have not wanted to create needless waves. Thus whist I have had plenty to write about I have not felt free to express myself fully. In publishing this blog I free myself from restraints imposed on my by self-doubt and social convention. Our tag-line at Tomboy-pink is “live the truth and then write about it”. Now it is time to do just that.

The “Freedom Project” and the non-existent Pennine Eco Village

Dear friends,

A situation has developed over the past few months which now needs to be aired.

Even as I type these words establishment puppets around the Zionist controlled world are rattling the sabres for a third world war, the EU is preparing to take complete control of all of it’s member State’s governments and is ramping up the globalists agenda for the 21st century, an agenda which does not include you or me or our children or grandchildren… etc, etc, etc. In short, we have a hugely important job to do in this country and around the world. Activists are readying to convene grand juries, are being sworn in as sheriffs and are spreading the word far and wide.

Sadly, unfortunately, I have to turn my attention to Tony and Lisa “Freedom” of the “Freedom Fraud Project”.

In other words I would much rather be responding to the situation imposed upon us all by the Zionist, Jesuit, paedophilic establishment than responding to threats and intimidation from the so-called “Freedom Project”.

We hope and ask that those reading this blog post will simply use it for information purposes and not as a means of distraction from the more important issues of the day.

As many of you know, myself and Prajna arrived at the site of what was purported to be the “Pennine Eco Village” in January of this year only to discover that there was not and never had been any such thing here. The “Pennine Eco Village”, in other words, exists in name only. A name used by Tony and Lisa “Freedom” to promote a particular image of themselves and to promote their “Freedom Project” enterprises/parties.

In fact what we found was a stunningly beautiful spot in the Pennines, with acres of land ripe to be developed as an alternative, off-grid, resource for the wider rebel/leveller/digger/luddite communities of these islands, being used as a – donations at the door or no admittance – party house, a rubbish tip and a recycling centre. – Not that there’s anything at all wrong with recycling (or partying for that matter), in fact it’s imperative that we do recycle and reuse what we have been conditioned to discard.

The problem with this particular operation was, and is, that by bandying around misnomers such as “Eco Village” and “Freedom Project” Tony and Lisa “Freedom” have attracted many people to the site (squatted land and building) over the four and a half years they’ve been here, the more vulnerable and easily manipulated of which end up enslaved in their little empire, forced to claim state benefits in order to contribute to the running costs of the business, whist providing all of the labour required for it, even as Tony and Lisa “Freedom” pocket all of the revenue generated by the efforts of those, predominately, homeless, vulnerable young men.

The more savvy folks who’ve passed through here have inevitably left in order to find other avenues via which to create much needed changes and to challenge ‘the system’. In fact the only people who have been here from the beginning of the project are Tony and Lisa themselves. Every one else has left in disgust or despair. I have been contacted by several of these former residents of the so called “Pennine Eco Village” since arriving here (many of whom I already knew personally) and know that one of them, on two separate occasions, was compelled to return in order to “rescue” two desperate and vulnerable young men from the place. I don’t have the full details of why rescue was needed (and wont until I see that former resident face-to-face) but I do absolutely trust the source and have no doubt that it is true.

A quick internet search here should be enough to enlighten readers as to the less than savoury history of Tony “Freedom”, aka Anthony Ross. It is no longer a secret that he is a known sex offender who, at the age of 23/24, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for picking up young boys (13 and 14 years old) for sex. This is not hearsay and rumour, this is fact, grudgingly admitted by the pair.

Now, I doubt that Tony “Freedom” is currently a practising paedophile (though goodness knows what went on at his parties before he was outed as such last year), I have, however observed his treatment of his workforce of vulnerable, homeless young men and find it deeply disturbing. He is a bully, and a tyrant, as is Lisa “Freedom” and as is his mother Pat, who Tony and Lisa install here to guard their little empire anytime they go away for a few days.

So much for our observations of what’s been occurring at the “Freedom Project” to date. Now onto our own direct experiences, which have, over the last few days and weeks, come to a head.

Upon discovering that a fraud (the Pennine Eco Village fraud) was being perpetrated here myself and Prajna decided that we would put things right and develop an actual eco village which would hopefully be utilised by the wider community, as described above.

And so we have spent most of this year creating gardens, clearing rubbish, clearing overgrowth and undergrowth, digging, digging, planting, digging, researching, digging, planting, digging and growing food. I have to say, we’re both very proud of our efforts (I’ll include a video at the bottom of this post which I recorded a couple of months ago, and hopefully another which I will record today). – On a side note, I have to say that gardening is not only a revolutionary act, it is an absolute joy and is actually one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my long and fairly exciting life.

We’ve come a long way towards becoming food-independent this growing season (not bad at all for a couple of people who’ve never really grown food before). Next year we hope to be using this land, this gift(!), to supply food to the wider community too and, hopefully, we wont be the only Diggers here by then either.

We’ve also had the very great pleasure of getting to know the intrepid rebels and freedom fighters of Huddersfield and beyond and have spent many days in the local magi’s court, supporting various challenges to that particularly corrupt den of inequity (as they all are). It’s been a wonderful time of connecting with people who’ve been active in this movement for many years, but who we’ve never heard of before. This gives me a tremendous sense that that the ‘wider community’ I keep referring to is much, much wider than any of us really know. – Brothers and sisters, we have already won! 😉

Now, as we’ve been working on food independence and connecting with like-minded locals, naturally, there has been little time to devote to developing alternative sources of energy, off-grid water sources, compost loos, building earth ovens, etc, etc. All of which need to be done if this is indeed to be an alternative, off-grid, self-sufficient community.

In the meantime our caravan has been plugged into the house (from which Tony and Lisa “Freedom” operate their private enterprise). We’ve also utilised some of the scrap lying around here to build a greenhouse and a sundeck. We have had boons from Tony’s skip-runs, when he’s brought back bags of compost, ornamental bark and even fruit trees, etc, all of which have helped us to create the beginnings of an off-grid life.

Sadly it seems that Tony and Lisa would rather we weren’t here at all though, never mind utilising resources which they provide.

They have spoken about reducing the amount of power to the caravan to 5 amps a couple of times, and when we were away for the weekend a couple of weeks ago they did just that. They didn’t bother to tell us that they’d done this, however, resulting in us blowing a fuse when we got back and tried to boil the kettle. . Prajna went to change the fuse only to find that Tony had taken the precaution of locking the door to prevent this. Thus we were left with no power… at least until Prajna did manage to sort it out by swapping a couple of plugs around.

– We’ve since discovered that Tony has employed this same tactic before when trying to get rid of people he doesn’t want around. We know that he reduced the power to the van of one former resident to 5 amps, doubtless using the excuse of dodgy electrics and environmentalism (as he has with us). Yet when we arrived here months after this one mans departure, the electric to the vans was set at 13 amps. –

Luckily, just a few days later, two friends who we’d met at Balcombe (anti-fracking/community protection camp) swung by for a very welcome surprise visit. They spent a week here, during which time they helped us move the vans around (Lance, who left here just as the gardens were getting going, had left us his old caravan and so we moved the two closer together) and to install our wood-burner, complete with stone hearth and surround, into one of the vans.

They also helped us lay paths around the gardens, clear a new entrance to the gardens, water the greenhouse, cook meals… In fact so much was their input, help and support that, by the time they left it felt like we had a real, live, alternative community happening. (Thanks so much both you for all your help and inspiration!)

Now, just before Nigel and Alex departed a local farmer stopped by to see if anyone here would like to buy a caravan which he was selling for £50. Our friend, Nigel, went to take a look and returned with said caravan, which he promptly gave to us, much to our utter surprise (the whole thing happened in less than half an hour).

The next day Nigel and Alex’s visit came to an end as they set of for York where their first grandchild will shortly be born.

Later in the day we were confronted by Lisa “Freedom”, claiming that the caravan given to us for the use of the community we hope to establish actaully belongs to her and Tony! This because the man selling it had asked if Tony wanted to buy it. She stated that they wanted it in order to “rent it out” – doubtless to the vulnerable and homeless. – The pair have recently taken to renting out caravans to the vulnerable and homeless to supliment their income. The fact that Nigel had bought the caravan seemed to be lost on her.

She told us that she’d give us the money for it (the fact that we have no interest in money being also lost on her) and would take possession. We informed her that it was not for sale and I went back to what I was doing. We then noticed that she’d gone into the van (which I’d left unlocked) and was making herself at home, continuing to claim that she owed it. There is a very real comparison to be drawn here between the actions of Lisa “Freedom” and those criminal bailiffs who, every day, take possession of the property of others with no rightful claim what-so-ever.

(Of course this is not the only way in which the fraudulent “Freedom Project” and it’s proprietors mirror the State they claim to stand against. Profiting from the lives of others, dictating terms and conditions of residence of this squat, secretly filming and recording every conversation and action which takes place in their domain all stink of an authoritarian dictatorship. They also seek to create an image of themselves as pioneers of freedom and change by promoting all of their “Freedom Project” events “in association with the [non-existent] Pennine Eco Village. Frauds!)

I went around with the key and asked her, several times, to leave which she refused to do. Whilst claiming to be “peaceful people”(quoting Tony) Lisa determined to provoke myself and Prajna to physically remove her from our property.

We then had quite a heated exchange during which she informed me that, unsurprisingly, herself and Tony “Freedom” have the house rigged for audio and video recording (this is how she knew that the farmer apparently “wanted” to sell the van to Tony, and not to Nigel) and that they record everything. I think this revelation was supposed to intimidate me somehow. In fact what it did was to confirm to me that the “Freedom Project” is not a safe place to discuss matters pertaining to freedom. The residents of and visitors to the house are covertly spied on as a matter of course.

She also told me that this place, which has been a squat for well over four years was no longer a squat as, from 1st August, they had been paying rent for it.

Strangely though, we were in a meeting with the pair of fraudsters (along with a handful of others they’d recruited to help with a festival they were recently planning) on the 24th, or possibly the 17th August. During that meeting one of the people present said that he’d seen ‘the owner’, or someone claiming to be the owner, driving past earlier in the day. Tony also said that he’d seen the owner driving by recently. Certainly at that point then, there had been no communication between Tony and Lisa “Freedom” and the owner of the property.

It’s quite baffling then that they claim to have a contract with the owner in place and have a standing order going out of their bank account dating back to several weeks before that meeting took place. Maybe Lisa had her dates mixed up and she meant the 1st September but I sincerely doubt it.

And when I asked how this came about I was told that it was because the owner is in “Liquidation”. Laughable, as if the owner is in liquidation then any agreement and payments would be to a Receiver rather than to the owner. But in any case we were not involved in or even notified of any such arrangement; so much for any claim to this being a ‘community’.

When Prajna came round to see what was going on and found Lisa “Freedom” in our property refusing to leave he had no alternative but to eject her by force, resulting in a not very pleasant scrap between all four (Tony had appeared on the scene by then) of us during which Prajna was quite badly injured. We suspect a hairline fracture or chipped bone. Nothing drastic, thankfully. I’ll include photo’s of his injuries at the end of this blog.

And so, that brings us to the present day.

We are one length of cable away from having a fully functioning solar panel to keep the batteries charged (hopefully), an unknown length of time away from having a wind generator, a handful of people away from having a resident community, a little more digging away from being food independent, a water-well away from being water independent, and a compost loo away from the disgusting and outdated sewage system.

We are also a stones throw away from a pair of fraudsters with a very dubious history and very questionable present to whom we would rather devote no time or energy at all, but have little choice in the matter right now.

We are aware that it’s probably only a matter of time (how much time is anyone’s guess) before the supposed “authorities” come sniffing round to challenge our efforts. Though, to be honest, we relish such challenges.

We are only a matter a weeks away from a full-blown lawful rebellion, from the convening of grand juries, the swearing in of sheriffs (which has already begun) and to the end to a system of corruption which has dominated for far too long.

We are just weeks away from a fully fledged EU dictatorship.

We are possibly only weeks or months away from world war.

We are, neighbours notwithstanding, surrounded by good honest, enlightened folk, all working to the same end… To end genocide and create the foundations for a future for all to celebrate life and live in peace and harmony with all.

We are a little bit tired, a little bit battered and bruised, but just as determined as ever to continue to do whatever we feel is of benefit to the wider community. And, sadly, that includes exposing the frauds living ajacent to us and proclaiming themselves to be proponents of freedom.

And now that I have taken care of the trivial I can turn my attention back to creating desperately needed alternatives to conventional living and to addressing the ways in which we might achieve change on a grander scale. I’m already working on a blog which discusses jurisdiction and what that really means for every one of us. All things being well I’ll be publishing that one before the week is out.

We love you, and we thank you for all your support and all your efforts, no matter how great or small, to bring about much needed change on our one and only planet home.

Prajna and Kali.

P.S. We’ve decided to call our community The Diggers Alternative Community “Diggers” rule! Go on, google it…

A short video of our gardens, recorded a couple of months ago (before we decided to call the place the Diggers Alternative Community)

Photo’s to follow in Comments section, once I have them loaded onto this computer.

Compassion Cooled: Chronicles of a Warrior of Light?

Ever since I can remember I’ve experienced great compassion for my fellow travellers on this planet (even including for the man who sexually abused me as a child). It’s taken me a very, very long time to recognise that not everyone I encounter is deserving of my compassion.

I struggle with this because compassion is my nature. Encountering individuals who cross my path who I find no sympathy for or no empathy with is quite new to me and I’ve found the revelation very unsettling.

Over the past six or seven years life has led me to shed all illusions I previously held about myself: I was “Auntie Kazz” to my nieces and nephews. But circumstances have separated me from those amazing souls; I was sister, friend in need, helper and confidant to my siblings. But life has separated me from them also; I was troubled and confused daughter to my often troubled and confused parents but one is no longer with us and I have moved far away from the other, who is still my friend; I was “Kazz 67“, invincible, determined speaker of truth and campaigner for justice, online and in court; and I was Kazz, healed and whole radio host, sharing with the world my journey of healing and my love for humanity. But my connections to so many of my fellow activists has been diluted as my connection to the internet has become spasmodic and my journey has taken me to a life outside of conventional livng.

Now I have a calling, given to me two years ago by my lover’s sage teacher. I no longer carry the name given me by my parents, which was, it has to be said, a fine name – Karen “Kazz” Lucas, meaning Pure Light.

My name is gone. My calling is Kali Prajita. – Kali, destroyer goddess, mother goddess, destroyer of evil, of ego, of demons (“…if it does not serve us, burn it all away…”). Prajita, not an adaptation of Prajna’s calling, but a Sanskrit word meaning driven, invincible, unstoppable.

Kali: destroyer of ego. But if I am to destroy ego surely I must begin with my own! – Life has left me no choice but to recognise that I am not what I thought I was. And I know that, much as my ego would love to latch onto a new idea of myself as Mother Goddess (a Messiah complex if ever there was one!), I am just one of approximately 6 billion such Messiahs.

Prajita: invincible, unstoppable. This has always been true of me. Driven by a need to live in a fair and free world. This I recognise as the one constant throughout all of the changes in circumstance, learning, ego stripping I’ve experienced.

This is my calling, it is not my name.

But beyond that, before that, behind that, is simply presence. From my earliest memories to now, I have experience myself being.

And really, that is all there is for any of us. We are here, we are present.

So much of our time is spent away from the present, lost in thoughts, in feelings, in imaginings of what was, what might have been, what could be, what should be. Ego/I-go… I am not present in this moment.

But what of compassion in all of this?

We are each essentially the same. Each an expression of of life, of god. Each with the same capacity for healing, for overcoming all obstacles, for compassion and love.

Yet so many never manage to break free of their circumstances, of their pain, of their injuries. So many damaged lives. All needing and deserving of compassion and assistance. Each absolutely deserving of love. And, invariably, each experiencing compassion for others. This is the nature of hurt souls – empathy and love for our brothers and sisters.

But this is not true of all.

We live in a world shaped by a psychopathic system of control, of superiors and inferiors, of profit and loss. Our lives are dictated and our minds programmed by this system, by the design of those who preside over it.

Primary psychopaths (a tiny percentage of men and women who are literally physically incapable of compassion) rise to the top. whilst secondary psychopaths (those who have learned the rules of this system and utilise them for their own personal, material gain) are found at every level of ‘society’. They exist as much amongst proponents for freedom and justice as they do in the corporate world. They are everywhere.

Do these secondary psychopaths deserve compassion? They show none. They give none, unless it will give them some perceived reward. They have as much opportunity as the rest of us to overcome the conditioning imposed on them by a psychopathic system. Yet they continue to practice personal gain (whatever those perceived gains may be) at the expense of others.

To these people my compassion has cooled. I have no empathy with them and no sympathy for them. Even as I hear them snivel over how hard their lives have been, how they have been shaped by this or that bad experience, I cringe inside at their self-pitying justifications for abusing others, knowing that so many more have experienced often unimaginable suffering and yet have not chosen to exploit their fellow travellers, but have chosen compassion and love, even as they struggle to find healing for themselves.

No. These men and women who choose to follow a system of exploitation and deception, of greed and personal reward, do not deserve compassion in my opinion.

They have the option to create a new way, just we all do. But until they do so they only perpetuate a way of being that must end, for the good of all.

Let the psychopaths, and their rule, rest in peace.

Kali Prajita.