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Once A Nonce…

We’ve been led to believe that the so called “Freedom Project” along with its proprietors, Tony and Lisa “Freedom” will be leaving this place at the end of the month (October). I’m writing this blog in anticipation of their departure. Should they remain here, however, I’ll be publishing regardless. Because the fact is these two people have done nothing here except to perpetrate a fraud for their own personal gain whilst continuing to use and abuse the vulnerable young people they entice to participate in their “Freedom project”.

I know that they have been informed that this blog post is pending. They have plenty of time to go while the going is good. They have chosen to stay. They must now deal with the consequences of that decision.

I’ve learned, just within the last few days before publication, that from the beginning of the “Freedom Project” Tony “Freedom” HAS continued to sexually exploit many of the young people he brings here to staff his private, for profit enterprise. I’ll be returning to this shortly.

Many people have contacted me since I published the blog Freedom? Really? with their own horror stories of working for Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. Others had contacted me before the publication of that blog.

I’m afraid I’m not in a position at this moment to get the permission of all the individuals to include their names alongside these allegations as I have limited internet access and limited time, albeit that several of those individuals shared their experiences with me in public on my facebook wall.

Others have asked that I don’t include their experiences in this blog for fear of repercussions from Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. I will however recount their experiences whilst protecting their anonymity, as the disclosures they have made leave me no choice! I cannot, in all conscience, keep these revelations to myself given that far too many vulnerable young people have already fallen prey to Tony “Freedom’s” sexual depravity over the years, and this cannot be allowed to continue!

For my own part it is a fact that there is no love lost between myself and Tony or Lisa “Freedom”. I’ve witnessed first hand the way they run their project and the way they treat their unpaid “staff”. It may be felt by some that I am exaggerating the threat posed by this pair out of spite or vindictiveness. This is not the case. If they had changed, if Tony had changed so that he was no longer a threat to the young and vulnerable I would have no issue with his past. – Everyone is allowed to make mistakes and to grow and learn from those mistakes. I write this blog in the belief that Tony’s behaviour towards young, vulnerable boys has not changed since he was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for “picking up rent boys [plural]” on Lime St in Liverpool in the early 1990‘s.

My interpretation of the things I have seen here, and the things I have been told by others who have spent time here informs my opinion and necessitates that I disclose all I know as fully as possible.

I’ve discussed the writing of this blog with certain elders of my tribe, including some former residents of the “Freedom Project”/”Pennine Eco Village”. Each and every one I have discussed these matters with recognises the importance of disclosing the truth behind the “Freedom Project” and the importance, for the protection of the vulnerable, of exposing the continued sexual exploitation of the young and vulnerable by Tony “Freedom” aka Anthony Ross.

Let me put a warning out to Tony and Lisa up front: should anything whatsoever happen to either former or current residents and staff of your fraudulent enterprises as a result of the publication of this blog you will be hunted down and dealt with appropriately by those who will not tolerate your continued abuse of the young and vulnerable. There will be nowhere for you to hide!

Now let me go on to tell each of you reading this what I have learned about Tony and Lisa “Freedom” over the last few months, weeks and days:

Way back in the spring of this year I was contacted by one former resident who came here believing there to be an eco village under development, only to discover that all of the energies and activities on this site were directed, by Tony and Lisa “Freedom” toward menial tasks designed to profit the pair and to keep them in a position of control and power over others; the threat being that anyone who doesn’t like the way things are done around here can basically piss off.

Given that most of the younger people who’ve worked here over the years have been homeless and faced a choice between living on the streets or working for this unscrupulous pair, unsurprisingly most did as was expected of them until they found themselves somewhere more secure to move to. This same story has been repeated to me several times since then by several former residents of this squat.

On two separate occasions, regarding two different young men (vulnerable homeless boys by any measure) that person who contacted me in the spring had to come back to the so called “Pennine Eco Village” to rescue those two boys from the clutches of Tony “Freedom”.

Unfortunately I don’t have the details as to why these rescues where needed (I’ve been waiting to see the person concerned to get the full story, but circumstances have kept us from that meeting) however this comes from a very trusted source, a sentient, loving individual, who would not dream of knowingly passing on miss-information for any reason. I therefore have no hesitation in sharing what they told me.

At least three other former residents and supporters of the “Freedom Project” have contacted me, over several months, telling me how they have been conned out of several hundreds of pounds by Tony and Lisa “Freedom”. – It seems that rather than funding their own business venture from the revenue raised by their for-profit parties, Tony and Lisa prefer that others purchase stock and equipment for those parties whilst Tony and Lisa take all the profits and hold them in their personal “slush fund”.

For over four and a half years now the “Pennine Eco Village” has been used to market the “Freedom Project”, to lend to it’s directors (every business has directors) Tony and Lisa “Freedom”, a veneer of creating the change so desperately needed in this world.

Sadly, Tony and Lisa (registered sex offender, predatory homosexual paedophile and his girlfriend) “Freedom” have used this place, and the wider freedom movement, as a means of attracting unpaid staff, musicians and paying party goers to their parties. They have conned many people into supporting their business venture over the yeas by presenting themselves as pioneers within the wider freedom movement and advertising all of their parties “in association with the Pennine Eco Village” when, in fact, the Pennine Eco Village does not exist and never has.

Over the time they’ve spent perpetrating this fraud upon the wider freedom movement it is estimated that they have amassed approximately (and very conservatively) £30,000 in admission fees (called “donations”) alone*. Add to that the money they take in over the bar and what they have taken from their unpaid staff in “rent” over recent months (they’ve taken to renting out rotten old caravans to their staff since attendance at their parties has dwindled) and given the fact that there has never, ever been any kind of “eco village” here and that there are several people out there who have been stung by this pair in one way or another since their con began, then the picture very quickly becomes clear.

[*This figure is based on them throwing one party per month (though there have been been times when the parties have taken place twice monthly), charging £3 a head at the door (though that price went up to £5 this year) and averaging 200 guests (though the parties did, for a time attract between two and three hundred people, until Tony was outed as a sex offender last year (2013), when the numbers fell to around fifty.) This figure has been calculated for 4 years of parties and does not include bar takings.]

So much for the “Freedom Project” and the Pennine Eco village. Now I have to share with you something very disturbing that has been going on here since Tony and Lisa took possession of the place in March 2010; something which was reported to me only a few days ago by a former resident of the Freedom Project and victim of Tony “Freedom”, sex offender.

I must point out here that what you are about to read had been told to me by a young person who I do not know personally. It has not been repeated to me by any other of Tony’s victims. Therefore this next disclosure must be treated as unsubstantiated.

However, given Tony’s history and life-long inclusion on ViSOR (the Violent and Sexual Offenders Register) and coupled with concerns expressed to me by others who’ve witnessed questionable behaviour from Tony during their time here I feel this must be reported in the public interest.

It is without doubt that Tony “Freedom” can justly be compared to the character “Fagin” from the Dickens novel Oliver Twist. It is without doubt that he preys on the young and vulnerable and on the trusting for his own financial gain.

What is in question at the moment (though there is little doubt in my mind) is whether Tony continues to prey on the young and vulnerable for sex. His need to exercise power and control over others, together with his history as a sex offender and the concerns of former residents and party-goers suggests that this may well be the case…

I was sickened and disgusted, though not surprised, to be informed that this fifty year old, toothless, predatory sex offender, sporting pigtails and died red/brown hair, who claims to be part of the wider freedom movement, has been sodomising young, vulnerable homeless boys – sometimes for money, sometimes not – from the beginning of the “Freedom Project”. This has been told to me directly by one of his victims, who was sodomised by Tony “Freedom” (aka Anthony Ross) at the age of just 17!

This victim, who shall remain nameless, informed me that Tony preys on all of the young people who come here.

THIS HAS TO STOP! – Anywhere that Tony and Lisa “Freedom” go when they leave this place (and they will either leave of their own accord or find themselves removed by force) they need to be watched to make sure that they have no contact with vulnerable young boys or adults and that certainly they never again find themselves in a position of control or dominance over such young people!

Let me talk briefly about Tony’s past and the reasons he is on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life:

Recently, having been outed as a predatory paedophile by one former resident of the so called “Pennine Eco Village” (one who will be coming back for a visit very soon) Tony decided to talk about his past publicly at an event/party he called “Problem, reaction, solution, reset” (“reset” having been added at the last minute and speakers invited to lend the event some kind of camouflage or credibility – Tony and Lisa have as much interest in the reset as they do in freedom and justice for all).

During this talk Tony told attendees that in the early 1990‘s he was arrested in Liverpool for picking up “rent BOYS” (note the plural!) that is “rent BOYS”, not “a rent boy” as a result of which he went to jail for ten years and was placed on the sex offenders register for life. – Actually he was sentenced to fourteen years, of which he served ten, although he tried his very best to make it sound as though he’d been sentenced to ten years.

During this half-baked ‘confession’ Tony and Lisa did all they could to make it appear that Tony was a victim of unjust laws and of abuse himself, emphasising that the age of consent for homosexuals in those days was 21, and that Tony was in his early twenties at that time. They neglected to mention that Tony’s victims were themselves under sixteen years.

They also tried their best to make it sound as if Tony had been sexually abused whilst in care as a child whilst also admitting that he had not been. They went to great trouble to explain that other boys in the home Tony had been sent to had been abused, and that Tony’s sexuality had developed within that setting. Their attempts at obfuscation were not lost on us! The fact that Tony himself was NOT a victim of sexual abuse needs to be emphasised here, as both Tony and Lisa routinely attempt to justify Tony’s past behaviour by using the devastating experiences of others brought up in “care” as camouflage!

A former friend of Tony’s recently contacted Prajna (following the publication of Freedom? Really?) to inform us that he had seen the court records from the trial and to point out that the victim (singular) in this case, although under sixteen years old, was already sexually active.

This, coupled with the length of the sentence Tony got, leads me to conclude that there are actually at least two separate court cases being discussed here. One involving rent BOYS (plural) and another concerning an underage victim who’d been abused to the extent that sexual exploitation had become a way of life for him – circumstances which Tony “Freedom” took full advantage of. – (I must emphasise however that this is purely supposition on my part and is not verified or supported by anything anyone has told me.)

We were told by one former resident of the project that Tony had admitted to him that the victims (plural) in the case discussed during their conversations were between the ages of thirteen and fourteen years old.

That same man also told us that when he was living here there were several teenage boys living in the house, constantly partying, cross dressing and, for want of a better expression, ‘camping it up’. Whilst the man in question was deeply disturbed by this, Tony “Freedom” seemed delighted by the situation.

On top of all of that there’s the story, verified by three individual witnesses, about the boy who had frostbite in the toes of both of his feet. He was living in a caravan on site with no heating during one particularly harsh winter. When he asked Tony for the loan of an electric fan heater he was refused, with Tony stating that he need the heater himself to keep the mini-bus warm for when he went skipping for food.

Rather than seeing that boy loose his toes, a local Huddersfield resident took the boy to his house for a couple of days and another got his podiatrist wife to give him a treatment on his feet. He was given a decent pair of boots before being brought back to the Freedom Project, but was never given or loaned a heater by Tony “Freedom”.

Currently there are just two residents/staff of the Freedom Project (although this is constantly changing) who each pay rent to Tony and Lisa as well as paying the pair for skipped food (£10 each per week) which it costs Tony approximately £3 in fuel to fetch. Whether one or both of these residents is being exploited for sexual favours or not is not known but they are certainly being exploited financially and used for their labour.

I realise that the contents of this article are deeply disturbing and that there is some room to question the validity of claims of sexual exploitation expressed herein, which must be recorded as unsubstantiated rumour at least until/unless other victims come forward as a result of this publication.

Personally, having lived alongside Tony and Lisa “Freedom” and their fraudulent “Freedom Project” for the last eleven months I have no reason to doubt that what I have been told is true. I therefore publish this article in my view, in the public interest.

You now know as much as I do about the activities of the couple who refer to themselves as Tony and Lisa “Freedom” and who for the last few years have systematically lied to their followers on facebook and elsewhere about their involvement with the Pennine Eco village – there is NO Pennine Eco Village, and there never has been.

How they have managed to get away with this fraud for so long is testament to the good will of the many, many good people who’ve passed through here over the years, who have not wished to seem vindictive towards Tony and Lisa “Freedom” but who invariably express their concerns about the “Freedom Project” in private. Not one single former resident of the site who has contacted me has had anything good to say about the pair. Just the opposite in fact.

It has fallen on me, outspoken as I am, to be the recipient of all of the information I’ve shared with you today. I cannot, in all conscience, keep these things to myself; particularly since being informed that Tony is still behaving as a sexual predator toward young, vulnerable, homeless boys. In my opinion this situation cannot be allowed to continue!

Not only must the fraud of the “Freedom Project” and the Pennine Eco Village come to an end, the suggestion that Tony “Freedom” continues with the sexual predilections which saw him sentenced to fourteen years in prison in the 1990‘s must be taken seriously.

I will ask any who read this who have their own revelations to share regarding Tony or Lisa “Freedom” to please, if they possibly can, do so publicly as a comment on this blog, using whatever name you choose. Equally, if you have anything to say in support or defence of Tony and Lisa the comment section is open to you to use too.

Given that I currently have so much positive and powerful news to write up on here, that so much is moving in a positive direction for myself and Prajna personally and for The Diggers Alternative Community directly and for the indigenous peoples of these islands generally, the writing and re-writing of this blog post has been troublesome to say the least. – I would much rather have shared with you tales of our most recent adventures. I will do so in my next blog post, hopefully within the next week or two.

In the meantime, thank you for bearing with me with this exposure of fraud, theft and sexual exploitation. I sincerely hope this is the last you will hear of Tony and Lisa “Freedom” though it is doubtful that a blog post such as this will not generate some kind of backlash from the pair. What will be, will be.

Kali Prajita