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A Perfect Storm: Britain’s Constitutional Crisis Goes Ingnored

An Open Letter to All Sentient Men and Women of the British Isles, to all those who have seen through the deceptions, have delved the rabbit holes, have researched, read and written, have acted and shared what they have learned.
This is to all of the freemen and lawful rebels, the anarchists,the constitutionalists, the activists, the land and community protectors, the historians, the seekers and knowers, of wisdom, to the disillusioned, to the disenfranchised (which is everyone of us now) and to all those who recognise that things must not be permitted to continue as they are, that we must once and for all put an end to the socio-political-economic hegemonic structure which is set to destroy life.
To all of you who have the courage of your convictions, who have the intelligence and insight to know that we either collectively act to address the crimes of the establishment now or face deepening national and global tyranny from now on.

Before I begin, please accept my apologies that this article is lacking in references and quotes, as well as for any typo’s and poor spelling which escapes my eagle eye. With just 3gigs of internet data per month shared between me and my web-developer husband, and working on an ancient laptop which has forgotten, and cannot remember, what a ‘spell checker’ is, I’m afraid I’ve had to do the best I can in producing this article and getting it published in good time. – Even now I’m aware I have to wait one more day before publishing as there are a couple of essential references and quotes I still need to find once my daily internet allowance permits.

With grateful thanks to a dear friend and colleague who took the time to read over what I’ve written here, and suggested some much appreciated changes in syntax and points worth including. You know who you are. Thank you!

To Whom it Concerns,

At 11pm on March 29th 2019, the British Establishment undid itself. It now stands as naked as that fabled emperor, devoid of any vestiges of legitimacy as he was clothes!
It’s propaganda machine, the Establishment Media, is conspicuous in its silence regarding the fact that the British Government, that is, Her majesty’s government, has abandoned the the Rule of Law and the Constitution which it claims for its authority.

The democratic will of the electorate, that lever by which the establishment has controlled the people for so long, has been usurped by those in whose hands the sovereignty of the British people is said to rest. The Monarch and Her Government have abandoned their positions as representatives of the British People, whilst they continue, through their propaganda machine, to blow smoke regarding a ‘deal/no deal’ Brexit, as if that were the only issue at stake here.

It is not. Far from it.

Regardless of which side of the Brexit argument you support, the fact is that the electorate was asked to decide whether to remain in, or to leave, the European Union. 72.2% of the electorate turned out to vote, and by a majority of 67% elected to leave.

Crucially, in response, and in accordance with the will of the people, parliament enacted the so-called ‘exit or divorce bill’ which became ‘law’ when it received Royal Ascent.

Whether or not you agree with that majority decision, the fact remains that, in failing to act in accordance with the ‘law’, the Sovereignty of the British People, of parliament and of the Monarch herself, the establishment has broken, once and for all, any bond of trust between itself and the people in whose interest and by whose authority it is bound to act.

Put bluntly, the British Isles now faces the biggest constitutional crisis since the British Constitution became the ad-hoc, de facto bastardisation of what it once was.

In abandoning the Rule of Law, Parliamentary Sovereignty, the democratic will of the electorate and the Sovereignty of the Monarch, all of which the establishment claims as it’s basis of authority (no matter how contradictory that sounds) the establishment has declared itself without foundation and declared its ad-hoc constitution null and void. (That this was the case before the Brexit fiasco is immaterial. Because every one of us, regardless of political affiliation or ideological bias, can see and recognise, beyond doubt, that this is NOW the case.)

Brexit aside, because it is a side issue used to divide the people, the vast majority of the people of Britain know that ‘politics is broken’, that successive governments serve only those vested interests of the individuals which form them, and the interests of the corporate and capitalist class from which they predominantly arise, whilst homeless men and women die on the streets and MP’s increase their salary, starve and privatise the NHS, claim undue expenses, put an end to free school meals and eat in their subsidised bars, cafeterias and restaurants.

We all know that things need to change, that the system does not serve the interests of the people.

And regardless of which side of the Brexit debate any of us favours, the establishment, through this government, has handed us an unique opportunity to get right back to basics, to suspend parliament, fire the government, address the institution of the monarchy and re-establish the original Common Law of the Land that these isles once enjoyed. We can now, if we have the courage and the will, redraw our Constitution to recognise the primacy of the people and of the Common Law… or in any way we see fit.

This process need not be as complicated or daunting as it may at first sound.

Our ancient laws, customs and culture, long since eroded and almost destroyed by successive invaders and collaborators, give us a tangible, and though ancient, a very egalitarian starting point. [Please see http// for a remarkable insight into the ancient history of these islands and the Molmutine Codes which once enshrined our freedom and natural birth rights.]

We are not talking about the breakdown of law and order here, rather, the reestablishment of natural law, which protects the rights of the people!

Whilst it is true that the current structure of the courts of law is entirely under the authority of the Monarch, (who has now blatantly abandoned her duty under her coronation oath , and the British people) and therefore is unfit for use, there is another apparatus of common law enforcement which is open to us. That is the re-establishment of the system of the ‘Grand Jury’. [For all oaths of office given by sitting judges, magistrates, MP’s Privi Counselors, and the Monarch, please see ] [I’m having to type these links in manually so should any fail to work, search engines are your friend]

For those who don’t know, the Grand Jury is a mechanism of law administered by the people themselves.

My research into the functions and duties of the Grand Jury is somewhat conflicting, with one source (wikipedia) stating that the GJ functions to investigate and try crimes and to decide punishments, another suggests that it’s role is purely the investigation of crimes and suspects, which it then indites to appear before a Trial Jury. [reference below.]

In our current circumstances, given that the system of law enforcement and courts apparatus currently in existence on the British isles is sworn in allegiance to the monarch, who has abandoned her sovereignty, I would suggest that the investigation, trial and punishment, primarily of the crime of treason, be the prime objectives and functions of the Grand Jury, though it is plausible that these functions be separated and that Trial Juries also be established.

Of course, these are not my decisions to make, and others, better qualified than myself, may wish to offer better suggestions. The Grand Jury does seem a good, and very accessible, place to start however.

For the moment, and for the purposes of simplicity, let me outline the make-up of the GJ as far as my own research has taken me:

A Grand Jury, consisting of between 12 and 25 individual men and women (these are not ‘citizens’ of any jurisdiction, but rather free men and women, operating under their own cognizance) is instituted to investigate and decide if a crime has been committed and either to indite the accused to appear before a trail jury, or to try the crime and decide the appropriate punishment (depending on which source is accepted).

Jury members are elected by the people of any given community/region.

There is no limit to the number of Grand Juries (GJ) operating at any point in time.

Again, research suggests that the GJ, in the course of its investigations, operates in secret (so that those being investigated don’t catch wind of the investigation).

I would suggest, however, that all grand jury investigations and trials be conducted entirely in the open. Further, I would even suggest that their sessions be broadcast to all members of the community in which they operate in order to avoid miscarriages of justice. Also, it may be that interested people wish to submit evidence to a GJ which it may not otherwise have had access to or cognizance of. This can only be facilitated if the GJ’s operate in the open.

[For further reading please see the Self-realisation communities publication ‘GJ-handbook (pdf)’ available at and

In breaching her sacred oath to the people of Britain, the queen herself has committed treason, as has her government and parliament. And it is paramount that these crimes be investigated and tried, in order to re-establish the sovereignty of the people and our primacy in all matters on these lands.

I have included notes on the workings of the Grand Jury system, and a reference to ‘The fraud of English history’ (and it’s inclusion of the Molmuntine Law), as a starting point here, but these are my own preferences which you may or may not share. They do, in my opinion, make for very interesting reading/viewing, and they give a much needed glimpse into the ancient customs and common law of the British Isles, and offer an egalitarian position from which to view our current situation.

My intention here is merely to get a much needed (and long over-due) conversation started and to offer one potential mechanism by which the British people may re-establish our ancient Common Law and our natural rights as the free men and women of the British Isles.

Fair Enough, Kali, but now what, I hear you say!

The question becomes, then, HOW do we achieve this much needed change, how do we manage to try for treason those who currently wield so much power. How do we begin the Conversation in order to institute the changes that must be made if we and future generations are to live free of tyranny?

We mobilise, and we do so now! How does one mobilise? One gets moving, gets mobile.

We get in our cars, on the trains and buses and we travel to meet with friends and colleagues, we arrange gatherings and meetings, we give talks, we break our the megaphones, we print information and distribute it as widely, and as quickly, as possible. We arrange conventions and then, should we find that there is a groundswell of support for our movement, we, the people of the British Isles, take action!

We reclaim public buildings, council offices currently sitting vacant, community centers, which are all ours, and we use them as shelters for the homeless, food distribution centers, Public Courts of Record, and communications centers.

From here our Grand Juries decide which crimes to investigate, which individuals to try, and which punishments best fit the crimes under discussion. This can happen all over the country whilst we keep communication open across the land.

And we make sure that EVERYTHING done in these centers, that is not personal in nature, is done openly, publicly.

We do not hide behind closed doors making secret decisions which affect our brothers and sisters. We act only in the open, broadcasting meetings and courts sessions, so that all can see and contribute to the outcome.

In the meantime we, the people, liberate food stores from supermarket distribution centers, dock yards, etc, and we distribute this food as far and wide as we can to all in need, under the philosophy of ‘take only what you need, give all that you can’!

We, the people, reclaim the land for our own use; farm land which sits idle thanks to the EU’s ‘Common Agricultural Policy’, municipal golf courses which make the worst use of land possible use of land, and common land. There we grow food for all, we learn and we teach the best methods of food growth. We create community food gardens in urban and suburban areas. We create food distribution networks so that those who, for whatever reason, can’t participate in the growing of food are still fed.

We house the homeless in those tens of thousands of houses which currently sit empty.

And we call all those interested in our future to participate in the deciding of that future, be that through a Constitutional Convention or by some other means. And for as long as it takes, we will publicly discuss those matters which will be the foundation of our future.

If we do not have the support of the people, once our intentions are widely known, then we go home and await the boot of tyranny.

In Love!
Kali Prajita.

Letter #2

An open Letter to all the hippies, the ravers and revelers, the travelers, the levelers and diggers, the survivors of Margaret Thatchers crusade against freedom, the peace convoyers, the free-festivallers, the lovers and the healers,

Recently I published a short inspirational (at least I thought so, as did those who responded to and shared it) ‘poem’ on facebook called !Everybody Dance! The idea being that in unity with our brothers and sisters around the world (in France, Palestine,Yemen, etc ) and in love of life and freedom we make this entire movement a celebration. I still feel this is a worthwhile idea, so please indulge me as I share a slightly edited version of that ‘poem’ with you now:


Attention Tuned to a Higher Vibration

(only fear can’t dance)

singers and bands
Sound systems and stages

It’s TIME to Raise The Vibration!
Uplift our spirit
With your energy dialed to a higher vibration…


Take your amps and sound systems to the streets and the towns…


We people Will Dance! For the living
And Will Dance For the dead
For the crippled and injured
The neglected
We Dance! for the under fed!


Feeders feed the party, bring food and bring water and SHARE!

Tuned into a higher dimension, your spirit is free.

Dance! In defiance of all you detest!
Dance! For we know we can,
Manifest The Best!

Turn on your music and dance in your cars
Then Get Out And Dance On The Roof!
As your spirit, finding freedom, soars!

Earth Angels, Lovers and Healers
First heal-thy-selves
And then others.

You spinners of fire
Projectors of light
You Ravers And Dancers
We Will Dance In The Streets
And Dance in the Kitchens from where we

Keep everyone warm and well fed
Build shelters and kitchens with spaces to dance
And space for the sick and the injured

Dance on your crutches and wheelchairs
Supported by your brothers and mothers.

[Brothers to bring in the Strong Masculine
This energy is NEEDED right now
So says The Great Mother!]

We need healers, but FIRST heal-thy self!

Dance for the love of creation


Dance! with your brothers in Paris
Dance! with Palestine and Yemen
Dance! with Lakota and Maori
Dance till your spirit is free


!Don’t do anything other than Dance!
In your Heart, on your feet,
In your chair on the street
!Don’t do anything other than dance!

Don’t use their satanic economy
It is DarkEnergy we do not need for the Dance!
Just share all you can and take what you need!
Get on with the party!
And Dance!

As earth angels,
lovers and healers,
and Brothers and Mothers
And Others


Dance in your armchairs
Wrapped in blankets NEAR fires
Whilst the festival crews create shelters
To Keep out the cold
Whilst the sound wavers
work their magic
Engage your pulse with good, clean soundwaves.

Leave spaces of silence within and without

Encompassed by the !DANCE!


One Love!
Kali Prajita.