A New Beginning!

Prejudice against travellers reaches astonishing levels! as Maidenhead Tory Cllr Alan Mellins, when asked what can be done to speed up the eviction of Gypsy Travellers, declares “Execute them.”

This is a Hate Crime from any perspective! Yet it has been the case in the UK for far too many years that prejudice and discrimination against travellers is perfectly acceptable as far as the Establishment is concerned. Regardless of the fact that they are recognised by the establishment as indigenous and that the UK is a signatory to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Here, on the high Moorland of the Pennines, just outside Huddersfield, we recently got some new neighbours: Gypsy travellers now own an acre of land adjacent to us. Upon taking ownership of the land our new neighbours, with our full support, began to make good the driveway and hard standing, erect fences and move on their animals – a Shetland pony, some young cows and a few chickens.

They had been at this work less than a week before council planning bods, in an act of blatant discrimination, began to interfere with their free enjoyment of their own property. To the extent that yesterday (23rd Oct, 2014) the council issued a Stop Notice instructing these indigenous people to stop: 1. The importation of waste material [surely if a thing has a use then by definition it is not waste?] 2. The formation of hard surface [already formed] and 3. The formation of an access track [so improvements to existing track is not affected].

All this because “these development works do not benefit from planning permission”.

How strange then that for the past 4 years and 8 months the neighbouring property has been occupied/squatted by a registered sex offender (Anthony Ross, aka Tony “Freedom”) has been adapted for use as a venue for what the State deem to be ‘illegal’ raves, and which has been used as a waste transfer centre and general dump (despite that Tony and Lisa “Freedom” continue to call it The Pennine Eco Village) for all that time with no interference from the council.

How strange also that planning controllers happily ignore the activities of other land owners in the vicinity – activities which I will not criticise but which certainly breach planning regulations as far as the local council is concerned!

So we see blatant, demonstrable, discrimination being applied in the case of our new friends and neighbours simply because of their ethnicity. – The same story is repeated around the country all the time.

The UN declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which can be read in full here protects all indigenous people from interference in the free enjoyment of their lands – however those lands have been acquired – amongst many other protections against interference by the State. The declaration also includes an article committing signatories to enact legislation to uphold all of it’s articles. This has not happened in this country.

In fact, in blatantly cynical disregard for the indigenous peoples of these islands, the UK signed up to this declaration of rights whist simultaneously declaring that it would not affect the UK as there are no indigenous peoples here, despite the fact that gypsy travellers are recognised as indigenous within that (UK) jurisdiction!

The UN declaration on the Rights of Indiginous Peoples is inherently pro-life/pro-humanity.

In contrast the UN’s Agenda 21, which also includes a commitment to be made ‘hard law’ by signatory States, and which calls for the human population to be reduced to a tiny fraction of current numbers, is being implemented.

Interestingly, UNDIP also includes provision for the UN to finance and provide other resources for it’s implementation within signatory States. It does not, however, as some have recently suggested, give the UN any kind of authority over indigenous peoples, whose rights to self-determination and self governance are also protected from State interference.

Now, whilst I’m no fan of the UN per sey, I have no problem in getting them to put their money where their mouth is and bring international/supranational pressure to bare on the government of the United Kingdom (plc) to secure the rights of indigenous people within its jurisdiction and to cause all of it’s agencies and agents to BACK OFF!

Along with the blatant prejudice and discrimination described above, and with the use of the UN declaration, we intend to apply the definition of genocide in any subsequent ‘court’ hearing, should it come to that.* It is a fact that many Gypsy Travellers do not read or write, that theirs is a story telling tradition. It is also a fact (one protected by the declaration) that traditionally gypsy travellers regard land ownership as just that – they own it and should have free use of it without interference.

That councils throughout the UK systematically disregard the cultural heritage of these people, systematically interfere with their enjoyment of their property, systematically trick them into accepting their jurisdiction, systematically throw reams of legal documents in their direction which many cannot read, let alone navigate, is, certainly, on the face of it, the very definition of cultural genocide.

Now, before our new neighbours arrived Prajna and I we already of the opinion that anyone who lives outside of The State is, by definition, indigenous. Therefore we all benefit from the UN declaration, securing us from interference by The State (or any other legal fiction).

In the meantime, even as I have been writing this blog (which has taken a few days due to lack of battery power) our dear friend Indie (Nomine Deus) has been inspired to call a gathering of freedom fighters, lawful rebels, freemen, sovereign individuals, indigenous peoples and anyone who has had enough of the lawlessness and corruption of the de-facto State. We will gather at Stone Henge on the 1st November – the day that the EU, working by stealth and deceit, takes over full political control of the UK, thanks to an act of treason by the supposed ‘monarch’ and HER (not your!) government.

At this time a declaration will be read aloud by Indie as follows:

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye all people who now inhabit the formerly known in ancient times the Isles of Prydian, latterly known by force and deceit as the United Kingdom
All people of the land Hear Ye this proclamation and Declaration.

We the people of the land hereby solemnly make notice and Declaration that we are the Indigenous peoples of this land.
Further we declare that we are no part of the society which declares itself to rule over us the indigenous people, for they have attained their position and wealth by diverse acts of subterfuge and theft of the resources which are ours by right to share amongst ourselves without favour or profit making.

We the Indigenous peoples reclaim our ancient birthrights and customs from the treasonous elites who have hidden the same from us for generations, seeking to enrich themselves from our common resources at the expense and ensuing poverty of the peoples whom have become enslaved in the system set up for the elites sole benefit.

We the Indigenous peoples have for too long been kept ill-educated to understand our plight, but now we do and we make and stand under this declaration to once again reclaim our original status and seek recompense for the wrongs promulgated upon us from the beginning until now, with sheer force and obfuscation through their supposed legislation.

We the Indigenous peoples see and understand our connection to all other Indigenous peoples and understand our rights and duties to one another without recourse to the guiding hands of treasonous profiteering political elites or supposed Monarchs.

We the Indigenous peoples make claim from this moment henceforth to control our own destiny and lands and resources and demand the return of all stolen lands and resources back into the control of the people and for the people, no further profiteering may be done or attempted to be done upon us as the true owners of all these things.
This Proclamation of we the peoples of the land is duly made here at Stonehenge (a sacred ancient site of the peoples) which has been stolen from our care and control and used as a revenue source for the blatant theft of other ancient sites from us the people, herewith we reclaim this site and demand that the barriers to free access be removed forthwith to allow us once again to gather in reverence to the labour’s, knowledge and power source built here by our forebears. Moreover we the Indigenous peoples demand the like return of all other sites now controlled and denied to us.

Moreover we the Indigenous people recognise that various trusts have been established to control these sites supposedly ‘for the people’ by the defacto government of the UK, as the rightful owners and beneficiaries of these trusts we hereby DISSOLVE all such trusts with immediate effect. All profits and proceeds of these trusts to be made immediately available to the Indigenous peoples for the establishment of the necessary apparatus to inform all inhabitants of this land of their real position as Indigenous peoples.

We the Indigenous peoples also make claim to and demand the return of all common lands and all areas enclosed by previous looters of our birthrights including but not limited to the rivers and lakes, sea and shore, forest and wood, plain and agricultural areas now held by deception by supposed ‘legal’ owners.

We also make claim to the skies above us and deny the access to the same by the warplanes and other military aircraft including but not limited to helicopters and drone aircraft. We also demand that aircraft of military type and useage of other governments be immediately denied any access to the skies above our heads and land for they are designed to strike terror into our hearts and minds.
This declaration is made on this day the 1st of November 2014 by the calendar in common use, but to be known henceforth as Day 1 of the Indigenous peoples new beginning (NB) this declaration of our unalienable rights is made in reflection of the rights guaranteed in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples upon which the signatory governments are fully bound by their own hands. We the Indigenous peoples make claim that such document is fully binding on the society, and government of that society, which we live beside but do not belong to and will expect compliance of same at all times.

We the Indigenous people will accept all who wish to join us and upon their leaving the society of force and profiteers we will adopt them into the Indigenous peoples body as equal in all ways to ourselves.

We the Indigenous peoples will in due course establish once again our public meetings and from them we shall choose those of us with the necessary skills to act as spokespeople for the people (herein and after referred to as Tongues) but they will hold only the power to speak as the people wish them to speak and they will hold no power to bind any of the people to any Oath, bargain or contract with any agency or government which is outside of the people and attempting to influence the people through the Tongues).
So say we the people who have gathered together in peace and fraternity here today and in other diverse locations about these our lands. Any interference with we the Indigenous peoples from this time forward will be deemed to be an attack and attempt to silence our collective voice and as such must be considered to be an act of attempted genocide against us all.

Proclaimed this day by myself Nomine Deus for all mankind to hear and understand.

May the spirits of our ancestors be blessed and hear our voice.


Not only are myself and Prajna very excited about this event/new beginning, which will be repeated at significant sites around the country by those who cannot make it to Stone Henge, but so are our neighbours, who plan to come down with us. They and we recognise the power that all indigenous peoples hold when we come together to declare our separation from The State and our determination to live in peace by our own common lore.

*That we grant The State NO authority over us, and that the indigenous peoples of these islands are coming together to protect our rights and these islands from the injustices and profiteering of The State, it is not foreseen that we will enter into their jurisdiction for them to decide what we may or may not do with our land and resources, thus rendering any arguments with council bods null. However, should there come a time when we need to stand with our neighbours to defend their rights, we hope that you will stand shoulder to shoulder with us against State tyranny!

With deep love and gratitude to Indie, to all campaigners for truth, justice and freedom, to our new neighbours and fellow travellers and, as ever, to Chris Spivey (www.chrisspivey.org) who despite massive pressure and threats to his family from establishment drones, continues to publish information, supported by evidence, on his website which The State would much rather you never, ever have access to. Please do pay a visit to Chris’s site and give him all the support you can!

Kali and Prajna. xxx

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