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Well, dear readers, friends and family, it’s been quite a while since I last managed to update this blog and for that I’m very sorry. Sadly though, even now I’m not in a position to fully update you due to ongoing litigation instigated by Mr Anthony Ross (aka Tony “Freedom”) who is attempting to bring an injunction against us on the grounds of harassment.

They are also in the process, they claim, of bringing a private criminal prosecution against us for assault – having, presumably, by passed the police and the CPS in order to do so. We’ve yet to have any official confirmation of this, but they informed us and District Judge Heels (the judge hearing the civil claim for harassment) of this action in chambers on the 23rd December.

Suffice to say their claims are ill-considered, half-baked and liable to see the pair on the receiving end of some judicial chastisement for abusing the process of the courts.

Thankfully, you see, and very, very cleverly, I had the good sense to marry a genius (literally) who has a passion for learning like none I have ever known and whose knowledge of the law, and respect for it, is growing every day.

On a negative note, I heard it muttered the other day that this ongoing enmity between ourselves and the proprietors of the “Freedom Project” was a symptom of division within the wider freedom movement.

Let me talk to those of you who think this way directly: You spend your time railing at parliamentary paedophiles, celebrity paedophiles, royal paedophiles, et al, declaring that they should all be locked up for life, burned at the stake, hanged etc, etc, yet when a known and dangerous paedophile is identified and exposed within our community you cry ‘division’.

It may well be that the only reason this disgusting individual is allowed to prey on vulnerable teenagers, run illegal raves and various other unregistered businesses, is because he purports to be part of the ‘truth and freedom movement’ and that his involvement (or, purported involvement) will tarnish the rest of the movement (that is you) by association.

It is my personal belief, based on my experiences and observations over the last eleven months of having Tony and Lisa “Freedom” as neighbours, and based on information that has been passed to me, that Tony was and IS a predatory homosexual paedophile, with a preference for teenage boys, and that Lisa, who empowers and legitimises his predilections, in my opinion, is not much better. This opinion I also base on information received.

So, boys and girls, I suggest to you that it’s time to get real, recognise when deceitful people seek to disguise and camouflage their predatory nature by hiding behind the freedom movement – thereby bringing us all into disrepute – and to continue to abuse vulnerable young people under the guise of “ Projecting Freedom”!

There are bad people in every walk of life, including hiding within this movement. If you are in any doubt, then please read the comments posted in response to “Once A Nonce…”, search the internet for other blogs posted about the (non-existent) “Pennine Eco Village”, the “Freedom Project” and “ Tony Freedom/Anthony Ross” and realise that our concerns are shared by many former residents of and visitors to the “Freedom Project”. On a side note I want to thank every one who commented on that post with your own accounts of life inside the Freedom Project and other invaluable information. Your input is greatly appreciated by us both.

Right, time to lighten up a bit a tell you about what else has been happening in our lives lately…

On the domestic front our friends Nigel and Alex have departed for the winter and will return to the new home of The Diggers Alternative Community in the spring. In the meantime our treasured friend Lance has returned from his summer spent in Glastonbury raising awareness of the EU’s take-over of the sovereignty of all of its member states, agenda 21, codex alimentarius (incorrectly spelled, probably. Sorry!) and the implications of these insidious plots for us all. He’s escaped the hill for seasonal festivities in Huddersfield and in so doing has also managed to escape my hideous (but thankfully subsiding) PMT. – Lucky Lance, poor Prajna!

And now for some wonderful news concerning a recent court triumph for our friend, Rev Phil.

The Rev conducted his own appeal with Prajna sitting as Mackenzie friend, and had his conviction for assault on a bailiff overturned. – Really well done Rev! – It was wonderful to witness justice finally being done, almost a full year since the allegation was first made and charges brought. It really does seem to be the case that whilst justice is seldom achieved in the Magistrates, once a case comes before a higher court, one witnesses a much greater degree of professionalism and a much greater concern for justice.

Finally, I want to add my usual call for you give your support to Chris Spivey ( who is currently, successfully, holding off social services who have been attempting, along with the police, to fit him up and remove his grandson into “care” following his publication of the indisputable evidence that the Woolwich Beheading/Lee Rigby murder was a hoax.

Great big love and hugs to you all and Happy Mid Winter Festival of your choice! from Kali and My Beautiful Orange Prajna! 🙂 xxxxx

3 thoughts on “Injunct this…

  1. add me on facebook please or email me or give me some way to contact you, i also was threatened / blackmailed by these people which is interesting, but more would like to know how logic the dog is, whether his ear healed, and whether my old school friend whos still in the traps of his manipulative ways and now refuses to speak to me is ok, and whether his mother looks out for him as to be fair times i;ve seen him in past i wouldnt of but it past him to commit suicide. big love for having the strength to live there seperate and stand up to them guys without falling into their trap. major kudos your stronger people than i and anyone else i know who lived there has been. one love

  2. i may visit if there ever not there, to a meet you guys and b see the dogs.. im such a sentimental thing i miss that house, them views, that land, them dogs… would so love to see the place in good hands and to reach its real potential.. that place has meant alot to so many people who have put in hard sweat, love and passion and had it stripped from them by two pathetic weak cowards..