Lance A Lot

We have a friend called ‘Lance’ (a lot)
Though other callings he has got.
He spied a blog we’d posted here
And in an email did declare:
“You named me not at all,” he said,
“Now none will know my deeds; that’s bad!
And all those maid’s, bikini clad,
Will lever know my dreams!

“What rewards may wait for men
Who’s glorious deeds remain unknown?
And though for love I did travail,
Those dusky maids, an earthly goal,
May never come before me now.
Post haste, my friends, to rectify
This oversight before I die!”

And so, dear Lance, this is for you
With hope your dreamy dreams come true!
A word to readers, far and wide,
Of a man of stoic fortitude
Who faced the beast and faced its wife
And faced them down with all his might.
Through many trials this man has come
To stand unscathed, and wise and strong!

And handsome too, it must be said,
With twinkling eyes and great white beard!
An artist’s heart reigns at his core,
A warriors mind beyond that door.
Through many years this man has come
With naught to show for all he’s done!

And all he asks or seeks from life?
Bikini island and nubile wife.
To rest on laurels a meter deep
With wives to love when he can’t sleep (which is a lot!)
And simple fare of fruits and greens:
The meager things of which he dreams.

And he deserves it all, we say!
And more besides, and more, we say!
So make the maidens strong and sweet,
And Japanese, with tiny feet.
Let them display for Lance, so dear
Athletic, supple form, sans fear.
Make them artists of the marshal sort
For our friend Lance, good Lancealot!

(written by Kali, edited by Prajna)

With much, much love.
Prajna and Kali