The Time is Now!

Dear reader,

If you are not aware that we live in the ever-tighening grip of global fascism, then I’m afraid you are simply not paying attention. It would be an epic work for me to sit here and recount the evidence for this, and far too tedious for myself and the reader who does pay attention.

The entire world is being run for profit regardless of the cost to the planet and to all life upon it. Greed for power and for personal gain is behind the welfare reforms and subsequent hunger, behind mortgage and rent evictions and the resulting homelessness, behind the environmental degradation and the resulting disease of both the planet and all life on the planet, behind State sponsored terrorist forces, including the police and armed forces as well as ‘al-kieda’ (a CIA initiative). In fact it is the drive for power and profit which is behind all of the atrocities we see happening in the world today, even including child abuse and paedophilia.

The point of this writing, however, is not to highlight the problem (we know all too well what the problem is) but to offer a simple solution.

Here are the facts as I see them:

We are born to a system which puts government in control of our lives.
That government puts the greed of its corporate cohorts ahead of our existential needs.
All government is by consent.
All policing is by consent.
All law (besides the laws of nature, which are REAL) is by consent.
Within the jurisdiction (word of law) of the UK at least, there is no legal mechanism by which one may remove or withhold consent to be governed.

This leaves us one clear option: To remove consent by our actions!

What do I mean by that? I mean to STOP participating in any way with ‘The State’ or with its corporate masters; to stop using or even acknowledging its so called ‘laws’; to stop using its fiat currency and debt notes (i.e. to stop using its money); to stop funding its oppression of ourselves and funding its wars (i.e. to stop paying its taxes); to stop paying for food, housing, water, energy, and to take BACK those things which are ours by right and which have been stolen from us by stealth and ‘word of law’.

It really is that simple! We take back all that is ours by right… food, land, shelter, water. We generate our own energy (and yes, we do know how!); we grow nutritious food whist feeding and decontaminating the soil (and yes, we do know how!); we provide our own medicines using natural herbs, foods and nutrients; we teach our own children what they need to know to thrive on this planet and in doing that so we learn these things for ourselves. We live in harmony with our surroundings and with each other.

‘But Kali, it’s not that easy!’ I hear you say. – And you’re right, of course. This solution is a simple one, but it is by no means an easy one! (But then, when was anything worthwhile ever easy?)
This is a massive undertaking, to reclaim our individual sovereignty and heal from the abuses of centuries, and doubtless many will stand in our way (until, of course, in serving our best interests and the best interests of the planet, we are also serving their best interests).

The bastions of ‘The State’ will rail at us, at our audacity… they will invite us to their courts, and even drag us there. They may even try locking one or two of us up as examples to the rest. – But hang on a minute, don’t they do that to us at the moment?

YES they do! And yet that fact does not stop us gathering in numbers to protest, to protect, to object. We are already arrested regularly and in increasing numbers for standing up against corporate greed and political corruption. And far too many are already in prison for this.

So, if we are already being subjected to arrest and imprisonment for simply protecting the land and our communities, then why not go the whole way, claim our individual sovereignty and rights to our land?

And in doing this we face their courts with the massive problem of gaining jurisdiction over us when we refuse to accept it. This would even make appearing in court fun, as we employ logic and reason to counter their claims of jurisdiction!

The fact is we are not dependant on ‘The State’ for anything at all!

In fact the opposite is true. It is ‘The State’ along with its corporate masters, which is entirely dependant on us for its very existence, for its power and for its claimed ‘authority’ over us.

The time is NOW! Either we get busy freeing ourselves from the grip of The State or we invite the future the fascists have already chosen for us.

There is no other alternative that I can see.

Violent revolution, which far too many are calling for, can only result in yet more tyranny… either tyranny at the hands of The State as it puts us under martial law, or tyranny at the hands of the ‘revolters’ who get to decide how things will be for the rest of us. (Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.)

See you on the other side!

Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas.

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