Fracking – (or Addendum to ‘The Time is Now’)


Sometimes I miss the glaringly obvious in my drive to express the essence of a thing.

What I missed yesterday when I wrote The Time is Now, was that, although everything I expressed (however poorly) in that blog stands true, the fact is that many, if not most people, need some kind of transitional step forward; a vehicle or mechanism to carry us into the future we wish to achieve and away from that which the global fascists have planned.

And here we have it, handed to us on a plate, in the form of the Fracking Nightmare which the global fascists have planned for us, facilitated as it is by their puppets in Westminster and their uniformed goons on the ground. (N.B. If any cops reading this are offended by the term ‘goons; then I suggest you take a close look at the conduct of your colleagues and consider removing the uniform which links you with them. Also, read my recently published Open Letter to The Police).

All over the world people are waking-up to the insanity of the corporate giants and their facilitator governments as they discover what fracking actually is, and what its implications are for the future of life on this planet.

And if you are one of the few who does not yet realise just how utterly criminally insane this plan is then please do take the time to watch The Truth Behind the dash For Gas and Gaslands 2 and let that be the beginning of your exploration of this vast rabbit hole.

Also be aware that fracking is not the only nightmare they have planned for these islands in the very near future, they also intend to begin Underground Coal Gasification‘ and in in The Yorkshire Dales National Park the intend to begin potash-mining. I use the term ‘fracking’ throughout this blog to refer to all of these environmentally devastating activities.

The fact is that if we do not stop ‘frackin’g in its tracks then life here (and around the world) will be changed forever.

If they achieve their goal you will have no alternative but to turn to the corporatocracy and its administrators (their puppet governments) for access to fresh water.

That is no exaggeration. They will control the distribution of all the fresh water on the planet! (Having, through fracking, poisoned so much of it that it becomes a scarce resource which they must, henceforth, ‘manage’).

I repeat: They will control the distribution of all fresh water on the planet having poisoned enough of what exists now to make it inaccessible by any other means but through them! Your life, and your children’s lives, in their hands… forever!

I can’t press you hard enough to research this subject. This is not just some ‘latest’ fad being talked about on the internet and TV, it is real, it is final(!) and it MUST be stopped if we are to stand a chance of breaking the shackles of slavery.

And it is in that fact that we find the solutions to two problems.

We must and we will, with or without your assistance, create ‘community protection camps’ around every single planned frack-site, coal-seam gassification site and potash mine in the country.

We must and we will make the fracking of the land and the poisoning of the water impossible for them… unless of course we want to be enslaved by them forevermore living in a desolate, poisoned, radioactive environment, enslaved by your need for water and by your failing health and weakness.

And in stopping them from disposing of their nuclear waste in the underground caverns they will create under our feet, in stopping them from poisoning our water, in stopping them from fracking the land, so we create for ourselves the means by which we set ourselves free from their ever-tightening grip.

In establishing communities to protect the land, so our attention will turn to our basic, existential needs, and how we might achieve them whilst working in harmony with our environment. And so we will be freely creative in meeting both our short term and long term needs… from food harvesting and growth to the generation/harnessing of clean energy.

A word of warning however… and a stark one!

Every single group on the internet and every single camp that is created WILL be infiltrated by government operatives and agents set on steering any opposition in a direction which assists the corporate fascist agenda. And, sadly, there will be many amongst us who are swayed by agents calls for ‘legal protest’ or by their calls for violence as a reaction to violence.

Neither can be tolerated if we are to achieve our twin goals of 1. Stopping the obscenity which is fracking, and 2. Freeing ourselves from the global control matrix which is fast culling those so-called ‘freedoms and privileges’ granted us by ‘The State’.

In order to avoid the pitfalls and traps set for us by these plausible, reasonable sounding, Agents of The State it is important that we realise two things:

1. That to engage in ‘legal protest’ is to hand our power to change anything over to the corporate empire which decides what will and what will not be permitted by their puppet governments. FACT, we cannot stop them from doing anything they please by means of ‘legal;, State sanctioned protests. And

2. That if we were to meet force with force, violence (which their uniformed goons commit against us all too regularly) with violence, then they WILL unleash on us the full force of marshal law, under which we will be, in no particular order, imprisoned, beaten and killed. FACT, we cannot achieve anything by violence if we choose violence. They can and will claim the moral high-ground and they will BEAT us down.

In conclusion – read in conjunction with the blog I wrote yesterday (The Time is Now) – this call to action, to create community protection camps anywhere and everywhere the corporate empire plans to ‘frack’ represents the only real, accessible, achievable, solution that I can see.

It’s is all well and good for me to preach, as I am want to do, that people simply STOP participating in the socio-economic and political life of The State, but without offering a specific way to do that I fall well short of offering any solution at all. For this I apologise and I hope that in this particular blog I have rectified that oh so crucial matter.

See you on the front line… and then on the other side!

Much love and peace to you all,
Kali. xxx