Camp Autolift mk II

So this is where we are:

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Finding ourselves stranded again because the lawless and corrupt system that we have been doing our utmost to disengage from has again stolen our means of transport. Fortunately, they have not taken our home this time but we are left stranded at the side of the road.

So what happened? Well, we had been offered a small piece of land to park on by our friend Mark, just until he could find space in his workshop to fix the clutch in our car and to give it a check-over to make sure it was roadworthy and safe. Unfortunately, Mark had bought the land from some travellers who had a site there and the locals and council had hounded them off the land. Within a day of us being there the locals again made a fuss and we were visited by a very nice PC, to whom we explained who we were and why we were there. He seemed happy and we have heard reports that he described us as a nice couple who would be no trouble.

The next morning we were accosted by the Council Gypsy Traveller liasion officer, who started out quite officious but then mellowed and went on his way.

Then Mark was hassled by the local planning department, a Mrs Fran Evans, who insisted there was a planning enforcement notice on the site which applied regardless of the fact that it was never issued to Mark and which prevented any caravans on the site. She emailed Mark her objections along with a copy of the notice.

We then responded to Mrs Evans’ notice, pointing out that there had been no change of use for the land – we were merely there temporarily while the clutch was sorted and to do a little work on the land for Mark. We were initially given until the weekend to vacate the land and then, following our reply to her email that was slipped until 08:00 today. Despite our explaination and assurances, Mrs Evans insisted that the work we had been asked to do and being security for Mark’s tools and equipment necessary to do the work, did not warrant our having the caravan there. She threatened that if we were not gone by this morning she would begin proceedings against Mark for breach of the planning notice and he stood to be faced with a £20,000 fine. This is your public service: threats, intimidation and a complete lack of reason and empathy. They just want to control everything.

So, rather than have Mark face such a fine we moved off his land onto the verge adjacent to it. The ground was so soft and wet that we were unable to pull the caravan back from the edge of the road. Our very dear friend Sapper Mike was heading our way and we were greatly releived when he arrived to help us move the van. We would have been stuck with the tail of the caravan poking out into the road if it had not been for Mike’s help. We were in the process of trying to arrange to get a 4×4 to come tow the van further onto the verge when the council highways dept turned up in force to tell us we were dangerously parked and would have to move.

Next to arrive were two coppers, Colin and Gaz, who seemed pleasant enough until Colin noticed I was recording our interaction. He argued for us to stop and we insisted it was our right at which his attitude changed. He insisted he would sieze our car because it was not taxed. We pointed out that was a DVLA problem and no business of the police but it is just business, innit? They said they were ‘agents’ of the DVLA. So, either they are acting ultra vires (a crime) or you people are paying for ‘agents’ of a criminal commercial organisation rather than constables to keep you safe.

I’ll fill in more detail later but meanwhile just know that Kali and I are ok – we have food, charged batteries some gas and a little water (and hopefully a friend will bring us some more water later). What do we need? Nothing urgently but if anyone is coming to visit (and you’re welcome) some tealights would be great, water is always a shortage and we’ll need more propane soon. There are probably 420 other things too but we’re not desperate for anything right now, just stuck.

We love you all tons. We could have wangled our way out of having the car nicked by agreeing to have the car taxed but you all know us; that would have defeated the whole object of our way of life which is to challenge the lawless and corrupt system and to disengage from it as fully as possible while insisting on our absolute right to freedom without tax, fine or levy.

By the way, if you didn’t get here via Chris Spivey’s blog ( we think you should pop over there and take a look. Dog forbid you get your news from the MSM!

Prajna & Kali

Oh, here’s the audio:

One more to come.