Cops & Guns & Dogs & Dope

by musashi on Tue Feb 25

Cops & Guns & Dogs & Dope
(anagram for Gods Cop Guns Pedos)

It seems that the police justification for carrying firearms is twofold: Crown Immunity and the common law right of self defence.

A police officer is defined as a person who, whatever his rank within a police force, holds the ancient office of constable, ie one who has undertaken to serve the crown as an officer of the peace. His office is, in law, independent. He is not technically a crown servant since the crown neither appoints him nor pays him, nor is he a local authority employee. That’s what my law book says.

A soldier has crown immunity to carry arms because he is employed directly in HM Forces to travel to far off lands, experience exotic cultures, meet interesting people and kill them.

A police force is defined as a body of police officers maintained for a police area by a police authority. There are 43 police areas. Each police area has a police authority. There are normally 17 members of each police authority – nine drawn from local councils, three from local magistrates and five from independent members. My law book also says that, but not what or who these “independent members” are.

Appointments to a police force, and the direction of its operations, are matters for the chief constable who is himself appointed, subject to the Home Secretary’s approval, by the police authority.

The chief constable is not an independent police officer constable as he has no warrant card. If he was an independent police officer constable with a warrant card when he got the job with the private profit making company called ACPO then he had to hand it in. He is no longer an independent police officer constable and his powers of arrest and detention are only of the civil type which we all have. If a real independent police officer constable is present at a crime then he must request that one to make the arrest. Just like we must. John Hurst said that.

The London forces have a commissioner who, technically, is appointed by the crown and the detailed management of a police force is controlled by the Home Secretary. My law book says that as well.

So, an independent police officer constable is not appointed or paid by the crown but appointed by a chief constable, who is not an independent police officer constable, and who is appointed by a police authority made up of councillors, magistrates and independent members who are ‘not the crown’ and who is paid half by the Home Office and half by the police precept which is taken from us in council tax. See your council tax bill for the breakdown. I said that.

This begins not to sound like someone with “crown immunity” to carry unlicensed firearms, as is claimed in the ACPO PDF I have on the use of firearms in operations. That PDF is available on the net. I won’t even go into banned battlefield weapons such as Raptor ‘incapacitant’ sprays. D&C Police carry and use this spray but not the de-activant which is readily available from the suppliers of the spray. They said that – in an FOIR response.

A crown servant, on the other hand, is defined as any person in the employment of the crown (this does not include police officers or local government employees). So says my law book.

The Bill of Rights, 1688/9, which enshrines our right to self defence, says that we may “carry weapons for our defence as permitted by law.” The aforementioned weapons are not permitted by law. Rusty proved that one when he went to court and then to jail! At the moment that seems to be no more than a penknife with a blade no more than three inches long. My law book says that.

So, an independent police officer constable, who is not technically a crown servant, is appointed by a chief constable who is not an independent police officer constable with a warrant card and who is not a crown servant, and who works for a private for-profit company called ACPO, which is not part of the police authority, which is not a crown servant or police authority police force, and who is appointed by a police authority which is made up of ‘not the crown’ and only on the approval of a politician, and whose police force is managed by the same politician called the Home Secretary who pays half of the independent police officer constable’s wages and we pay the other half and he makes laws for them. Phew! Confusin’ innit?

The only mention of the crown, so far, is that these independent police officer constables have “undertaken to serve it”. Does any of this sound like crown immunity to carry firearms?

Let’s recap:
The police officer is not a crown servant
The chief constable is not a crown servant
The local police authority is not a crown servant
The local council is not a crown servant
The councillors are not crown servants
The magistrates are not crown servants
The independent members are not crown servants
ACPO is not a crown servant
The politician is not a crown servant
So where in hell does crown immunity come into it?

Anybody want to write in and ask them?

While you’re at it – and if you live in Manchester in particular – you might want to ask about the searches that routinely take place when some independent police officer constables, who are not crown servants and who are appointed by a civilian approved by a politician and working in a private for profit company, stroll about with passive response sniffer doggies nicking people innocently sitting at pavement cafés sipping their grenadine with a little bit of Percy in their pocket. I saw it on the telly so it must be true, real, honest and trustworthy!

I know of no publicly stated authority for doing this. The 1984 PACE Act says they can search just about anybody when they want to, but there must be some cause for reasonable suspicion. When that cause is the result of what must surely be an unlawful search then that cause is what our Yankee brethren call “Fruit of the poisoned tree.” It was not a fair cop, guv.

As these not very cute little fucking sneaks are purpose built for drug searches and have no brief for general policing duties they are, properly speaking, only allowed out in the public on operational exercises – not walkies. If they are out on Op Exes, do the independent police officer constables, who are not crown servants, appointed by a chief constable who is not an independent police officer constable and who was appointed by ‘not the crown’ to a private company subject to approval from a politician, have an open warrant for random search of the general public based on no reasonable suspicion and the general use of a dog trained for specific search tasks on specific operations?
Who gave an open warrant to him? Who signed this get-us-into-jail-free card?

Anybody want to write in and ask?

Walkies among the unsuspecting, post bank-scam boulevardiers on Manchester’s golden pathways is strictly limited to untrained civilian quadrupeds of the not grassing you up and getting you fucked over kind. Taking these little scamps out among the café crowd, who would otherwise have given no rise to reasonable suspicion of terrible drug abuse, then, is conducting random searches is it not?

PACE seemingly gives cops the right to stop and search anybody at any time in a public place but there must be good reason. The dog supplies this, of course, because he came and sat at your feet. Little cunt.

If you have been a victim of this arrogant and insulting fuckery then you might have a claim. A claim under what law? Police misconduct and unlawful searches, of course, but really, who gives a shit. Make it up as you go along – they do. Bastards!


Truth, in the true sense

Ramblings of a Madman

by musashi on Mon Sep 23, 2013

From earliest days my thoughts have been directed at what some call “other-worldly matters”. My interest in these ‘other’ matters may be described in the following sentence; ‘To experience objective Truth by the direct perception of Reality’.

Living in this world and being concerned with ‘the other world’ creates a conflict of perception and understanding and motive that must be resolved somehow. Questions there are aplenty, and questions beg answers. In this questioning and answering lies certain possibilities and potentials. Dissatisfaction is a concomitant condition, or a precondition, and observation of others (are they dissatisfied?) may imbue one with a particular understanding of human psychology, human learning and, in particular, the plastic nature of reality and morality. (Plastic is a Greek word, meaning “Shapeless”). Curiously, the interest in “other worldly matters” brings a greater understanding of this world. In some circles this is known as the “Lesser Understanding”. When we are young we desperately want to be just like everyone else. To be other than this is a rarity, and this desire clings to the whole life of too many of us. Being like everyone else includes possessing and believing the same information as the majority. In this way culture, values, morals, ethics, mores and paradigms are constructed. Look at the second and third generations of immigrants who brought their own languages and cultures and religious beliefs. They, the followers on, are mostly indistinguishably British in politics, language, accent, attitude and more.

Inherited wisdom, even basic perceptions and understandings of everyday matters – and the most distant and seemingly useless of information – is regarded with suspicion by a seeker. Everything is questioned by an intellect honed to needle pointed razor sharpness by the concern for other worldly matters and the distrust of the world we live in.

For example, we have all been told that cows are vegetarians, herbivores, and eat no meat. This information is so distant from us, as humans, that we never think to question its veracity or accuracy. The limited observation of those who give us this idea is never questioned either, and other of their observations may then be gratefully and unquestioningly accepted.

The absolute fact is that cows are by no means vegetarians, and consume much more meat than any human ever did or could at one sitting. It is apparently true that they are vegetarians, however, and we accept it as such because we do not see cows behaving in the same manner as the carnivores we are familiar with – and nor does it seem worthy of further research or debate. That cows are meat eaters is demonstrably correct, however.

This admittedly insignificant fact leads to other facts regarding human psychology being questioned, and the unreal nature of the human condition begins to be revealed. People do not like to be told that they are wrong. It threatens their place in the paradigm. It suggests that they are stupid, and it is a dangerous practice telling people that they are wrong. Much skill must be acquired before one can do this and survive the experience. That we accept that cows are vegetarians, without question, is symptomatic of our condition.

There are four universal human needs which I have identified, and observe continually, as a result: They are: Love; Belonging; Certainty and Purpose.

Each of these (coincidentally?) is measurably expressed in the film “The Matrix”, and Agent Smith openly accuses Neo of taking away his “Purpose”.

All of these may be threatened by using the simple phrase “You’re wrong!” That simple phrase needn’t be used in those direct terms, but be implicit in merely stating an opposing viewpoint.

Religious wars are the most obvious example of this.

The fulfillment of these four universal human needs are what is offered by many entities (organic and otherwise); for example, cults and their leaders. At this point it might be useful to pause and examine our understanding of “Cult”. It is almost certainly not what we think it is – or have been told it is. Our greatest cult leader is the Pope. Second is the Leader (Emir, or Khalifa) of the Ulema, and third is the Chief Rabbi of the San Hedrin. These are the three most dangerous men in history, and my life is forfeit for saying so. The words themselves are harmless enough, but the hierarchical, institutional, implicate order behind them offers Love, Belonging, Certainty and Purpose. This is what is challenged and threatened.

The Freeman “philosophy” is no different. Or is it? You may care to consider this matter at your leisure.

The number of enemies we have may be counted on one five fingered hand. They are: Religion; Politics; Money; Government; Ourselves.

Religion creates politics, politics draws money to it, money controls government and government enslaves the people and ensures, by various means, that the core programme in Ourselves contains a belief in the others. All of these others can supply, in one form or another, ersatz though it is, the four universal human needs, but the ‘fight’ can only be directed successfully at one of the five – Ourselves.Any other pursuit is to remain within the paradigm.

It is no accident that, throughout the length and breadth of the march of time, shamans, mystics, esoterists (or is it esoterrorists?) and their like have been hunted down and eradicated wherever they were found. Witness the Albigensian Crusade, and it is significant that, when Turkey was brought into the western fold and secularised under Kemal Attaturk in the twenties, a proclamation immediately banned and criminalised the ancient, traditional esoteric teachings of the Sufi in that country. The seven hundred year tradition of the Mevlevi Order – popularly known as The Whirling Dervishes – was driven underground and the state-permitted practice of the superficial remnants became a mere tourist attraction. To all but a few, the function of this whirling is lost, though the chains of transmission of the teaching are evident in other places.

Another, lately arrived and alternative, paradigmatic truth is that – “If we fight our enemies with the same violence that they inflict on us we will become them.”

This is no more than a subtle control mechanism given us by those who would maintain the status quo, and is current in the modern, so-called alternative culture to whom it was issued and from whom it proceeds. (Observe the heightening of emotional content when this is challenged!) This is, as in the example of the cows above, again, demonstrably wrong, and needs only a bare modicum of objective thinking to dismiss it as falsehood.

The argument that to be violent in response to Their violence is to become ‘them’ is an invalid one. If it isn’t, then the soldiers who took up arms and fought Hitler’s fascists became fascist themselves.

Is this not so?

If to take up arms against evil is to become evil, then we are the children of evil men and our fathers are become our enemy. I dispute this, yet my opponents in any debate on the matter would almost certainly be composed of those whose pedigree, intellect, perceptive abilities and intent within the alternative movement are undisputed and above suspicion. They are high profile combatants in this war of survival, much listened to and repeated, but are, in fact, living demonstrations of the mechanisms of inherited or transmitted wisdom obfuscating and delaying enlightened action and being.

The emotional content of humanity is a powerful and, consequently, dangerous thing. It has its rightful and useful place within us, and without it we would be less than we are, but one of the necessary acts of those who are concerned with other worldly matters is to reduce emotional content to its rightful level and proper place of operation. The paradigm we are in, however, contains a number of mechanisms custom built and designed to be constantly in use to raise this emotional content in us. The greatest of these mechanisms is called The Film Industry. It is no mere accident, or desire to give value for money, that the early, silent films, were accompanied by a man on a Wurlitzer providing the musical accompaniment to the unheard words of the actors. Nor is it a merely decorative addition to add canned laughter to sitcoms and comedy shows. We are being directed every bit as much as the actors themselves. When something is missing – in this case, audible dialogue – we tend to replace it with the next best thing. It would have been easy to provide a voice-over for these silent films, but musical accompaniment was preferred.

Music comes to us in two basic forms – the Intellectual, and the Emotional. We may listen uncomprehendingly to the Italian words of “O Mio Babbino Caro”, in Puccini’s Madam Butterfly, but, unless you lack human emotion you could easily, like me, be brought to tears. I do not speak Italian, but the swell of emotion in me when I listen to it is very real. This is evidence that the understanding of words and their meaning, or even hearing them, are not necessary to raise emotional content.

Intellectual music, though never entirely devoid of emotional content, is seldom heard in the film industry’s distributed products – not even in the allegedly factual presentation of a science-based documentary. This is no mere accident for, to be successful in its intent, we must be emotionally involved. If we were not, then the intent would fail and we would cease to go to the cinema, or watch or listen to their products on any other medium. We watch and listen specifically to be emotionally affected! This is why we go – we want to be affected. This demands examination, surely?

Even the alternative media supply their counter-reality offerings with musical accompaniment which takes the fear deeper, or the anger higher. The introductory music to Laurel and Hardy films, for example, contains ridicule and mockery which prepares us for their inept and comical dealings with the world. Without the preparatory and accompanying music they are merely irritating and bumbling incompetents, incapable of learning and doomed to repeat and relive their miseries. The introductory music of any film generally informs us of the genre we may expect to be viewing.

It has been rightly said among those who search for objective reality that the indiscriminate audition of music is dangerous.

Psychologists have long known that if they can engage the emotion content of someone then they can tag on whatever thoughts, beliefs and so on that they might care to. The process is subtle. It is not harmlessly co-incidental that our enemies early on took control of Hollywood. Nor was it a matter of public benefit that the British government created the BBC TV and BBC radio. The timing of this creation? – the 1930’s; heyday of Skinner and the Behaviourists. Before then, the phrase “Everyone knows that!” had little currency. Now, thanks to the mass media, it is indisputably correct, although what “everyone knows” – usually worthless or dis-empowering – is carefully selected to promote and maintain the paradigm. That which is Real, True and Important is known by very few indeed. In this, a point is made of making sure that “Everyone does not know that!”

The routes which supply us are the routes which deny us.

Such pithy one liners, often rhyming, as I have just invented there, are dangerous things – easily remembered, emotionally attractive, and make us sound clever when we repeat them. As such, you are forbidden to repeat it without formal investigation of it. Truth becomes a cliché when overly repeated without real understanding, and even the very ignorant may say ”Everyone knows that!” If we ask “How does everyone know that?” we will see some confusion and internal scrambling for the high ground as a threat is perceived within the simple question.

High emotional content is a barrier to understanding. If you doubt this, then try to reason with an angry man – or one who is recently fallen in love. Both of these conditions are held to be forms of madness.

I speak here of ordinary human love – not the ‘spiritual’, unconditional, universal Love that Idiots and Fools like me say exists, and which, we also say, may be experienced in traveling the path to objective reality. Ordinary human love, we Fools and Idiots insist, is a shadow of Real Love, just as conscience is evidence of our innate sense of right and wrong. The question asked of Phaedrus “And what is good, Phaedrus, and what is bad? Need we ask to be told of these things?” was rhetorical and meant only to return him to his own inner knowing. No answer was necessary – only an inner experience, a return to natural understanding, from which he could proceed in proper action.

Almost all of us – and there are few exceptions – live in a state of unknowing and yet, somehow, we imagine that, in this state, we are able to make right choices of what is right and what and whom to believe.This is not possible.

The 12th century Persian mystic, Mansur al Hallaj, was publicly dismembered for heresy for saying “An’al Haqq.” – “I am truth”, when he told his students he was God. The emotional impact of his statement was too great for the religious authorities who were externalists, and those who judicially murdered him for threatening their beliefs comfortably managed to abandon one tenet of their beliefs in order to condemn and remove him to, they thought, save another: i.e. there is no God but God.

Madmen are held to be “Touched by God”, and are under His protection. No harm may be done them. In their world of externals, only a madman would claim to be God.

When our emotional content is threatened we are capable of many insane actions, temporarily denying our own claims in order to protect or prove our own claims. This alone evidences the condition of unknowing.

One of the hidden lessons here is that state sponsored religion has no Real value, being composed merely of the externals of formal ritual (inherited wisdom) and espousing hope and faith (unknowing) rather than providing a vehicle (action through understanding) by which all men may approach Truth.

This is the reality we live in and it affects all of us. Neither is it restricted to religious, doctrinal dogma, but finds its application in a variety of human activities. We find that the protectors of morality and ethics and religion and law, in every culture and every time, routinely abandon morality and ethics and religion and law in order to uphold and enforce them. The trauma of Orwellian double-think encompasses their troubled and fragmented Selfs.

Thomas a’ Kempis, a Christian mystic, wrote a book eight hundred years ago when Christian mystics were particularly active, entitled “A Cloud of Unknowing.”

In all the passing years, has the cloud thickened or thinned? It is a reasonable question, though really more useful to the actuary than the Madman wandering the world in search of his Beloved.


A Call to Action!

Dear Friends,

There are many sentient, aware folk out there, working so hard to find, create and disseminate solutions to the myriad of dire problems we are facing today.

One example is Simon Spaniard and his fellow researchers at the White Rabbit Trust, digging through reams of legislation, sending out Freedom of Information Requests, contacting various offices via letter, notice, phone call, and putting all of their discoveries up on Youtube for the benefit of all! (We highly recommend anyone reading this to check out White Rabbit Trust on Youtube. Their work is second to none and of massive value to all who care to challenge the lawlessness of The State).

Another fine example would be those brave men and women camping out on the side of the road in Barton Moss, near Salford, encountering increasing violence and constant lies from the police, dirty smear campaigns disseminated via the MSM, particularly the BBC (no surprises there then) and the right wing press, risking arrest and beatings from the police, enduring cold, wind, rain, hail and, before long, snow. All to bring the public’s attention to the dangers of fracking and the impact it WILL have on all of our lives if it is allowed to go ahead in this country. Doing all they can to slow down the fracking corporations as they continue to explore the shale rock beneath our feet and beneath our water table for later exploitation and ultimate profit at our expense. – As a side note, if you have never researched a thing called Cointelpro (Counter intelligence Programme), which consisted of a raft of tactics designed and employed by the FBI to bring down the Civil Rights Movement in America during the 60's and 70's we strongly recommend that you do so now, because it is exactly those tactics which are being used right now against the protectors at Barton Moss and beyond! Watching the video at this link is a good place to start.

We'd also like to bring your attention to a previous blog Kali wrote on this subject which outlines just why we believe there are real, tangible solutions to be found for us all when it comes to standing up and saying NO to the destruction of our land, air and water. Fracking – (or Addendum to 'The Time is NOW')

Another example amongst those many who are seeking, developing and sharing solutions is our good friend, Michael O'Bernicia, and his colleagues and fellow researchers at the Self Realisation Community and the Universal Community Trust.It is the work of these good men and women which we particularly want to focus on in this blog.

To save repetition and hours of writing for myself I invite you to view the following information and decide for yourself…

The first is a relatively short (around 45 minutes) presentation in which Michael reveals, thanks to long years of painstaking research, The fraud of 'English' History (although this research focuses specifically on the history of these islands, We suggest that the relevance of this research stretches far beyond these shores and that research into your own, if you are not from these parts, State sponsored history may well reveal similar fraudulent material, particularly if you are unfortunate enough to live on a land mass previously dominated by the 'British Empire'). Michael then goes on to outline the provisions of the Treaty of the Universal Community Trust which are based on Natural Law and the TRUE history of these islands. (For more on what Natural Law actually is we highly recommend Mark Passio's seminar on the subject, parts 1-3))

The Treaty of the UCT can also be read online.

Following that introduction to Michael's work we would now like to bring your attention to Michaels most recent endeavour which is, in effect, a call to action for all who have recognised the ever increasing tyranny of The State, which we’ve taken the liberty of copying in it’s entirety here…

EMERGENCY: Declare Independence to End British Genocide Now

"Article II:  In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
 (a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Article III:  The following acts shall be punishable:
(a) Genocide;
(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
(d) Attempt to commit genocide;
(e) Complicity in genocide. "
Excerpt from the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide
Given the foregoing definitions of international law, there is irrefutable evidence in the public domain which demonstrates that the agents, officers and principals of a succession of Her Majesty’s Governments have been and remain engaged in the following acts of genocide:
1. The long-term implementation of a geo-engineering policy which authorises the spraying of trillions of tonnes of toxic chemicals into the air from silent, pilot-less drones, including high quantities of barium, strontium and aluminium, causing physical and mental sickness, infertility and fatal disease.
2. The long-term implementation of a health policy which orders people to allow the poisoning of the water supply, as well as underground aquifers, with hundreds of toxic chemicals, by and through mandatory fluoridation, chemical cleaning and the hydraulic fracturing of the Earth, causing physical and mental sickness, infertility and fatal disease.
3. The long-term implementation of an environmental policy which orders people to allow the poisoning of our atmosphere, oceans and rivers with the the radioactive waste of the nuclear power industry, causing physical and mental sickness, infertility and fatal disease.
4. The long-term implementation of a public planning policy which orders people to ignore the irrefutable evidence that physical and mental sickness, fatal disease, infertility and miscarriages of pregnancy are caused by surrounding people with Wi-fi signals and the radiation from mobile phone masts.
5. The long-term implementation of a judicial policy which has ordered that hundreds of thousands of people be unlawfully evicted from their homes over void mortgage claims by the banks, the officers of which have been consistently protected from the consequences of their institutionalised crimes of fraud and embezzlement, by a coterie of self-interested county and high court judges, almost every one of whom has previously acted criminally as a professional participant in the mortgage scam whilst working as a conveyancing solicitor.
6. The long-term implementation of a legislative policy which has sought to legitimise by parliamentary enactment the theft of the lands and resources of the islands of Britain from its people, whose birthrights have been stripped from them by successive tyrannical governments.
7. The long-term implementation of a constitutional policy which is seeking to unlawfully cede the sovereignty of the people of the islands of Britain to a European Super-state, controlled by unelected and unaccountable tyrants unknown, whose ends necessitate the assassination of the independent nation state.
8. The long-term implementation of a foreign policy which has dictated the actions which have led to the deaths of millions of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
9, The long-term implementation of a social services policy which has directly resulted in the abduction, torture, injury, abuse and death of many thousands of children who were unlawfully taken into the custody of the state.
It is under these grave circumstances that we, the people of the islands of Britain, in whose name this criminal regime continues its plunder and destruction of this ancient land mass and its inhabitants, are morally obliged to do all within our capabilities to end this tyranny, which can be achieved peacefully in the event that the people take the following steps without delay:
a. Convene a Grand Jury to hear the unequivocal evidence supporting these allegations of genocide, asking the jurors for a declaration for and on behalf of the people that Her Majesty’s Government, Parliament, the Judiciary and the Constitutional Monarchy are null and void as a result of their crimes. In the event that such a declaration is made, it would need to be shared among all our social media networks and read out at public meetings up and down these lands, in which we can ask the people working for the local councils, the courts, the military and the police to work with us to end these crimes, rather than against us, in which case they will remain complicit in their continuation.
b. Publicly declare the independence and sovereignty of the indigenous peoples of Britain in every community, along with the formal nullification of EU membership, in an international treaty affirming these 12 aims and objectives:
1. An end all crimes against Mankind and the Earth that are currently being perpetrated by governments, whether elected or not, corporations, organisations, individuals and legal entities of all natures and descriptions.
2. The dismantling of all industries which, by developing, manufacturing and exploiting for profit any substance, product or by-product, cause actual damage, harm, injury or loss to Mankind and/or damage to the Earth.
3. The deconstruction of unsustainable fiscal systems, including [without limitation] the abolition of usury in all it’s forms and the de-monopolisation of land rights, inter-national borders, mediums of exchange, trading platforms and the means of communicating, publishing and distributing information.
4. The nullifying, settlement and/or discharge of all outstanding or allegedly owed debts, obligations and liabilities, with a view to replacing unaccountable, unsustainable and inequitable usury-based financial systems with localised and autonomous Electronic Credit Facilities or Virtual Depositories, using interest free open source cryptocurrency.
5. The eradication of all forms of artificial scarcity and its effects, including homelessness, famine and disease, by and through the facilitation of a naturally abundant, peaceful, free and harmonious environment for Mankind to dwell and the distribution of organic materials, agricultural produce, seeds and proven natural health remedies.
6. The dissolution of Mankind’s dependence upon fossil fuel industries for the production of energy, including [without limitation] coal seam gas mining and hydraulic fracturing, coal fired power stations and oil drilling, as well as the cessation of all toxic pollution of the biosphere of the Earth in any detrimental form whatsoever, whether it be gaseous, liquid, solid or radioactive, and the closure and clean-up of all unsafe nuclear power facilities.
7. The rapid development, manufacture, distribution and implementation of new and existing free and clean energy technologies in every community.
8. An end to all wars between nations and the repatriation of all armed services personnel, following the repudiation of all unlawful allegiances and the setting aside of all oaths made in the service of private interests to the detriment of Mankind.
9. The establishment of Co-operative Trade Networks in and between our communities, with a view to promoting the localisation of trade, self-sufficiency and mutually beneficial co-operation between all peoples.
10. Establishing an international agreement that privately issued Credit Notes made payable to bearer on demand may be used by all peoples for the purposes of settling any valid financial obligation or to create interest free electronic credits in their accounts.
11. The nullifying of any and all judicial proceedings and convictions for victimless crimes, as well as the positive law which legalised such unlawful proceedings, and the prohibition and prevention of anybody being charged with future crimes.
12. The facilitation of the re-emergence of the Universal Bond of Common Unity between the free indigenous peoples of the Earth, in order to achieve these aims and objectives in the most peaceful, amicable and equitable manners.
Notice of this declaration would then be delivered to the Universal Postal Union, the International Criminal Court and the Secretary General of the United Nations.
c. Issue written warnings to all the people who have been responsible for carrying out these crimes that they will be held criminally liable if they fail to cease and desist in their activities without delay following due notice, in which case their assets and bodies can be seized under private and international law to prevent further crimes being committed and to compensate their victims.
d. Most importantly, we, the people, must unite for the sake of our children and grandchildren, putting aside our differences to throw off the yoke of the tyrannical feudal system once and for all, co-operating with each other to rebuild our communities for the benefit of every individual within them, choosing to walk the path of self-determination under the general principles of Natural Law.
This is a course of action which the founding sovereign trustees of the community of independent indigenous micro-nations known as UCT has already initiated. Whilst all communities of indigenous peoples have an open invitation to join us by ratifying the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, we will naturally stand shoulder to shoulder in alliance with every community, nation or clan on these islands that declares independence and affirms their intentions to realise the foregoing aims and objectives. We will also be happy to discuss entering into Treaties of Formal Recognition with them.
In the most simplistic terms, if the people fail to act now, tomorrow it might be too late to take such actions to prevent the continued decimation of our species and the planet we depend upon for our very existence, by those who claim the divine right to rule over us. All who are cognisant of the relevant facts and yet do nothing to put an end to these crimes will ultimately be held as being complicit in them by any future generations who survive these genocides.
Please share this post far and wide, across your social networks and beyond, if you are able. It would also be greatly appreciated if all Facebook users who support the proposals give a thumbs-up at the page below:
End Genocide Now
As soon as there have been 100,000 thumbs-up on that page, nominations for 12 Grand Jurors will be sought from those who have demonstrated their support for this course of action, which, if taken, would be in accordance with the ancient rights of the people of Britain to nullify tyrannical monarchies, as expressed in the Molmutine Laws, which preceded Anglo-Saxon laws by at least 1,500 years.
Self-government is the only legitimate form of government, since all others are forms of collectivism, which places the rights of the mob above those of the individual, which inevitably gives rise to tyrannies; and only a united, fully informed people can put a stop to them.
If not now, when?

It is without doubt that we, the ordinary men and women of this land, no matter where we dwell upon the Earth, are facing a genocide the likes of which has never been seen before. It is the intention of the global elites to reduce our numbers to a tiny fraction of what they are today, by any means they might devise, from filling our sky’s with noxious chemicals, to using vaccines to introduce disease and infertility, to genetically modified ‘food’…. etc, etc, ad infinitum! If you are unaware of these nefarious activities, or are doubtful as to their provenance, then, quite frankly, you are not paying attention and are, effectively, part of the problem!

It is also without doubt that, as we become more aware of their schemes and intentions, thanks to the wealth of information now available to us via the internet, so they will use their slave army of mind controlled, idiot, drones in uniform to stifle decent and protest, even as they rape us, our families, our communities, our brothers and sisters around the world and our very home, the planet Earth, of any and every thing they consider valuable or desirable. They will beat, torture, poison and imprison us at will UNLESS we stop them NOW before it’s too late.

We no longer have the luxury of time at our disposal… even as I type aquifers around the world are being poisoned, the skys are being poisoned, our food is being poisoned (as natural organic food is being outlawed) our children are being sterilised and indoctrinated… and governments are employing scientists to develop incapacitating chemicals with which to bombard our nervous systems should we have a problem with being starved and rendered homeless, sick and infertile.

Michael’s call to action, via his statement above, represents our best (and quite possibly our only) means of stopping this horrific genocide by reclaiming our power as individual, sovereign beings and holding those who intend to destroy us and, in doing so, to bring massive, irreparable harm to this planet, to account for their actions.

It’s time to come together and take positive, non-violent, action for the sake of all.

After years of research and involvement with various groups and individuals and after years of finding and developing methods and means of standing against State tyranny, both individually and together as a couple, we think we’re clued up enough today to recognise real, long-term, tangible, workable solutions for us ALL when we encounter them.

And this is exactly what we see when we encounter the work of The Self Realisation Community and the Universal Community Trust.

As ever, we welcome your responses in the comments section below, but more, we welcome your participation in this urgent call to action!

With love, in unity,
Kali and Prajna.


Putting the world to rights

Hi friends,

it is wonderful to see that so many people are paying attention and we are most grateful for the many offers of help we received. We have gratefully accepted an offer from friends in Yorkshire of a safe place to park our caravan; somewhere we are surrounded by people who recognise the shameful state of ‘law and order’ in this country and throughout the world, and who have spent extraordinary time and effort studying law in order to find a way out of this mess.

We will be combining our efforts and experience to find a way to redress the wrongs done to us and developing ways to help others achieve the same.

We could have set up another camp autolift operation, something that was looking quite attractive having seen the area around the recovery agent’s place of business, but we feel it is more important to find lawful remedies that others can use.

Every time these criminals harm us our determination strengthens and we are presented with a larger forum from which to disseminate our truth. You’d think they’d have seen that by now, innit.

So know that we are happy, safe, warm, surrounded by those we love and respect, and more determined than ever to create the kind of society and environment we can happily pass on to our children.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna & Kali

Camp Autolift mk II

So this is where we are:

Map Link

Finding ourselves stranded again because the lawless and corrupt system that we have been doing our utmost to disengage from has again stolen our means of transport. Fortunately, they have not taken our home this time but we are left stranded at the side of the road.

So what happened? Well, we had been offered a small piece of land to park on by our friend Mark, just until he could find space in his workshop to fix the clutch in our car and to give it a check-over to make sure it was roadworthy and safe. Unfortunately, Mark had bought the land from some travellers who had a site there and the locals and council had hounded them off the land. Within a day of us being there the locals again made a fuss and we were visited by a very nice PC, to whom we explained who we were and why we were there. He seemed happy and we have heard reports that he described us as a nice couple who would be no trouble.

The next morning we were accosted by the Council Gypsy Traveller liasion officer, who started out quite officious but then mellowed and went on his way.

Then Mark was hassled by the local planning department, a Mrs Fran Evans, who insisted there was a planning enforcement notice on the site which applied regardless of the fact that it was never issued to Mark and which prevented any caravans on the site. She emailed Mark her objections along with a copy of the notice.

We then responded to Mrs Evans’ notice, pointing out that there had been no change of use for the land – we were merely there temporarily while the clutch was sorted and to do a little work on the land for Mark. We were initially given until the weekend to vacate the land and then, following our reply to her email that was slipped until 08:00 today. Despite our explaination and assurances, Mrs Evans insisted that the work we had been asked to do and being security for Mark’s tools and equipment necessary to do the work, did not warrant our having the caravan there. She threatened that if we were not gone by this morning she would begin proceedings against Mark for breach of the planning notice and he stood to be faced with a £20,000 fine. This is your public service: threats, intimidation and a complete lack of reason and empathy. They just want to control everything.

So, rather than have Mark face such a fine we moved off his land onto the verge adjacent to it. The ground was so soft and wet that we were unable to pull the caravan back from the edge of the road. Our very dear friend Sapper Mike was heading our way and we were greatly releived when he arrived to help us move the van. We would have been stuck with the tail of the caravan poking out into the road if it had not been for Mike’s help. We were in the process of trying to arrange to get a 4×4 to come tow the van further onto the verge when the council highways dept turned up in force to tell us we were dangerously parked and would have to move.

Next to arrive were two coppers, Colin and Gaz, who seemed pleasant enough until Colin noticed I was recording our interaction. He argued for us to stop and we insisted it was our right at which his attitude changed. He insisted he would sieze our car because it was not taxed. We pointed out that was a DVLA problem and no business of the police but it is just business, innit? They said they were ‘agents’ of the DVLA. So, either they are acting ultra vires (a crime) or you people are paying for ‘agents’ of a criminal commercial organisation rather than constables to keep you safe.

I’ll fill in more detail later but meanwhile just know that Kali and I are ok – we have food, charged batteries some gas and a little water (and hopefully a friend will bring us some more water later). What do we need? Nothing urgently but if anyone is coming to visit (and you’re welcome) some tealights would be great, water is always a shortage and we’ll need more propane soon. There are probably 420 other things too but we’re not desperate for anything right now, just stuck.

We love you all tons. We could have wangled our way out of having the car nicked by agreeing to have the car taxed but you all know us; that would have defeated the whole object of our way of life which is to challenge the lawless and corrupt system and to disengage from it as fully as possible while insisting on our absolute right to freedom without tax, fine or levy.

By the way, if you didn’t get here via Chris Spivey’s blog ( we think you should pop over there and take a look. Dog forbid you get your news from the MSM!

Prajna & Kali

Oh, here’s the audio:

One more to come.

The MURDER of Mark Duggan!


The following post was written entirely by our good friend, Holy Vehm. It is his thorough analysis of the events surrounding the murder of Mark Duggan, the riots that followed and the subsequent ‘lawful killing’ verdict given by the inquest into Mark Duggan’s death.

The post is made up of several posts taken from Holy Vehm’s facebook time-line (with his permission). I’ve done a tiny bit of editing which mainly consists of re-arranging the order of the posts so that a picture of events is created throughout the entirety of this blog post. Other than that I’ve simply inserted a few apostrophe’s and capitalised a few ‘I’s.

So, without further ado, it’s over to Holy Vehm.


Pamela Duggan (mother of Mark)
“No justice – No peace”

Family Solicitor
“when the police shoot unarmed people, it is murder”

The death by police of Mark Duggan was lawful the jury has decided.
Well, no they didn’t.
Under closer examination, the judge actually acted unlawfully by instructing the jury.
He stated to the jury that if they believed the police officer acted with honest intention, that they felt he believed Mark to be armed then shooting him was a lawful reaction.
One cannot do that.
The supreme authority in the high court is the jury not the judge.
The judge is there merely to ensure that the process is carried out according to the law, that is all. He has no other purpose.
Once a verdict has been reached he must then follow the sentencing guidelines provided.
But he cannot direct the court, or offer his own interpretation of events unless the proceedings are not in accordance with the law.
The family of Mark have been let down by their own legal team and this is the problem, a legal team. A legal team will only deal in that which is legal not that which is lawful which this case was about, was Marks death lawful or unlawful, a common law environment not a legal one.
This, for me at least, has the smell of political interference in the lawful process.
The jury agreed that the police could have done more prior to the shooting to see if Mark was actually armed.
The jury agreed that the police acted negligently.
A pathologist stated that he saw no evidence that mark threw the gun from the car and he cast doubt on his ability to have thrown it as far as he did while sat in the back seat of a moving car.
Eyewitness reports that not only was Mark clearly unarmed but was actually trying to surrender.
And yet the judge offers the jury a direction to take and moves the goal posts, he alters the question from negligence of the police to a belief that the police acted lawfully.

High court inquest hearing into the death of Mark Duggan has just reached conclusion.
Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police in London 2011 and was the spark which lit the fuse of rioting in the Tottenham and surrounding area’s of London before spreading to other cities.
Police shot Mark Duggan believing him to be armed.

Question 1 – Did the police do all they could have done.
A unanimous NO from the jury.

Question 2 – Could the police have done more.
Yes, the police failed to explore ALL avenues available.

Question 3 – Was the police stop conducted in the best place
A unanimous YES

Question 4 – Did Mark Duggan have the gun whilst he was in the taxi when police stopped it
Unanimous YES

Question 5 – How did the gun get to be in the field and not either in the taxi or on his person.
Majority 9 – 1 that Mark threw the gun as soon as the taxi came to a stop.
1 juror concluded that as no witness had come forward to state they saw the gun being thrown from the taxi that it would be impossible to state with any certainty how the gun came to be in the field some 20 feet away.

Question 6 – Did Mark Duggan have the gun in his hand when he was shot by police
Majority 8 – 2 that Mark Duggan DID NOT have the gun in his hands when he was shot.

Question 7 – Was Mark Duggan Lawfully killed.
Majority 8 – 2 lawfully killed with two saying open verdict.

Scenes of unrest at the high court following the lawful killing verdict by the jury in the case of the police shooting of Mark Duggan.

MP Diane Abbot ” If the jury except that Mark was NOT armed at the point of being shot, how can the jury return a lawful killing verdict”

Metropolitan Police have increased patrols in the Tottenham area following the verdict in anticipation of ‘some’ trouble this evening.

Pathologist states he cannot see how Mark Duggan could have thrown the gun as far as it was found from the scene whilst sat in the back of teh taxi he was traveling in.

An eyewitness claims they saw Mark Duggan attempting to surrender prior to being shot and that they could clearly see he had a mobile phone in his hand. This eyewitness was across the road in an apartment block and on the 6th floor. Police officers stood 10feet away felt ‘sure’ he had a gun.

Whilst we await the statement from Mark Duggans family following the lawful killing verdict, let us take a trip down memory lane.

While the family and friends were demonstrating outside the police station following Marks death, the BBC reported that UNITE against fascism were also in attendance.
Members of the original demonstration witnessed a small group from UNITE [Unite Against Fascism] breakaway and made their way to the rear of the police station where they set a police car on fire.
This was the original spark that lit the fuse.
Unite against fascism is a government backed organisation.

Some months afterwards it was revealed that a company that specialises in mobile tracking services was conducting a secret trial prior to gaining government contracts.
This company had in place a number of unmarked vans which contained equipment that could gather all the mobile phone information of every person in that area. This information was then passed to police in the following days enabling them to round up many they suspected of being involved in the rioting.

The people of Tottenham and the friends and family of Mark Duggan DID NOT start the riots.

So Mark Duggan was not a saint therefore killing him while he tried to surrender and was unarmed is ok then.
These people who say it was ok just because he MAY have been somewhat less than an ideal citizen should remember that he didn’t rape anyone or kill anyone and he certainly acted far better than many of our so called leaders who most certainly have blood on their hands.
Kill thousands with your drones and that’s just fine and dandy, get killed by police while unarmed and surrendering is also fine and dandy apparently.
Lets just face it, the powers that be like killing people.
The elephant in the room was and still is the riots.
If only I had recorded the news footage on the BBC right from the very beginning.
It was reported live at the scene by a man who was attending the original protest outside Tottenham police station that members of a group called UNITE against fascism had just set a police car alight at the back of the police station. This group had not been invited by anyone attending the protest. Those attending the protest where friends and family of Mark.
This footage was never shown again, at any point either that day/night or at any point since.
UNITE admit they had members in attendance at the protest but denied it was their members who set the police car alight.
UNITE against fascism has cross party political support with even David Cameron being a signatory to their cause.
This group was set up to combat at first the BNP and later the EDL.
UNITE against fascism is a political tool.
But why would they act as they have, what instructions would they have been given, why would a political tool be sent out to a protest uninvited and set fire to a police car, invoking a heavy handed response by the police and lighting the fuse for the subsequent riots that broke out soon afterwards.
For a while I didn’t know the answer to those questions, but a while afterwards I randomly came across a link to a company website, a company that specialises in electronic surveillance with government contracts.
They revealed in telling how they had assisted police in the round-up of rioters in the following days and weeks.
Just by chance they said, they were running a field test, to see if they could capture the mobile phone data from thousands of people right across a given geographical area and on that night that area just happened to be Tottenham.
In their unmarked vans they had equipment that would I suppose scan the entire area and data mine all the mobile data they need in order to tell who is in that area and approximately where they are stood at any given time.
This data was then handed over to the police and you know the rest.

So we have an unarmed black youth killed by police while trying to surrender.
Then we have a political protest group set a police car alight sparking a riot.
And just by chance we have a company that is trying to get government contracts, in the area running a field exercise.

Seems to me that it didn’t matter one bit how peaceful Mark had been that fateful day, he was being killed, his death was required to see if a new surveillance system would work.

And that concludes my reporting on the Mark Duggan hearing.
You are of course free to seek an alternative to my reporting, many alternatives do exists.
You could try the Daily Mail for instance where they will reassure you that Mark was just a nasty little gangsta nigga and who gives a shit. Or perhaps the BBC news who will tell you that riots are coming to town again, that the police may have done wrong but a jury has spoken and fear,
fear, fear… before switching to a report about some fuckwit we have never heard of getting some other fuck wit we have never heard of pregnant or some other mindless shit.


Many thanks for this excellent analysis Vehm, and many thanks for permiting us to use it on Tomboy-Pink.

Much lve to you, to Mark Duggan’s family and friends and to all who have taken the time to read this.

Kali and Prajna

The End of All Evil

End-Of-All-Evil [<-- click the link!] If you read nothing else this year, read this! This book will change you view of government, governance, authority and freedom. It is the single most subversive book Prajna or I have ever read, and we have read plenty. Trust me when I tell you, this book will change your life! Much love, in freedom and truth, Kali and Prajna. xx

No Justice, No Peace


You would think that after 16 years of waking up to the state of the world and discovering the courageous souls like Gandhi, Thoreau and many others, who have stood against repression and oppression, I might be finding some hope for the future. Instead I find myself utterly depressed and helpless. I mean ‘helpless’ in the sense that I have found no way to help the situation rather than that there is no help for me, though there seems precious little of that too.

The central theme I have recognised in my study of life and the struggle for some humanity in the face of a global, secretive agenda to destroy our humanity by a small cartel of deeply psychopathic families, who for generations have been working to reduce the world’s population to a ‘manageable’ number of slaves – which I can assure you, having deeply studied the evidence, is absolutely the case – is that, in the words of Leonard Cohen: ‘everybody knows’; and yet the situation persists. I don’t mean that everybody knows the whole story, even I don’t begin to; nor could they believe it if they did. But everybody does know that politicians, along with all the public services – police, social services, … – are corrupt and broken, and our world is really ruled by greedy bankers.

This current crisis in my faith, optimism and determination to create a better world, corresponds to news that two rock-solid cases we have been pursuing against Merseyside Police for wrongful arrest, assault causing actual bodily harm, unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution, has been considered to stand less than a 50% chance of success, mainly for the reason that the lawyers involved believe the police will simply lie in court; this despite the fact that we have audio and CCTV evidence of the incident that clearly shows I was violently arrested without being told the reason for my arrest and the violence involved was completely unwarranted given my behaviour. Anyone who knows me recognises that I am a peaceful man.

The video shows Kali having her head ragged about by a PC, who had hold of her hair, whilst handcuffed behind and being restrained by a WPC on each arm; this for daring to question the necessity for arrest and why the PC was assaulting a peaceful man. My arrest was for openly recording the PC on my phone (which I did because he was making prejudicial and discriminatory statements), although at the time he refused to give any reason despite both of us insistently demanding one – it being a prerequisite for a lawful arrest. Of course, that was not the reason given at the custody suite, where the PC in question was unable to supply his ‘necessity’ justification for the arrest until prompted by the custody sergeant, and he lied that my response to caution was ‘garbled’, when he had utterly failed to caution me at all. ‘Caution’ is another prerequisite for an arrest by a constable to be lawful.

It has taken more than a year to reach this conclusion; delays included being barred from initiating the case until the protracted malicious prosecution against me was concluded (in my favour), Merseyside Police failing to respond to the claim until the last possible moment, and the depressingly normal sluggish pace of the British justice system.

Kali and I have, for the past two years, struggled to remain outside the ‘system’ that we find so corrupt and oppressive as to be unconscionable. It has required great courage, dedication and endurance but we have done so in the belief that any action taken against us by agents of the State would be possible to remedy via the justice system, or that we would show that no such remedy is available and that the system is unremittingly oppressive; hoping that revealing that fact would, at the very least, wake others up to their situation and encourage the kind of solidarity of the oppressed required to overcome the oppressors.

If there is no protection in law then it is merely a tool of oppression, and my current evaluation seems to indicate that is the case. Even worse, it is a deception designed to encourage a false sense of security and to undermine any alternative such as anarchy (look up the real definition of anarchy before reflexively attacking it, as you have been indoctrinated to do).

I am depressed because most people, if they give any attention to what is preventing their being happy at all, other than to simply winge about what a struggle it is, seek remedy in the very system that, by its corruption, dishonesty and by design, is the cause of their unhappiness; whether that be looking to the justice or social systems, politicians, religion or charities. All are fraudulent, skin-deep façades, sound and fury signifying nothing. Everything we have been taught to believe in is false or positively detrimental to our well-being, either by design or because it is so corrupt that its effect is the opposite of what it is presented to be. I see no public service that is fit for purpose and even the protest movement is infiltrated by agents of the system, overrun by egos, and full of misguided people who are full of anger but severely lacking in deep insight.

There seems to be no place for anyone who cannot compromise their values sufficiently to submit to the current social system. A very dear friend generously allowed us to park our caravan on a small piece of land he owns – somewhere we could have a little peace and respite for a time while he arranged to replace the clutch in our car – and the following day we were accosted by a police constable demanding to know who we were and what we were doing here. The following morning we were confronted with a Council Gypsy Traveller Liaison Officer who insisted that caravans were not permitted on this site and the day after that our friend was threatened that unless we were gone within days his planning application for a barn on the land would be opposed by the council. We are no harm to anyone or anything here and we had made it quite clear to both the constable and the liaison officer that it was only a very temporary arrangement, but to no avail.

We could make a complete nuisance of ourselves in response, as we did at Camp Autolift, but, quite frankly, we are worn out by the struggle and can see no light at the end of the tunnel; the result so far from our Camp Autolift action is that Cheshire Constabulary are doing everything they can to delay our claim for compensation – which should have long ago been dealt with, was never going to address all the torts that have been inflicted on us, and is feeling less and less certain in light of the response we have seen to the claim against Merseyside Constabulary.

So what to do? How to continue with the struggle in this state and with so few resources? Someone give us some hope; there is a comments section below.

Namaste, and thank you for reading. I hope this empowers you rather than depresses you (though I admit that I cannot see how it could, at the moment it is all I can do to write this).





’twas the night before christmas and all round the house
nothing was moving, not even a mouse.
(and if you think this story has a nice end…
just sit there and listen to *this* my dear friend):
On the night before christmas it isn’t like this –
the children are *not* tucked up safe and in bliss –
the children are starving and living in fear
and not looking forward to any new year.
The parents in England are stressed at the thought
that Johny won’t like all the presents they bought.
The children in Europe and U. S. of A.
are dreaming of Santa and how they will play,
without any thought of the millions who fight
to put food on the table and sleep everynight.
So peace to all men, if you’re that way inclined,
but I insist christmas is all in the mind.

(by Prajna Pranab, 25/12/2007)

Fracking – (or Addendum to ‘The Time is Now’)


Sometimes I miss the glaringly obvious in my drive to express the essence of a thing.

What I missed yesterday when I wrote The Time is Now, was that, although everything I expressed (however poorly) in that blog stands true, the fact is that many, if not most people, need some kind of transitional step forward; a vehicle or mechanism to carry us into the future we wish to achieve and away from that which the global fascists have planned.

And here we have it, handed to us on a plate, in the form of the Fracking Nightmare which the global fascists have planned for us, facilitated as it is by their puppets in Westminster and their uniformed goons on the ground. (N.B. If any cops reading this are offended by the term ‘goons; then I suggest you take a close look at the conduct of your colleagues and consider removing the uniform which links you with them. Also, read my recently published Open Letter to The Police).

All over the world people are waking-up to the insanity of the corporate giants and their facilitator governments as they discover what fracking actually is, and what its implications are for the future of life on this planet.

And if you are one of the few who does not yet realise just how utterly criminally insane this plan is then please do take the time to watch The Truth Behind the dash For Gas and Gaslands 2 and let that be the beginning of your exploration of this vast rabbit hole.

Also be aware that fracking is not the only nightmare they have planned for these islands in the very near future, they also intend to begin Underground Coal Gasification‘ and in in The Yorkshire Dales National Park the intend to begin potash-mining. I use the term ‘fracking’ throughout this blog to refer to all of these environmentally devastating activities.

The fact is that if we do not stop ‘frackin’g in its tracks then life here (and around the world) will be changed forever.

If they achieve their goal you will have no alternative but to turn to the corporatocracy and its administrators (their puppet governments) for access to fresh water.

That is no exaggeration. They will control the distribution of all the fresh water on the planet! (Having, through fracking, poisoned so much of it that it becomes a scarce resource which they must, henceforth, ‘manage’).

I repeat: They will control the distribution of all fresh water on the planet having poisoned enough of what exists now to make it inaccessible by any other means but through them! Your life, and your children’s lives, in their hands… forever!

I can’t press you hard enough to research this subject. This is not just some ‘latest’ fad being talked about on the internet and TV, it is real, it is final(!) and it MUST be stopped if we are to stand a chance of breaking the shackles of slavery.

And it is in that fact that we find the solutions to two problems.

We must and we will, with or without your assistance, create ‘community protection camps’ around every single planned frack-site, coal-seam gassification site and potash mine in the country.

We must and we will make the fracking of the land and the poisoning of the water impossible for them… unless of course we want to be enslaved by them forevermore living in a desolate, poisoned, radioactive environment, enslaved by your need for water and by your failing health and weakness.

And in stopping them from disposing of their nuclear waste in the underground caverns they will create under our feet, in stopping them from poisoning our water, in stopping them from fracking the land, so we create for ourselves the means by which we set ourselves free from their ever-tightening grip.

In establishing communities to protect the land, so our attention will turn to our basic, existential needs, and how we might achieve them whilst working in harmony with our environment. And so we will be freely creative in meeting both our short term and long term needs… from food harvesting and growth to the generation/harnessing of clean energy.

A word of warning however… and a stark one!

Every single group on the internet and every single camp that is created WILL be infiltrated by government operatives and agents set on steering any opposition in a direction which assists the corporate fascist agenda. And, sadly, there will be many amongst us who are swayed by agents calls for ‘legal protest’ or by their calls for violence as a reaction to violence.

Neither can be tolerated if we are to achieve our twin goals of 1. Stopping the obscenity which is fracking, and 2. Freeing ourselves from the global control matrix which is fast culling those so-called ‘freedoms and privileges’ granted us by ‘The State’.

In order to avoid the pitfalls and traps set for us by these plausible, reasonable sounding, Agents of The State it is important that we realise two things:

1. That to engage in ‘legal protest’ is to hand our power to change anything over to the corporate empire which decides what will and what will not be permitted by their puppet governments. FACT, we cannot stop them from doing anything they please by means of ‘legal;, State sanctioned protests. And

2. That if we were to meet force with force, violence (which their uniformed goons commit against us all too regularly) with violence, then they WILL unleash on us the full force of marshal law, under which we will be, in no particular order, imprisoned, beaten and killed. FACT, we cannot achieve anything by violence if we choose violence. They can and will claim the moral high-ground and they will BEAT us down.

In conclusion – read in conjunction with the blog I wrote yesterday (The Time is Now) – this call to action, to create community protection camps anywhere and everywhere the corporate empire plans to ‘frack’ represents the only real, accessible, achievable, solution that I can see.

It’s is all well and good for me to preach, as I am want to do, that people simply STOP participating in the socio-economic and political life of The State, but without offering a specific way to do that I fall well short of offering any solution at all. For this I apologise and I hope that in this particular blog I have rectified that oh so crucial matter.

See you on the front line… and then on the other side!

Much love and peace to you all,
Kali. xxx