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Namaste dear friends. Here are the latest adventures of Prajna and Kali. You'll find most of the latest information on our Tomboy-Pink Blog and we also have our Camp Autolift Blog, for updates on that adventure. Oh, and some poems (mostly from Prajna).

Events, as they unfold are being posted on our Tomboy-Pink Blog but we would like to post here a brief summary of our position, so that people can quickly come to know what we are about.

Take note that you can comment on the posts on our Tomboy-Pink Blog or Camp Autolift Blog (though you will have to register to do so. Sorry, we hate registration too but the nasty, filthy trolls and government agents hate it even more).

Prajna and Kali are travellers and we have no home but our campervan. We have been travelling and causing no harm or loss to any; though we don't pay road tax or engage in any way with 'The System', which we consider to be lawless and corrupt.

Mohandas Gandhi said, "Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless and corrupt, and anyone bargaining with such a state shares in their lawlessness and corruption." He went on to say, "There is one sovereign remedy: non violent non cooperation." So that is how we have been living: freely, responsibly in peaceful non compliance.

We have, from time to time, spent a great deal of time explaining and justifying ourselves and our way of life to police who have stopped us and pointed out that a vehicle check reveals we have not paid vehicle excise tax or engaged in the M.O.T. system since 2009. That usually results in some little understanding of what we are doing and a ticket for the lack of tax. The tickets have no effect on us because we do not engage with that system and we don't have any house that bailiffs can raid.

On this occasion the police stopped us and seized our van and now our home is being held as ransom and threats have been made that if we do not pay the tax within seven days they will destroy our home. We see no difference, in practice, between that and the crime of demanding money with menaces; a crime also called extortion.

We believe that Human Rights are superior to any Act or statute and that any Act or statute must flow from human rights rather than counter to them. Even if human rights are not considered sufficient to protect our home (see Article 8) then surely constitutional law, that law from which all our other law flows and is surely subordinate, should be sufficient: the Bill of Rights (1688) (still current UK law, see the statute database) protects us from fines and forfeitures without conviction, but, can you imagine, they claim they can destroy our home without a court hearing!

The laws and statutes of this country are supposed to be in place for our benefit. Do they benefit you? Certainly they are inflicting grave harm and oppression upon us. We need this to stop.

Being spiritual people we are also peaceful. We need 'the system' to find some way for us to have a home and to travel this land without having to compromise our spiritual values by associating with a lawless and corrupt system; we need to have freedom to live in peace without having to engage with criminals in order to do it.

Being peaceful and spiritual people we will not fight for our home. Instead, we have simply set up home here, outside Autolift Recovery Ltd, where our home is being held hostage under threat of destruction, and wait for the powers who are oppressing us to come to their senses, to show us some humanity and to return our home and freedom to travel to us. We are not in a hurry to move; who wants to move on into to further oppression? Rather we prefer to wait for the situation to change so that we may travel on in a saner and more humane society, one we feel we can take part in without sacrificing our most heartfelt values, or to have our home returned to us and be left alone to travel without becoming entrapped by an insane and criminal system.

All that is good can only survive in a climate of freedom; love can only survive in freedom; happiness cannot even be born save in a climate of freedom. Freedom is the highest right you have and is a necessary prerequisite for the all the other rights you are said to enjoy.

Below you will find some links to other pages related to our situation.

Love, peace, happiness and grace to you all,
Prajna and Kali

Up the Rebellion!

Here are Prajna's Poems. Enjoy.

Prajna has his own website that he set up when he began this journey called Declare Peace. Determined explorers will find a lot more to the website than the front page.

The Freeman on the Land forum has several postings concerning our camp and it is a good place to ask questions about the freeman movement in general.

Pondman, a radio host for TNS radio in Ireland, phoned the DVLA on our behalf and broadcast the phone calls on his radio show. We believe Pondy's superb work saved our home from being crushed last Friday. I will put a link to the podcast as soon as I can once it is posted to the TNS website. Meanwhile, here is a link to Pondy's page

Starfire has posted video playlist of the camp and interactions with the police.

Commonly Known As Dom has been visiting us and, if you don't know him, you should check out Dom's Youtube Channel

Kali posted an event on Facebook for anyone who likes to feed the NSA database.

Litmus, a very dear friend of ours is a singer and songwriter and has spent a great deal of time studying the freeman movement and lawful rebellion. He has set up a website called Project Freeman, which has many of his songs along with a great deal of research into freeman related issues.

The night before they took our home away on the back of a recovery truck for 'disposal', a wonderful friend called Indian Hat (you'll have to ask Indy to recount the wonderful story of how he was given his name) spent the night with us. In the morning, just as PC Dave Walton drew our attention to the fact that our home was being transported away, Indy set to work and constructed the most comfortable and practical shelter for us. Indy has his own blog called Nomine Deus that is well worth following and he has a page about his visit here.

Another site with wonderful information, particularly if you would like to know about the mortgage scam, is Michael of Bernicea's Self-realisation site.