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There is light at the end of the tunnel…

Today my good friend Neil Jones is in court. Not for the first time, tptb (the powers that be) – who monitor his communications closely – are out to show him who is boss. His ‘crime’ this time? He was sent, through the post, a torch which has as a component some kind of tazer device. The package containing the torch was intercepted at customs and Neil was arrested at his home the same morning.

He’s been charged with possession of a firearm (an item he has never possessed) and was remanded in custody for two weeks. With luck, and just a little integrity from the judge, Neil will be bailed today and will be back home with his wife and young child this evening.

[And what do ya know, even as I’m writing this I’ve just got word that bail was not even discussed today because Neil’s application for legal aid hadn’t been processed yet! And so, even though legal aid is guaranteed for criminal defence in this country, justice is denied as solicitors wait to have that guarantee rubber stamped! There is no good reason what so ever for Neil to be held on remand, yet thanks to a crooked and corrupt system which puts ticks on forms above justice and fairness, he gets to rot in a cell for another two weeks, whilst his wife and child struggle on as a single parent family. Utterly fucking outrageous!!]

So, why are tptb doing so much to keep Neil ‘in his place’? Well, that’s a long story, the basics of which you can read on one of my other blog sites, Injustice. Suffice to say that Neil is onto them. He knows the lengths they will go to to protect those who serve them. Several years ago Neil tried to give information regarding the murder of Jill Dando to the BBC, information he’d got from a former employer of his who witnessed the after math of the murder and who himself was royally stitched up to the tune of serving 10 years of a 20 year sentence. – Indeed, you’d get less for murder! How ironic.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, besides being very concerned for my friends (Neil and his wife) I’m also seeing more and more which convinces me that things are ramping up out there in the world of the lawless, corrupt, festering State.

Chris Spivey’s web site ( is under constant and sustained attack by the ‘security (trust me, it’s not your security they’re interested in) services’ as he, Chris, piece by piece reveals the evidence that the alleged murder of Lee Rigby on 22nd May 2013 in Woolich, was a utter hoax, a psy-op (psychological operation) supported and perpetuated by a complicit MSM (mainstream media).

Chris’s first rate investigation into this fraud has led to him being called by those so called ‘journalists’ in the mainstream media, a ‘troll’ and a crackpot. It beggars belief that those who present exactly what they are told to present to the world, without any kind of enquiry or investigation to verify the truth of it, would go on to try to discredit a man who is presenting the facts to the world following month after month of painstaking investigation. But then, that’s just par for the course where State and proprietorially controlled ‘news’ outlets are concerned.

Thankfully, even when it is impossible to access Chris’s site, his reports are published elsewhere by those with the foresight to mirror Chris’s posts. His latest offering, The Odd Bod Plod Squad Bodge Job, can be read either via or via This is a vitally important article which I cannot recommend highly enough. In fact I’d go as far as to say it is crucial that you read it!

In the meantime, that self same mainstream media which actively keeps the truth from you until and unless it is in keeping with the agenda of the ruling world elite to reveal it, are now, following decades of suppression of the truth, telling you about the cover-up of evidence regarding certain politicians systematic practice of raping young children.

Along with this the courts are, at last, and following the same agenda, punishing (or should I say ‘sacrificing’) certain celebrities for the same crime (raping children).
So what’s going on? What’s the agenda? – The collapse of national government and the transferring of power to the European Union.

(Let me remind you here of the theme song from a children’s television programme aired during the 1970‘s, Magpie. It’s my firm belief that this song divulges the scoring system, if you will, behind the practice of child rape and the advantages to those who use this practice to gain and hold on to power within the political system:

One for sorrow, [You may feel bad the first time you rape a child…]
Two for joy. [But it gets easier the more you do it…]
Three for a girl, [The rewards for raping little girls are not bad…]
Four for a boy. [But raping boys is better rewarded…]
Five for silver, [Rape a handful of children and you will be amply rewarded…]
Six for gold. [But the more you rape, the greater the rewards…]
Seven for a secret never to be told. [The more children you rape, the higher you climb within the system, the higher you climb, more secrets will be revealed to you, and the more secrets you know the more power you will have over others.]

I may be wrong with my interpretation of that song, but even if I am, I think it easily demonstrates the mentality behind the power structures which currently govern the ruling elites.

But on with the article…)

Some of you will be aware that come November the 1st this year every national government across the EU will surrender its autonomy (or what remains of it) to the EU in accordance with the ratification of the Treaty of Nice, signed in 2001.

The hope is that, following the revelations now being published by the MSM regarding your national politicians practice of raping children, you will be only to happy to see nation governmant collapse (though it’s collapse has been planned for at least a century) and the administration of the nations affairs taken over by some other entity!

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

The vast majority, who still rely on the MSM for their news (and views), will not realise, until it is too late, that the centralisation of power within the EU (and later the UN or its replacement) spells an end to even the pretence of democracy they have been presented with thus far in the political world. They will fail to recognise that those practices (the systematic rape of young children) are just as readily undertaken, and for the same reasons, within the halls of power of the EU.

They may notice that many British politicians (Peter Mandelson and Neil Kinnock anyone?) have simply moved to positions within the EU, but will feel (rightly) powerless to do anything about it.

But what’s so wrong with the EU or UN anyway? Agenda 21, that’s what!

The UN IPPC agenda for the 21st century is a post-democratic agenda for the future of the planet and it does not include you! Eugenics and euthanasia are its core principles. The ruling world elite move ever closer toward holding absolute power over every part of this planet and every living thing upon it and agenda 21 is the mechanism which is propelling it forward.

Far from creating a better world for all, agenda 21 promises a world in which one ruling class presides over a second serving/slave class. They (the ruling world elite) have publicly, time and again, stated their intention to vastly reduce the human population of the planet, and have even got many of you reading this to repeat their mantra that the world is over-populated, despite all the evidence (not presented to you by the MSM) to the contrary.

Certainly the world is over-populated in terms of the elites desire for absolute control over all living things. – For them to achieve this goal they would certainly need to reduce our numbers, leaving just enough, easily manipulated, to serve them and their system.

Fear not though, dear reader, because all is not lost! Not yet anyway. Although it certainly will be if you fail to do things differently from now on. It really is up to you, and only you.

Sorry about that, but the absolute fact of the matter is that YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel!

Unless you change how you live your life, nothing will change regarding the structure of your life and, more importantly, nothing will stop the elites from fulfilling their agenda.

Their power is held in place by those who blindly accept it; by those who register their lives to The State; by those who acquiesce to the system by participating in it (voting, petitions, etc); by those who spend their lives working in order to pay to live, whilst sending their children into the clutches of The State, to be ‘educated’ by it; by those who impose increasingly draconian legislation upon the rest of us, whilst standing above the law which should hold them in check; by those who follow orders without question. And by those who see all of this yet stand by and do nothing. In short, their power is held in place by you!

So many of us have already opted out of the control system which governs your life. Many, many others have found and created ways to challenge the authority of The State. We create and develop off-grid communities. We live as indigenous people. We travel the land freely. We assist those who need our assistance in any way we can. We write about our experiences and our discoveries. We venture into courts and speak of what we know. We investigate false flag attacks against our brothers and sisters. We set up camp on roadsides and resist and repel those who would fracture the earth. We point out the chemtrails to any who will look up as tptb spray us like bugs. We challenge the police as they impose impossible legislation upon us, and we speak to them of justice for their children also. We challenge the courts as they do the same. And we do it all peacefully, without violence. And every single day more are joining us.

But what can you do? You can start by getting to know your neighbour; by growing food on any available land; by refusing to pay for your own oppression (taxes); by stopping all bailiffs in their tracks when they come to evict on behalf of corrupt courts who knowingly allow banks and mortgage companies to perpetrate fraud. If you doubt that all mortgages are fraudulent and that the courts know them to be so, see the rougemale blogspot specifically, take a look at one blog in particular, The Chronicle of a Void Mortgage and doubt no more; by preventing fracking corporations from getting their bits in the ground; by finding ways to power your home for free and by sharing your findings with your neighbours…. I could go on and on, but really, only YOU know the changes that you can make, and only you can put limits on those changes. Let your imagination and your love of life and freedom be your guide

Only you can stop the child raping elite bloodlines from gaining absolute power over all.

So now what are you going to do?