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’twas the night before christmas and all round the house
nothing was moving, not even a mouse.
(and if you think this story has a nice end…
just sit there and listen to *this* my dear friend):
On the night before christmas it isn’t like this –
the children are *not* tucked up safe and in bliss –
the children are starving and living in fear
and not looking forward to any new year.
The parents in England are stressed at the thought
that Johny won’t like all the presents they bought.
The children in Europe and U. S. of A.
are dreaming of Santa and how they will play,
without any thought of the millions who fight
to put food on the table and sleep everynight.
So peace to all men, if you’re that way inclined,
but I insist christmas is all in the mind.

(by Prajna Pranab, 25/12/2007)

Fracking – (or Addendum to ‘The Time is Now’)


Sometimes I miss the glaringly obvious in my drive to express the essence of a thing.

What I missed yesterday when I wrote The Time is Now, was that, although everything I expressed (however poorly) in that blog stands true, the fact is that many, if not most people, need some kind of transitional step forward; a vehicle or mechanism to carry us into the future we wish to achieve and away from that which the global fascists have planned.

And here we have it, handed to us on a plate, in the form of the Fracking Nightmare which the global fascists have planned for us, facilitated as it is by their puppets in Westminster and their uniformed goons on the ground. (N.B. If any cops reading this are offended by the term ‘goons; then I suggest you take a close look at the conduct of your colleagues and consider removing the uniform which links you with them. Also, read my recently published Open Letter to The Police).

All over the world people are waking-up to the insanity of the corporate giants and their facilitator governments as they discover what fracking actually is, and what its implications are for the future of life on this planet.

And if you are one of the few who does not yet realise just how utterly criminally insane this plan is then please do take the time to watch The Truth Behind the dash For Gas and Gaslands 2 and let that be the beginning of your exploration of this vast rabbit hole.

Also be aware that fracking is not the only nightmare they have planned for these islands in the very near future, they also intend to begin Underground Coal Gasification‘ and in in The Yorkshire Dales National Park the intend to begin potash-mining. I use the term ‘fracking’ throughout this blog to refer to all of these environmentally devastating activities.

The fact is that if we do not stop ‘frackin’g in its tracks then life here (and around the world) will be changed forever.

If they achieve their goal you will have no alternative but to turn to the corporatocracy and its administrators (their puppet governments) for access to fresh water.

That is no exaggeration. They will control the distribution of all the fresh water on the planet! (Having, through fracking, poisoned so much of it that it becomes a scarce resource which they must, henceforth, ‘manage’).

I repeat: They will control the distribution of all fresh water on the planet having poisoned enough of what exists now to make it inaccessible by any other means but through them! Your life, and your children’s lives, in their hands… forever!

I can’t press you hard enough to research this subject. This is not just some ‘latest’ fad being talked about on the internet and TV, it is real, it is final(!) and it MUST be stopped if we are to stand a chance of breaking the shackles of slavery.

And it is in that fact that we find the solutions to two problems.

We must and we will, with or without your assistance, create ‘community protection camps’ around every single planned frack-site, coal-seam gassification site and potash mine in the country.

We must and we will make the fracking of the land and the poisoning of the water impossible for them… unless of course we want to be enslaved by them forevermore living in a desolate, poisoned, radioactive environment, enslaved by your need for water and by your failing health and weakness.

And in stopping them from disposing of their nuclear waste in the underground caverns they will create under our feet, in stopping them from poisoning our water, in stopping them from fracking the land, so we create for ourselves the means by which we set ourselves free from their ever-tightening grip.

In establishing communities to protect the land, so our attention will turn to our basic, existential needs, and how we might achieve them whilst working in harmony with our environment. And so we will be freely creative in meeting both our short term and long term needs… from food harvesting and growth to the generation/harnessing of clean energy.

A word of warning however… and a stark one!

Every single group on the internet and every single camp that is created WILL be infiltrated by government operatives and agents set on steering any opposition in a direction which assists the corporate fascist agenda. And, sadly, there will be many amongst us who are swayed by agents calls for ‘legal protest’ or by their calls for violence as a reaction to violence.

Neither can be tolerated if we are to achieve our twin goals of 1. Stopping the obscenity which is fracking, and 2. Freeing ourselves from the global control matrix which is fast culling those so-called ‘freedoms and privileges’ granted us by ‘The State’.

In order to avoid the pitfalls and traps set for us by these plausible, reasonable sounding, Agents of The State it is important that we realise two things:

1. That to engage in ‘legal protest’ is to hand our power to change anything over to the corporate empire which decides what will and what will not be permitted by their puppet governments. FACT, we cannot stop them from doing anything they please by means of ‘legal;, State sanctioned protests. And

2. That if we were to meet force with force, violence (which their uniformed goons commit against us all too regularly) with violence, then they WILL unleash on us the full force of marshal law, under which we will be, in no particular order, imprisoned, beaten and killed. FACT, we cannot achieve anything by violence if we choose violence. They can and will claim the moral high-ground and they will BEAT us down.

In conclusion – read in conjunction with the blog I wrote yesterday (The Time is Now) – this call to action, to create community protection camps anywhere and everywhere the corporate empire plans to ‘frack’ represents the only real, accessible, achievable, solution that I can see.

It’s is all well and good for me to preach, as I am want to do, that people simply STOP participating in the socio-economic and political life of The State, but without offering a specific way to do that I fall well short of offering any solution at all. For this I apologise and I hope that in this particular blog I have rectified that oh so crucial matter.

See you on the front line… and then on the other side!

Much love and peace to you all,
Kali. xxx

The Time is Now!

Dear reader,

If you are not aware that we live in the ever-tighening grip of global fascism, then I’m afraid you are simply not paying attention. It would be an epic work for me to sit here and recount the evidence for this, and far too tedious for myself and the reader who does pay attention.

The entire world is being run for profit regardless of the cost to the planet and to all life upon it. Greed for power and for personal gain is behind the welfare reforms and subsequent hunger, behind mortgage and rent evictions and the resulting homelessness, behind the environmental degradation and the resulting disease of both the planet and all life on the planet, behind State sponsored terrorist forces, including the police and armed forces as well as ‘al-kieda’ (a CIA initiative). In fact it is the drive for power and profit which is behind all of the atrocities we see happening in the world today, even including child abuse and paedophilia.

The point of this writing, however, is not to highlight the problem (we know all too well what the problem is) but to offer a simple solution.

Here are the facts as I see them:

We are born to a system which puts government in control of our lives.
That government puts the greed of its corporate cohorts ahead of our existential needs.
All government is by consent.
All policing is by consent.
All law (besides the laws of nature, which are REAL) is by consent.
Within the jurisdiction (word of law) of the UK at least, there is no legal mechanism by which one may remove or withhold consent to be governed.

This leaves us one clear option: To remove consent by our actions!

What do I mean by that? I mean to STOP participating in any way with ‘The State’ or with its corporate masters; to stop using or even acknowledging its so called ‘laws’; to stop using its fiat currency and debt notes (i.e. to stop using its money); to stop funding its oppression of ourselves and funding its wars (i.e. to stop paying its taxes); to stop paying for food, housing, water, energy, and to take BACK those things which are ours by right and which have been stolen from us by stealth and ‘word of law’.

It really is that simple! We take back all that is ours by right… food, land, shelter, water. We generate our own energy (and yes, we do know how!); we grow nutritious food whist feeding and decontaminating the soil (and yes, we do know how!); we provide our own medicines using natural herbs, foods and nutrients; we teach our own children what they need to know to thrive on this planet and in doing that so we learn these things for ourselves. We live in harmony with our surroundings and with each other.

‘But Kali, it’s not that easy!’ I hear you say. – And you’re right, of course. This solution is a simple one, but it is by no means an easy one! (But then, when was anything worthwhile ever easy?)
This is a massive undertaking, to reclaim our individual sovereignty and heal from the abuses of centuries, and doubtless many will stand in our way (until, of course, in serving our best interests and the best interests of the planet, we are also serving their best interests).

The bastions of ‘The State’ will rail at us, at our audacity… they will invite us to their courts, and even drag us there. They may even try locking one or two of us up as examples to the rest. – But hang on a minute, don’t they do that to us at the moment?

YES they do! And yet that fact does not stop us gathering in numbers to protest, to protect, to object. We are already arrested regularly and in increasing numbers for standing up against corporate greed and political corruption. And far too many are already in prison for this.

So, if we are already being subjected to arrest and imprisonment for simply protecting the land and our communities, then why not go the whole way, claim our individual sovereignty and rights to our land?

And in doing this we face their courts with the massive problem of gaining jurisdiction over us when we refuse to accept it. This would even make appearing in court fun, as we employ logic and reason to counter their claims of jurisdiction!

The fact is we are not dependant on ‘The State’ for anything at all!

In fact the opposite is true. It is ‘The State’ along with its corporate masters, which is entirely dependant on us for its very existence, for its power and for its claimed ‘authority’ over us.

The time is NOW! Either we get busy freeing ourselves from the grip of The State or we invite the future the fascists have already chosen for us.

There is no other alternative that I can see.

Violent revolution, which far too many are calling for, can only result in yet more tyranny… either tyranny at the hands of The State as it puts us under martial law, or tyranny at the hands of the ‘revolters’ who get to decide how things will be for the rest of us. (Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.)

See you on the other side!

Kaliprajita Waskazzlucas.

Please also see the follow=up to this blog Fracking (or Addendum to the Time is Now)

An Open Letter to the Police.


Dear Constable,

I wish to share with you a few observations on the nature of policing, the principles of policing and the actions of far too many police whist in office.

Policing, by it’s nature, is really an act of subservience to The State, no matter what the nature of a given State may be. It is the imposition of State control over the people of a given land-mass or claimed jurisdiction.

The world over, for centuries, certain individuals choose to take the side of The State regardless of the extent of the tyranny being imposed, regardless of the crimes of the supposed ‘leaders; of that State. – And it is a fact that even the most egalitarian of States is, to some extent, tyrannical.

Here in the ‘United Kingdom’ (I use inverted commas because there is, in fact no such thing) since the days of Margaret Thatcher (and for a long time before) The State has used you, its police force, to crush the spirit of the people, to crush the power of the unions, to subdue free thinkers opposed to The State.

In crushing the unions you effectively removed your own ‘right’ to strike, even as The State steals YOUR pensions. Not a particularly clever move, I’m sure you’ll agree. But such is the nature of The State and of it’s police ‘force’. You crush and subdue our rights even as you crush and subdue your own.

This, to me says a whole lot about the type of ‘citizen’ attracted to your particular job, but more on that later.

Many of you I know personally joined ‘the force’ with good intentions. You wished to fight crime and to make the country a safer place for us all. However, as you are aware (and if you are not then you simply are not paying attention) the crimes committed by your ‘superiors’ within The State go un-investigated and unpunished. – When you ignore the crimes of politicians, of Prime Ministers, of Chief Constables, of councillors, of business executives and of your own colleagues, so you create and/or allow a huge imbalance.

You are sworn to investigate crime, yet your investigations are overwhelmingly focused on the petty crimes of the poor and disadvantaged. You fail, at every turn, to investigate the crimes of those you know to be criminals, but who claim ‘superiority’ over you. And this is the same throughout the world.

War criminals, high ranking paedophiles and wealthy fraudsters go unpunished whilst you assist bailiffs to remove people from their homes on behalf of a criminal banking system. Do you not realise, when you turn a blind eye to the criminal, violent behaviour of so many bailiffs and locksmiths, that it’s only a matter of time before you yourselves will be on the receiving end of this injustice, that you yourselves are only a couple of pay-days away from defaulting on your mortgage or rent? That the mortgage you struggle to pay every month is entirely fraudulent? That this fraud is being maintained and upheld by judges across the land who have agreed that the banks loan nothing at all to the borrower? That the loan agreement is, IN FACT, a ‘deed of gift’ to the bank?

This is how YOU perpetuate a system which targets the weak and powerless in favour of the wealthy and powerful. And just as with the miners and dockers strikes of the 1980’s, when your violence against those fighting for the right to work ultimately left you yourselves powerless to protect your own interests when it came to having your pensions stolen by your pay-masters, so you now erode your own power to fight for your family home when you can no longer pay to live there.

And all the while you actively protect those war criminals, paedophiles, et al, who claim superiority over you.

Today this land is under threat. Supported and encouraged by YOUR government, your water is about to be permanently and irrevocably poisoned. You, your family, your friends, your colleagues will all be forced to buy water from private corporations who’s only ‘legal’ requirement is to make a profit on behalf of it’s shareholders.

And it’s not just deliberately poisoned water we have to worry about. The land and the air will also be contaminated and poisoned. And YOU will help it happen!

The frackers have arrived in Britain, as they have around the world, determined to ‘exploit’ natural gas reserves trapped within the shale rock which lies several hundred feet beneath our feet. And you are on hand to assist them in this exploitation, despite the huge dangers the fracking process poses to your health and the health of the land.

We are told by the frackers that fracking is safe. We are told that there has never been a proven link between fracking and adverse health effects. We are told that the earth tremors caused by fracking are not important. Some of us have taken the time and trouble to investigate these claims for ourselves. But it seems YOU have not.

We know how unspeakably dangerous fracking is, how it will decimate the countryside, how it will contaminate the water, land and air. And so we gather in small camps to do all we can to slow down and stop the frackers, protect the land, the water, the people.

And there you, on behalf of those criminals in power who you protect, stand against us. And, of course, standing against your own best interests. You facilitate the fracking of this land, you act with over-zealous force against peaceful protectors. You arrive in overwhelming numbers in order to assist the fracturing of this land. You say you are there to facilitate our peaceful protests, yet your violent actions suggest otherwise. You are there to CRUSH our ability to protect the land, YOUR land.

I’ve deliberately avoided the subject of police brutality, deaths in custody and the violent policing of protests in the capital. But I will say, that for these crimes you are ALL guilty. Even those of you who conduct yourselves with exploratory calm and intelligence, the second you witness a colleague acting violently towards a member of the public and do nothing, say nothing, report nothing, so you condone and perpetuate the culture of violent policing which is all too obvious. And so you share in the shame and guilt of these crimes.

It is not my intention in writing this to shame and embarrass you (I think so many of you do a fine job of that for yourselves) but to make you think about what you do, why you do it, how you do it.

I have to say, that in my opinion, the profession which you have chosen reveals far too much about your nature, in that your job requires you to subject yourself to the command of your supposed ‘superiors’, and to the better judgement of The State, which is your ultimate master. This, without wishing to appear unkind, makes you somewhat of a ‘brain-donor’.

The fact that your job affords you the opportunity to commit acts of violence against members of the public, something which far too many of you seem to relish (I’ve been assaulted by two constables over recent years, one of which took considerable delight in his action) also speaks volumes about the type of people attracted to you particular profession. Bullies and cowards, not to put too fine a point on it. And whilst I know that this in no way describes all of you, as I stated earlier, if you witness and do nothing, then you condone your colleagues brutality.

I sincerely hope that I have given the more intelligent amongst you food for thought here. That you will consider who it is you work for, why you do not investigate the crimes of high-ranking paedophiles and war-criminals, why you invariably side with corporate interests over your own simply because somebody tells you that is what you must do.

There is so much more I could say in this blog/open letter, but hopefully what I have said will be enough for you, both collectively as a force, and individually to consider changing the way you do your job, actually holding the real criminals to account (including amongst your colleagues and in Westminster) and joining us in the struggle to protect our home from the corporate frackers which you currently assist.

Yours most sincerely,
Kali Prajita and Prajna Pranab